Top Reasons Why Katy Perry Is Better Than Lady Gaga

This list is reason why katy perry is better than lady gaga

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1 She's Prettier Than Gaga

Lady Gaga is okay. But Katy Perry doesn't really look better. (it's my opinion)

She is the cutest one..

2 Her Songs are More Famous

I honestly think Bad Romance is more famous.

Nope. Lady Gaga's songs are more famous.

Actually bad romance vs firework I had never herd of firework until a few weeks ago!

3 Her Vevo Channel
4 She Is More Famous on the Internet Than Gaga

Lost, search me is 2001 song... Of because that song not popular... YouTube doesn't exist at 2001... maybe gaga song not dirty.. But her music video is so disgusting and dirty... I can't find other gaga album at dvd shop.. Just have artpop only.. But dvd shop sell all katy album... I'll make reason why lady gaga is better than katy perry..

I think some of your list item are wrong
Well, Gaga's more famous than Katy like example:Lost, Search Me
Well, Gaga is more famous in the internet than Katy does
Her songs aren't dirty like Born This Way
Specially Katy does not have 5 grammy but Gaga does - BellaBeauty

No... Gaga vevo channel just have 5 million subcriber.. Katy vevo have 12 million subcriber... Gaga instagram just have 4 million follower... Katy instagram have 6 million follower... Gaga twitter just have 41 million follower.. Katy have 54 million follower... - nickysolero

Gaga was more famous during The Fame era, The Fame Monster and Born This Way.
Gaga is more famous and popular and was described to be the most popular popstar on Guiness World Records.
Her songs have no dirty messages at all (Poker Face (Biseuxality awareness) Alejandro (Gaga's fear of having sex) and Applause (fans of hers). Sure she had 4 subliminal songs (Sexx Dreams, Do What U Want, LoveGame and G.U.Y.) but Katy had more (Birthday,Peacock,California Gurls, I Kissed A Girl and Dressin' Up). - ArigatoKawaii

5 Her Songs Are Very Good

Not really. Kissing girls doesn't have meanings. Sure she has a "few" inspirational songs, but they aren't really good (Firework is okay, in my opinion).

That's true! She puts meanings on it

6 She Is a Good Role Model

No. Girls kissing girl's aren't good role models.

7 Her Songs Are Not Dirty Like Gaga's

All of Lady Gaga's songs aren't dirty! And you down there, don't insult Lady Gaga.

Gaga is dirty like a stupid bloody white lady! Katy is famous because her songs are meaningful

8 She Sings Better Than Gaga

This is the most pathetic argument I've ever seen. This list makes no sense.

9 She Loves Her Fans
10 She has a Billboard Spotlight Award
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