Reasons Why Kids and Parents Don't Normally Get Along

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1 They Give You Chores Non-Stop

When I get home from school I want to just relax. But that's not on my parent's agenda. I have to go home, vaccume, clean my room, make my bed, sometimes clean my SISTER'S ROOM, and mow the lawn. And after all tat is finished, I have homework. By the time I can finally relax, I realize it's time for bed. - Alpha101

2 They Treat Your Sibling Better Than You

Yeah that is totally true!

I don’t have siblings...

My younger sister gets away with everything. She snitches on me all the time, and she never gets in trouble for it. But hen I snitched on her one time, my dad told me: "Don't be a snitch." It gets so annoying. - Alpha101

I know. So unfair, right? What is their problem? - PositronWildhawk

3 They Treat You Like A Little Kid

My mom is ridiculously overprotective

One day while we were in Wal-Mart my dad was paying his taxes. I told him I'm going to go halfway across the store to look at the CDs. My dad told me not to, because someone may take me away and I'd have to wait another thirty minutes until he is done. I'm in middle school for crying out loud! I can take care of my self! - Alpha101

They buy me kiddy stuffs when I don't want to and force me to use it or I'm scolded - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

That's one of the things Ihatr about my life… - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 They Don't Respect Your Music

My dad is OBSESSED with Country music. Country isn't that bad to me, but there are hundreds of genres better than it. I like Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. One day while I was on the computer I was listening to some Guns N Roses. My dad heard what I was listening to, and he told me to not listen to it again. That kind of makes sense. The members of Guns N' Roses weren't exactly great role models. But one day I was listening to SKILLET, A CHRISTIAN HARD ROCK BAND, and my dad told me to not listen to them either. It's my life, I can listen to the music I want to, as long as it's appropriate. I don't tell you that you can't listen to Country! - Alpha101

5 They Won't Give You Any Freedom

My mom is overprotective up to eleven. She won't allow me to get out of the house alone, not even to the dollar store that's right across the street from my house. I'm 26!

My dad won't let me spend any money until I raised $80 first, that way I will have money left over. If I just want to buy a pack of gum, I have to save $80. It's my money, I can spend it however I want! - Alpha101

6 They're Nosy, and Interrupt A Lot

I'll be in my room playing a video game, and he'll barge in without knocking and ask me how was school. I'd tell him good. He'd not budge. He'd tell me to tell him EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED! I'd tell him to get out, because I'm in the middle of something, and he'd yell at me. By the time I finish telling him, he leaves my room WITHOUT CLOSING THE DOOR! When I look back at my game, I'm dead. - Alpha101

Oh yes this is what annoys me the most. My mom literally asks EVERYTHING about my personal life, like "how's school today? " "how were your friends at school? " and bla bla bla. Gosh I'm in 7th grade I need my privacy!

Its annoying. It the questions get fun when you are in preshool or 1st grade, but it gets very annoying at 3rd grade. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 They Get In Fights

Then they blame it on ME

My parents get into so many fights... I just turn my music all the way up to drown it out. Then my dad grounds me for having my music all the way up. It's their fault. - Alpha101

8 I "Talk Back" When I'm Actually Explaining Something.

I try to explain myself, but my parents don't care what I have to say because they don't want to realize that they are wrong.

This is very annoying. It's just their excuse when they have no comeback and they can't admit that you're right.

It's more like "You're being disrespectful" when it's simply not the case.

9 Parents Never Admit When They're Wrong

They never apologize, either

Whenever you try to explain that to them they ll gust deny it, and use their autority to hide it

10 They Lie

Pretending they mean something

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11 Parents Check After Your Every Move
12 They Treat You Like A Slave
13 They Take Your Electronics
14 They are Overprotective
15 They Think You’re Too Different Than Them as a Teenager.

My mom always starts her opinions with “when I was a teenager...”. Do I have to be like YOU? And there’s the “If I did... my parents would kill me” I DON’T LIVE IN 1970’s SORRY BOUT THAT MOM! My every move irritates her.

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