Reasons Why KFC is Better Than Anime

KFC's an awesome fast food chain. Anime's very boring.

The Top Ten Reasons Why KFC is Better Than Anime

1 KFC sells chicken

They sell popcorn chicken, fried chicken, chicken tenders and even chicken burgers. - Caillou_is_awesome

Congrats Caillou_is_awesome, you've made a new terrible list for TheTopTen community! You've earned a cookie! - TechnicallyIDoComics

2 Anime's very boring

Watch Attack on Titan and tell me anime is boring.

Anime's one of the most boring things of all time. - Caillou_is_awesome

3 Anime's really annoying

It's one of the most annoying things of all time. - Caillou_is_awesome

4 KFC has an awesome logo

One of the best logos of all time. - Caillou_is_awesome

Colonel Sanders is the god of sex - RoseWeasley

Sure it does. - MorlaTurtle8

5 KFC's not annoying

They have better ads, products and they don't have annoying anime stuff. - Caillou_is_awesome

6 KFC's not manipulating you to become a weeaboo

KFC won't make you become an anime obsesser. - Caillou_is_awesome

7 Most anime is terrible

No it's not, you've just never watch it and never understand Japanese T.V. culture.

The only good anime is Pokemon. - Caillou_is_awesome

The only good anime are Boku No Pico and Sword Art Online - RoseWeasley

8 KFC sells food while anime doesn't

KFC sells a lot of food. Anime doesn't sell any food. - Caillou_is_awesome

9 KFC has better deals than anime

KFC has coupons. What does anime have? - Caillou_is_awesome

Anime has big tiddies

10 Anime's making you depressed

Most anime shows are depressive. - Caillou_is_awesome

The Contenders

11 KFC has bigger breasts

These aren't reasons, one is a Japanese cartoon form, another is a restaurant. Not comparable. - Mocchiko

12 You can't eat anime
13 Chicken makes people happy while anime makes people confused
14 KFC is more kid-friendly than Anime
15 KFC has friendly workers while anime doesn't have any workers
16 KFC brings people together
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