Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Should Get Paid to Go to School

This is almost every kids' dream. This list is just a joke, but I made some reasons true and some reasons weird or fake. Enjoy! :)

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1 Without Kids the School Wouldn't Be Operating

It's true. Without students, the teachers will get no jobs meaning no principal, meaning no school. The students are 75% running the school and keeping it live while the teachers and principal are 25%. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Without us, the teachers would be unemployed! - PetSounds

Well we have a money for college - Unnamed Google User Remade

No students means no school. Teachers are employed because of students. Teachers can't teach without students. - madoog

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2 The Law Prohibits Work Without Pay

To some people, school might not feel like a job. A kid doing their math homework isn't helping our society, right? But think about it; kids are the future generation. Their job is to be smart, so that future generations to come are smart and we have a functioning society with educated citizens. Don't you want us to have a bright future? Isn't that a job? Not to mention since many teenagers have depression, doing anything feels like a lot of effort. Being paid to find the energy to learn when your mental illness has made it so you don't have the energy to do anything is amazingly difficult, and kids should be rewarded for that. Teenagers totally should be paid for their "high school career".

I think that kids should get paid to got to school, I mean just think if you where a kid would you want go to school and do six hours of work for NOTHING. And think about this, the teachers get paid to technically do the same thing. I rest my case.

School is not a job. School is easier than a job even if school is a horrible. Some people struggle to find a job, you could have a really boring job, detention is better than fear of being fired.

School is required for kids to go to but at the same time school is illegal

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3 It Can Teach Us How to Finance Early


Why don't we learn this in school? It's WAY more important functions or knowing what's inside of a cell or the other we learn instead. - 906389

If you don't know how to finance and are alone as an adult, let's face it, YOUR SCREWED

And we can skip buisness class!

4 Kids Will Pay Attention in School

What is a good website for this toipic

It’ll be the only reason I go to school

5 Kids Will Like School a Lot More

I will like it cause I would get more MONEY

I do think that kids would like it a lot more because of the fact that they would be getting paid with money instead of knowledge.

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T-gay ewww that discusssttting!

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6 More and More Schools are Putting Janitorial Items on Supply Lists

Teachers should be the ones getting paid more

My school requires Sharpies and highlighters every year, and we never use them. It sucks because my parents paid for them, and wasted their money on crap I never have to use. Absolute bullcrap.


My parents wasted their money buying markers the class would never use. They also bought sticky notes we never use for anything educational. The only things we do on them is what we draw when we're bored. The trees were wasted. Their money was wasted. School is a ripoff. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

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7 More Students Would Attend School

It would encourage kids to come to school

If you got paid, then everyone would actually enjoy it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

It would be the most amazing thing in the world

Well it sucks because we don't have a choice, and the teachers get paid and they can take a day off if they want but the only way we get a day off is if we are sick, and we can't quit school like they can quit their jobs

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8 Kids Would Become More Independent

Let's share memes on this page

9 The Government Has Extra Money

The WALL is not a reason why we should get money for school. Maybe if you start paying attention to school you will learn how to stay on topic and not COMPLAIN. Do you think that because I complained I got straight As. Hell no now kids my teacher's first rule is don't be LAZY and the next rule is NO WHINING I repeat NO WHINING so shut Your Vocal Cords and pay attention in school


Yeah what do you do with that money gov? LIke seriusly, boi!?

Since the government has more money and the teachers get paid (they hardly do any thing) we should get paid for doing it 75% of the work and we take papers home for home work 25% so 75% + 25% =100% of the work.

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10 Lots of Bosses Equal Extra Money

There are lots of teachers. One tells you this, one tells you that. They have a different rulesets. But the most important thing is the bosses giving you money after you work. So that would mean middle + high school students would get almost $7,000 and pre-k plus grades kindergarten through 5 will get about $5,500. Add that to gifted classes and special needs. That's a lot of money we're missing. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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11 School Gets Harder as You Go Up

People don't understand that some kids work there butts off basically for nothing. Partically in college they are making you go to school longer but in reality your just getting a job and that 2 or 3 extra years you did it just for a good job. I think you should get paid.

The harder it gets the more money you get

Sometimes school is just hard, and a pay day would really make us students happy. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Yes it is very ture

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12 Schools Are Basically Full-Time Careers For Children

School is basically a full-time career for children, so I think they should get paid.


13 You Would Be Happy to Go to School

Well, actually, I still wouldn't like school. I would just want to get paid.

14 School is Technically a Full Time Job

School is a full time job. Kids go to school and work hard for the same amount of time most adults do. I do have a point!

Work til you drop down dead continue AND NO PAY

Parents have a full time job and and so do we so we should get paid

It is cause we go to school for about 7-8 hours and so do adults even if it's at night

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15 Would Benefit the School

Yes it would help the school to be a friendly place


16 It Could Help Pay for College


Yeah especially since college is crazy expensive to go to now. Me as a nearly 19 year old is currently going to a community college which is way cheaper than a traditional college. However even if I wanted to go to a university I don't think I could afford it. And they have gotten stricter about student loans in some states even to the point where they won't give you a job if you miss one student loan. I think it's a better idea to make college free, and government paid personally, but since this country is so focussed on holding on to it's old ways, I don't think that's going to happen. However this idea might help for the mean time. I don't know which one is less likely to happen honestly, though.

No Thank you

the bast

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17 The Government Would Pay More Attention to the Educational Systems

Where their money is going, their heads, eyes, ears, and nose are going. If they notice bad stuff, they will immediately stop it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Let's all blame the government, guys, instead of thinking about our own poor work ethics! Yeah, that's a good idea! Let's make it into a list!

18 School Salary Can Help Pay for V-Bucks

Are u trying to convince people not to pay students?

Yes School salary pay for v-Bucks



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19 Motivate Kids to Want to Work to Earn Money

This is a Fantastic list - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

The kids would wanna go to school so so much they would wanna work hard

i agree

The people creating these lists are awesome.someone should send them to the government

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20 Money Can Help Fathers With School Supplies


You have a point

And mothers. - CinderpeltandCinderheart


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21 Would Encourage Kids to Study and Work Harder

That is so true ☺️

That is true

OK. that's it.Who is/are this/these visitor(s) ruining the list? Whoever you are show yourself, and go away.

you suck

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22 It Would Make Kids Want to Come to School

Then there would be a good reason to go to school


yes MONEY!


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23 Kids Will Be Excited to Come to School

No I am not exited


si momo

No school is gay if kids get paid theyll want to go to school

24 Some Kids Who are Poor Need that Cash


25 Kids Work Harder Than the Teachers


Yeah, were doing all that boring math work while the teacher is watching funny videos on facebook

Us students bust our asses on essays while the teachers scream at us at their desk doing nothing for 6 hours

All teachers do is hand kids papers and sit at their desk for 6 hours

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26 We Work Just as Hard as Teachers

Yah sometimes teachers even look up to us to do whatever they need us to

true dat

I need to get some ideas for my debate at school for this topic and you gave me the perfect idea.

Kids can work so hard so they can get lots of money

27 Money Would Help Poorer Families Pay for School Uniforms

Who wants school uniforms in public schools!?!

Some Mexican family are very poor we need to help them jajajajjaj

I don't have uniforms at my school


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28 To Put Up With Bullies

What bribery?

What does that mean?

What umake no cents b

29 With Money Kids Can Buy Food In School

And no, I'm not going to spam the vending machine for Doritos. (I hate them) I'm gonna use it to buy a real lunch, and occasionally a cookie. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Hopefully it's good food. The food at my school SUCKS. The apples are always rotten, the rolls are as hard as a rock, the rice is undercooked, the pizza tastes like rubber, the hamburgers taste like wet sponges, etc.

It would be easier for a kid to buy lunch at school if they could not pack one.

Pack your own lunch like people normally do

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30 Teachers Do Nothing and Students Do All the Work

It depends what teacher, I got some really good teachers and some teachers that would give a book and a piece of paper and you do the work by yourself silently while they go online shopping

NOOO. My mom is a teacher, and I've seen what she has to put up with behind the scenes. Also, in-school, my 5th grade teacher has to put up with ungrateful brats who don't realize how much work is put into setting up the activity. I want to punch them in the face

The truth.

31 Kids Could Buy School Supplies

Now your parents don't have to buy every. Single. Thing. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

No you would get money for low and bad grades only (just an estimate) for b+ and up would you get paid



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32 Can Teach Us Skills Later in Life
33 It Might Make Us Care About Schoolwork, Which I Think is Useless

Yes this is 100 percent true

34 We Do All the Dirty Work

Umm... no

They get paid for us to do their work... Their lazy people!

I know right!

In my school, the kids actually have to, like, clean stuff.


35 Students Will Be Able to Pay for More Things Themselves

No more paying for lunch

I.e. - lunch, supplies, clothes, sports, college, etc.

36 It Would Motivate Kids to Do Better in School
37 Kids Like to Earn Money

That is true

38 Kids Might Want to Get Smarter
39 It Keeps Them from Dropping Out

Yeah stay in school, keep raking in the money

They will have to stay in school for the year.

40 Poor Kids Will Get Money for Them to Buy Food and School Stuff


41 Students May Only Be 20% of Our Population, but They are 100% of Our Future

And this is 100% true


42 We can get a college degree and fund
43 Some People Don't Have Money

People at school should get paid money at school because some people may not have money and the schools could help them have money

That’s just dark if you live with parents who don’t have money, but you can’t get money because you’re too young.

44 Students Do Everything While The Teachers Go Online Shopping

When the students are working, the teachers go online shopping, and they swap it to something else when a student looks at their computer screen. Teachers literally get paid for going online shopping when the students are not looking. So students should be paid.

I went to ask my teacher a question and she didn't see me there and she was playing Angry Birds

45 There Should Be Some Type of Reward
46 Would Motivate Kids to Work Hard

its TRUE

I agree

47 Kids Would Need to Pay Taxes


48 Students Do Everything

We do a lot

49 Teaching Kids How to Save Money

boo school

50 It Would Lessen Behavior Problems Due to Getting Paid for Good Behavior
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