Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Have It Easier Than Adults

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1 Adults have to worry about their families, jobs, and themselves. Kids only have to worry about themselves mainly
2 Adults worry about providing for families when kids don’t have to do that

All some kids ever have to do is write on some paper and do a few chores, yet a lot of them act like they’re superior and they have it the hardest when they don’t even have it close to the hardest. - 3DG20

3 Adults have to pay taxes and bills, kids get easier work and free time

Paying your bills and taxes, there are many homeless adults around streets. All that is harder than your homework. You still get more free time -- school holidays.

@3DG20-but homework DOES take up a lot of our free time.

School and homework is NOT easy and it takes up a lot of our free time!

That's why I hate when kids say that adults are stupid! Good list by the way. - Drawbox

4 Kids can get away with being dumb and silly, adults can’t really do that

Not older kids

I feel like this is stereo typing towards adults.

This is due to the fact that adults have more responsibilities, worries, and work than kids do

Look at youtubers - EliHbk

5 Kids have someone to go to for help, adults are kind of on their own

Not normally- Unnamed Google User Remade

6 When kids do bad things at school, they can’t get thrown out so easily unlike adults with their jobs
7 Adults are expected to be mature and perfect, when kids can be more immature and silly

My parents force me to act my age cause I'm 26. I just wanna have fun...

That’s not exactly true. Take Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Logan Paul or Justin Bieber for example. - 3DG20

Ever heard of embrace your inner child?
We now have adult bouncy castles and ball pits.
Adult fans of My Little Pony sounds like embrace inner child.
Age is just a number.
Its nature that makes us

8 When kids get sick, they have their parents to help. When adults get sick, they have to deal with it.

I live with parents because of my epileptic seizures.
I'm an adult!

That’s true.

Me age 2: I don’t feel so well. WAAH!
Mom: here take some meds and go to sleep
Me age 24: mom I don’t feel so well
Mom: well that’s what you get for staying up all night, eating junk food, staring at the computer screen too much, etc...

9 When kids play with dolls it’s fun and cute. When adults do it, it’s considered weird

A lot probably don't care though - EliHbk

Most adults don’t even want to play with dolls though. - 3DG20

10 Adults have to worry about more schedules

Kids only have to worry about their own life whereas adults have to worry about their life plus their kids schedules - Randomator

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11 Kids grow, so they can eat more junk than adults since adults have stopped growing a lot
12 Adults have to monitor the food that they eat, while kids can eat whatever they want whenever they want

Sadly that was the past before video games and computers took over kids lives. I was a child in the 90s I used to eat chocolate and whatever but also healthy food but I was not overweight when I was a little kid.

No that's not true

Eg. Dessert. Kids can constantly eat them whenever they want without worrying about getting diabetes while adults are more health conscious.

13 Kids don’t have to do household chores all day while adults do

When I was a little kid I used to help my my Mummy with chores around the House.

I’m an adult child and my parents force me to do chores but my sister is 19 and she doesn’t have to do anything!

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