Top Ten Reasons Why Kids React Is Dumb

The Top Ten Reasons Why Kids React Is Dumb

1 They're biased

I hate you. And I'm forced to call you "Kool". It's not even spelt right!

PS Kids React is awesome, and same for the other REACT series. - PizzaGuy

What the what is wrong with you - Jordan01

Do you know what I like about Koolguy. Unlike JBL/BTDR, his trolling isn't obvious. He seems genuine, but isn't. - Therandom

True, not everybody is unbiased, but these kids... Yeesh... - KoolGuy2218

2 They're usually wrong

Well, the whole point to having a Kids React is because they're usually wrong. There's teens react and elder's react. They all have sense. People watch Kids React because of this. In saying this, you're the one who's wrong...

They have opinions

And? This isn't a reason at all. Do you know what opinions are? They can state things they THINK. Plus, you're attacking the kids themselves and your "evidence" makes no sense.

Even if this guy is a troll I really agree with this list. - cosmo

3 They like bad things

Things that are what you would call "bad" is different than what I could call "bad". I might consider Ariana Grande bad, but one of the kids on Kids React could think she's the best artist out there. Maybe I like The Beatles, but one of them might not be a fan. Not everything they like would be considered bad, depending on your own definition of bad. - kaitlynrad11

Kids are allowed to like what they find likable, it's the nature of growing up.

Again, it's their opinion. You can't change that.

That is unbelievable. How could anybody like things like this? It doesn't make sense - KoolGuy2218

4 It's boring

It's not boring!

5 They try too hard to be funny

They're kids, most of them don't even know when they're being funny.

They aren't trying to be funny.

6 It's overrated

The only thing overrated is overrated.

7 It's irrelevant
8 It's scripted. Kids are actors and they pick kids who can actually act.

I actually work for FineBros and I'm able to confirm this - most if not all reactions are scripted.

This has been proven true - shawnmccaul22

How do you know that they're scripted, KoolGuy?

Their videos are 100% scripted. They say stuff like “Yay” or “Oh my gosh” without any emotion. Sure the teens might seem like they genuinely show their opinions, but that’s only what it looks like when they are compared to the acting skills of 9-10 year olds.

9 They do the same things over and over
10 The fact that there's A "special" Youtube channel for it

But there is a channel for like, every show.

How else would they be able to show their videos besides a video sharing website like YouTube or Vimeo?

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11 The kids aren't smart

Nope your not a troll... Your a dumb troll! - Danguy10

Everything that koolguy described how kids are here are also what describes HIM

KoolGuy isn't smart.

12 Most of the kids have a liberal bias

I can tell bobbythebrony or Therandom was on this list lol - BlueTopazIceVanilla

13 They let spoiled rich kids on

Actually, most of these kids live normal lives away from their jobs reacting to videos.

14 The kids are sometimes too young to know what they're talking about
15 The kids are annoying

So don't watch it then.

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