Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Hate Their Teachers


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1 The whole class gets in trouble when one kid does something bad

That's so unfair! Some people are talking behind the class and the whole class has to write an essay saying things like "why I wasn't respecting the rules in class" sort of thing. So frustrating! - MaxPap

I KNOW RIGHT! In high school, my special ed teacher yelled at the entire class over a harmless joke.

That feeling when Ms. Brown doesn't let you go to recess cause you ate in class and now you're sad. - ProPanda

2 They humiliate you
3 They don't let you go to the bathroom

I’m gonna say that when my maths teacher says no.

Me - Can I go to the bathroom?
Teacher - To do what?
Me - TO OPEN THE PORTAL TO NARNIA...what do you think I'm gonna do?

Me - Can I go to the bathroom?
Teacher - You should have gone before class.
Me - I'm sorry I haven't organized my pee schedule.

My math teacher used to let us go to bathroom in the middle of class the whole year but now since it’s the last quarter of school he doesn’t let us because of the state tests which are “important”. I hate every class now... - Lolbs

4 They tell students not to drink soda when they do all the time

Same here my science teacher doesn’t like it when we bring pop in but the 8th grade gets to drink it but the other grades don’t its like privilege or something. She also talks crap about the 8th grade all the time. Teachers these days... - Lolbs

5 They punish you for no reason

Today, I know this has nothing to do with a teacher but it was the janitor. So anyways after I get up and throw away my lunch the janitor comes yells at me to clean up a mess that wasn’t mine. I thought of telling him to clean up the mess since he’s the janitor but I’m the type of student who doesn’t rebel so I didn’t argue because I knew I would get in trouble by the school’s disciplinary teachers who were right by me. So I clean it up the mess and he says to me that I need to be more respectful. And the last time I checked students make messes all the time and the janitors clean it up because that’s what they’re there for. I was thinking of having my parents write a complaint to the principal for the janitor treating me like crap since he made me clean up a mess that wasn’t mine but I didn’t want to stir drama so I let it go. It is also very embarrassing cleaning up a mess in front of everybody, and I was in a really bad mood all day because of what the janitor ...more - Lolbs

6 They ignore you
7 They're mean

There was this one teacher that gave my sister a Needs Improvement and a D on her collaboration skills and she never have any depth explanations on why my sister deserved it. The only thing that my mom could ever got out of her was "she's extremely quiet." ARE YOU SERIOUS THAT'S YOUR ONLY REASON!? Like this teacher needs to use "A P E" (answer, proof and explanation) and explain why my sister got those mark.

Also, in sixth grade, my core french teacher he was extremely nice to me. He praised me all the time and my handwriting and grades. However, I don't like him. I HATE him with a burning passion. Why, you may ask? BECAUUSE, even though he was nice to me, he was extremely rude to my friend. He said that her handwriting sucks. One time he even embarrassed her in front of the class. He told the class (the WHOLE class) that she was failing and some students even laugh. - an_anju

8 They stereotype

So true though, this year my language arts teacher started saying that every student who says the word “ain’t” they are automatically a failer to language arts. Lol Language Arts teachers get salty when you don’t use a real word. - Lolbs

9 They tell you to ignore it when you're getting bullied
10 They don't care what's going on

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11 They're hypocrites

A teacher banned us form using phones but half the time she's using it. - AlphaQ

I get a hard time for dropping the F bomb when teachers at my school say "Damn" and "Hell" whenever they're angry. If they can swear what's the deal if I do?

12 They're nosy

They're always on your ass about something minor, that they shouldn't care about.

All special ed teachers are nosy. They constantly want to know where you are and what you're doing at all times. STALKERS! >:(

This school year the teachers started using a site called second site which allows teachers to see what students are doing and it’s very rude and annoying because even on free time when I have no work to be done and I’m on YouTube they tell me to get off it and I get mad. But the principal told the teachers it was invasion of privacy and they needed to stop. - Lolbs

13 They go too fast when they're "teaching"

They also erase the board before everyone is done copying the notes down

14 They're rude
15 They're megalomaniacs
16 They give you a lot of guff
17 They only care about school work
18 They don't explain anything.

It's like they don't care about teaching. Ironically they are teachers - Randomator

19 They always get candy and snacks
20 They are strict
21 They are unforgiving
22 They never understand
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