Top 10 Reasons Why Kanye West Shouldn't Win the 2020 Presidential Election


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21 He would make rock music (and possibly metal) illegal

If that does happen, then I'll move to Canada enough said.

Didn't he sample a King Crimson song though?

Um then I will listen to Wagner. Anyways he can't be president - Lucretia

Rap is better than Rock but you can't just ban rock. - AlphaQ

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22 He will declare Michael Jackson and Beatles music illegal

This would never happen because Kanye has said he enjoys Michael Jackson's music. - yaygiants16

You can take away Michael Jackson but not Beatles! I love the Beatles! No! Don't become president! (I know this won't happen)

He's collaborated on paul with two songs...but if that ever happens, music is officially dead

23 He will twist the minds of our youth

He and his wife are most likely sex addicts.

Soon, he'll change the education so kindergartenersorry will learn about drugs, sex, twerking, and butts. Ewww.

24 He is 55 million dollars in personal debt

Isn't Trump too? These reasons also apply a lot to Trump... impeachment is looking close - Lucretia

Our debt is already extremely high, and we do not need any more of it.

25 He would make sure he wins all the awards
26 He racist

True, but also was Andrew Jackson, Donald Trump, and a few more - Lucretia

27 He's foolish.
28 He is clinically insane

Let's not joke about this.

too true

29 Jay Z would Be Vice President

Apparently Jay Z is not on good terms with Kanye because their wives hate each other, highly unlikely.

Jay-Z is better than Kanye West. Period. - AlphaQ

30 Being president is hard

Have you noticed how Obama's hair gets grayer and grayer. It's because of stress. Presidents have to write policies,sign or veto bills, meet with other presidents, meet with the Cabinet. They also have secret service who will not let them use the internet or do anything!

31 He's rude
32 He would rename every state after one of his songs

Don't you ever rename texas or we'll beat you up. - TeamRocket747

Georgia Will Be Called After His Best Song:
Stronger. That'll Mean The End Of The US. - 12cc

33 No one can spell his first name correctly

I always thought his name way kayne

I always thought his name was kayne

This list does better than most. I've seen Kenye, Kanya, Kaney, Kenya, and probably other variations...

34 He would get assassinated by Taylor Swift's father

This is a good reason not a bad reason he would deserve it a little

35 He would start World War III because Beyonce's video didn't win at the VMAs
36 He would make new laws in the form of rap
37 He is a rapper wanting to be president, not a president that can rap

I don't want a president can rap... maybe Layne Staley but he can sing like no one else - Lucretia

38 He would make Beck's music illegal
39 He will declare war on every country that his music isn't in
40 He will try to use telepathy to make his head go on Mount Rushmore
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1. He's a jackass
2. With his temper, he can start a war for a very small reason
3. He has zero political experience
1. He has no political experience
2. He will make buying album his a law.
3. He's a jackass
1. He will banish Taylor Swift and her friends, and family from United States
2. Kim would become First Lady
3. He's arrogant

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