Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Should Get Paid to Go to School

This is almost every kids' dream. This list is just a joke, but I made some reasons true and some reasons weird or fake. Enjoy! :)

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1 Without Kids the School Wouldn't Be Operating

It's true. Without students, the teachers will get no jobs meaning no principal, meaning no school. The students are 75% running the school and keeping it live while the teachers and principal are 25%. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Without us, the teachers would be unemployed! - PetSounds

No students means no school. Teachers are employed because of students. Teachers can't teach without students. - madoog

Sorry about my spaz

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2 The Law Prohibits Work Without Pay

To all the dumbasses saying "Kids shouldn't get paid for going to school because it isn't benefiting anyone and it's benefiting them" have blatantly never been even remotely close to a school. School has never and will never benefit me at all. I honestly have to say I've learned more about life from my drunken uncle's rants than I have sitting at a desk in the corner of a classroom for 6 hours. And to the half brain celled retards saying "School is good for you because it helps you with your career", what the hell are you talking about? No one is going to ask me during a job interview what the square root of 69 is or how King Henry the 8th killed his wives. Well actually, I stand corrected, it does help your career if you plan on becoming a mathematician, scientist, historian, or teacher, which very seldom do people turn out to have that career. And last of all, the morons that say "School does pay you, but not with money. It pays you with the benefit of learning", can't handle it ...more - anthonyfallone

To some people, school might not feel like a job. A kid doing their math homework isn't helping our society, right? But think about it; kids are the future generation. Their job is to be smart, so that future generations to come are smart and we have a functioning society with educated citizens. Don't you want us to have a bright future? Isn't that a job? Not to mention since many teenagers have depression, doing anything feels like a lot of effort. Being paid to find the energy to learn when your mental illness has made it so you don't have the energy to do anything is amazingly difficult, and kids should be rewarded for that. Teenagers totally should be paid for their "high school career".

We always work on stuff but never get paid. Totally unfair. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

So true though

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3 More and More Schools are Putting Janitorial Items on Supply Lists

My school requires Sharpies and highlighters every year, and we never use them. It sucks because my parents paid for them, and wasted their money on crap I never have to use. Absolute bullcrap.

My parents wasted their money buying markers the class would never use. They also bought sticky notes we never use for anything educational. The only things we do on them is what we draw when we're bored. The trees were wasted. Their money was wasted. School is a ripoff. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

It's true this time. Some kids have stuff like window cleaner and trash bags on their lists, stuff that the school, district, and superintendant should buy. - BlueTopazIceVanilla


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4 The Government Has Extra Money

Since the government has more money and the teachers get paid (they hardly do any thing) we should get paid for doing it 75% of the work and we take papers home for home work 25% so 75% + 25% =100% of the work.

Instead of spending all that money on bullet trains we can't even ride until we're 18, or on banks with insulting customer service, they can use it to pay us the hard-working students. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Instead of using it to build some stupid wall nobody even wants, what about paying us, Donald Dump? - CinderpeltandCinderheart

That's the point (to the guy who said trump after an other guy said Donald dump)

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5 Lots of Bosses Equal Extra Money

There are lots of teachers. One tells you this, one tells you that. They have a different rulesets. But the most important thing is the bosses giving you money after you work. So that would mean middle + high school students would get almost $7,000 and pre-k plus grades kindergarten through 5 will get about $5,500. Add that to gifted classes and special needs. That's a lot of money we're missing. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 More Students Would Attend School

If you got paid, then everyone would actually enjoy it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Well it sucks because we don't have a choice, and the teachers get paid and they can take a day off if they want but the only way we get a day off is if we are sick, and we can't quit school like they can quit their jobs

Not really. Everyone is already going to school because they don't have a choice. They don't need to pay the students because everyone has already attended school, and it wouldn't bring any more students.


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7 School Gets Harder as You Go Up

Sometimes school is just hard, and a pay day would really make us students happy. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

They don't realize how hard it is and how much it affects our future. I can keep up since I'm a straight A student, but most of the students are having problems at home, being bullied etc. Not everyone has time to study. the least they could do is give us some money or something.

And whats the point of paying students just because school gets harder."

Look,school is harder, and you have to stay up late just to complete harder and more assignments.

And the harder it gets, the more you can put your energy into studying instead of complaining."

Do you even understand?

I don't understand to the guy who asked

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8 School is Technically a Full Time Job

School is a full time job. Kids go to school and work hard for the same amount of time most adults do. I do have a point!

It is cause we go to school for about 7-8 hours and so do adults even if it's at night

It would teach us what it is like to have a real job and get paid


Me:Principal, can I have 30 dollars?


Me*shows them the list*

Principal*hands me 30 dollars*

Me:This is a full time job

Principal:You'll get 30 more dollars tomorrow

Me:BEST LIST EVER - lovefrombadlands

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9 The Government Would Pay More Attention to the Educational Systems

Where their money is going, their heads, eyes, ears, and nose are going. If they notice bad stuff, they will immediately stop it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Let's all blame the government, guys, instead of thinking about our own poor work ethics! Yeah, that's a good idea! Let's make it into a list!

10 It Could Help Pay for College

Yeah, we can actually get money from school grades then use that to get BETTER grades in collage and things like that

Right. You seem like you do need to go to school if you don't even know how to spell "college". - RidiculousName

A fair point actually.

This one is actually something that would be true. The teachers do want us to go to college, so why don't they help us be able to pay for it? - CinderpeltandCinderheart

It will help students who want to go to college.

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11 Money Can Help Fathers With School Supplies

You have a point

And mothers. - CinderpeltandCinderheart


Then they can blow the money on candy, pop, useless toys, or even worse, drugs and alcohol. Yeah, good idea.

12 Would Encourage Kids to Study and Work Harder

That is true

OK. that's it.Who is/are this/these visitor(s) ruining the list? Whoever you are show yourself, and go away.

you suck

Or just hire someone to do all the work for them.

13 It Would Make Kids Want to Come to School



yes MONEY!

MY PRECIOUS 30 DOLLARS - lovefrombadlands

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14 Kids Will Be Excited to Come to School


si momo

YAY - schoolsucks

No school is gay if kids get paid theyll want to go to school

15 Motivate Kids to Want to Work to Earn Money

This is a Fantastic list - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

The kids would wanna go to school so so much they would wanna work hard

i agree

The people creating these lists are awesome.someone should send them to the government

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16 Kids Work Harder Than the Teachers

All teachers do is hand kids papers and sit at their desk for 6 hours

No, our job as kids are WAY easier than teachers' jobs. My mom is a teacher, so I've seen behind the scenes all the work she has to do, and how she has to put up with a lot

So true! I'm doing an argument on this topic!

No, but I can pretend this is true
I wish teachers went on TheTopTens. - lovefrombadlands

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17 Money Would Help Poorer Families Pay for School Uniforms

Who wants school uniforms in public schools!?!

Some Mexican family are very poor we need to help them jajajajjaj

I don't have uniforms at my school - lovefrombadlands


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18 We Work Just as Hard as Teachers

I need to get some ideas for my debate at school for this topic and you gave me the perfect idea.

Kids can work so hard so they can get lots of money

19 To Put Up With Bullies

What bribery?

What does that mean?

What umake no cents b

20 With Money Kids Can Buy Food In School

And no, I'm not going to spam the vending machine for Doritos. (I hate them) I'm gonna use it to buy a real lunch, and occasionally a cookie. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Hopefully it's good food. The food at my school SUCKS. The apples are always rotten, the rolls are as hard as a rock, the rice is undercooked, the pizza tastes like rubber, the hamburgers taste like wet sponges, etc.

It would be easier for a kid to buy lunch at school if they could not pack one.

Pack your own lunch like people normally do

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