Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Hate Their Teachers


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1 The whole class gets in trouble when one kid does something bad

That's so unfair! Some people are talking behind the class and the whole class has to write an essay saying things like "why I wasn't respecting the rules in class" sort of thing. So frustrating! - MaxPap

That feeling when Ms. Brown doesn't let you go to recess cause you ate in class and now you're sad. - ProPanda

2 They humiliate you
3 They don't let you go to the bathroom

Me - Can I go to the bathroom?
Teacher - To do what?
Me - TO OPEN THE PORTAL TO NARNIA...what do you think I'm gonna do?

Me - Can I go to the bathroom?
Teacher - You should have gone before class.
Me - I'm sorry I haven't organized my pee schedule.

4 They tell students not to drink soda when they do all the time

More like ten cups of coffee each day - Lucretia

5 They punish you for no reason
6 They ignore you
7 They're mean
8 They stereotype
9 They tell you to ignore it when you're getting bullied
10 They're hypocrites

A teacher banned us form using phones but half the time she's using it. - AlphaQ

I get a hard time for dropping the F bomb when teachers at my school say "Damn" and "Hell" whenever they're angry. If they can swear what's the deal if I do?

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11 They're nosy

They're always on your ass about something minor, that they shouldn't care about.

12 They don't care what's going on
13 They're rude
14 They're megalomaniacs
15 They give you a lot of guff
16 They only care about school work

My teacher wants to torture me two years in a row but sense I am failing now she yells at e each class. - Lucretia

17 They don't explain anything.

It's like they don't care about teaching. Ironically they are teachers - Randomator

18 They go too fast when they're "teaching"
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