Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn't Hate School

Why do so many children complain about school!? Yeah, it can get annoying, but that's where you LEARN!

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1 You learn

Excuse me

I know I need a better opinion but what the hell? Things you learn in school are pointless! I hate school, you don't. Yeah, it prepares you for adult life but I still hate it. Settled? - EpicJake

Excuse me? I learn way more in books, and most of the stuff we learn in school are pointless. Want to learn something at home? Ask your parents or friends (which you can find in other places than school). This list is just terrible like the person who made it.

Yes, you do learn, but a big chunk of it is totally worthless. Seriously some of the things you learn do not help ANYONE. Piles are more interesting than them.

Yeah, but you learn stupid bull that you’ll never use in the real world and get stupid amounts of homework from it, causing students to be stressed and lose sleep. - 3DG20

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2 School is where you make friends

I know you can make friends outside school--I have, online and in camp, and I know the struggle of being socially awkward/anxious/too shy/quiet to try to make new friends, but if I had never gone to school, I wouldn't have made any of my friends. You see them every five days of the week (unless they're sick or left you behind on vacation), and even if you get into arguments, get jealous, envious, yell at each other, real friends won't leave so easily. True friends don't just break off. (Unless you truly do fall out.) Like I mentioned, you can make friends a lot of places besides school, but one of the only reasons why a lot of people enjoy school is because of their friends, including me.

Yup it teaches you what true friendship is all about- True friendship is telling the teacher that your friend told you he's depressed so they can call his parents, and a psychiatrist will put him on drugs that will turn him into a mindless zombie incapable of feeling depressed. So what if he doesn't talk to you again, that just shows how much a brat he is. He'll thank you when he's older

Sarcasm people, it does wonders

But you can make friends outside school- and if you meet them through a club/group, online or other places where you can express a certain interest, you are more likely to find someone with similar interests- and you can meet more people while not being stuck in school, you aren't just friends with the random people you were forced into a class with. - Flamesofsilver

I know, but most these days have like, no manners at all.

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3 Education qualifies you for a larger variety of occupations

Haha, last comment- but we don't choose what we learn, and because we learn a lot of stuff not related to our future career, we tend to forget stuff that isn't practical to the extent where many adults who don't have complicated maths as a part of their career, have the maths knowledge of ~ grade 5 level.
Plus, all that rubbish about 'mental maths, because you won't have a calculator with you every day' is untrue- we have smartphones with calculators. - Flamesofsilver

4 School turns you into a harder worker

More like gives you depression for life.

It actually made a lot of people lazier because school cares more about how well you remember rather than understanding and enjoying learning.

That's why its Stressful

No it doesn’t. It makes you a miserable worker. - 3DG20

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5 Memories

You mean HORRIBLE memories? One time there was a horrible bully who called me fatty and stupid, but I gave him a beating he'd never forget, and I got in TROUBLE for it. I'm a rebel now. And you shouldn't get in trouble for just slightly hurting someone. I had a feeling he was just overreacting. And the teachers put my hands behind my back like they were about to arrest me! RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BULLY! Do you think that was not embarrassing? The memories of stressing about tests, being bullied, being bored, ah, good memories. NOT. The only truly good memories are going on field trips, really. Or maybe recess. The only time when your free.

I have many memories at middle school. Memories I'd like to forget. Like that time I was tied to a tree for 2 hours. Oh god... No... STOP! NO!

It depends on the memory. For me, one of mine was watching Disney's Hercules in 7th grade. That was a GOOD memory. Another one of them was constantly getting in trouble for no reason by my high school special ed teacher. Those were VERY BAD memories.

Yeah, TERRIBLE memories! - 3DG20

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6 It's fun to watch kids get in trouble

I get in trouble so much but I never get caught some other random person does lol

Only the kids who I hate. Luckily, someone in my class who bullies everyone in the class always gets in trouble. He gets so many minutes taken off his recess - CinderpeltandCinderheart

The person who added this to the list is right, it's fun to watch kids get in trouble, but I feel so bad for the kid in trouble. - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

I love when that happens! They deserve it. - 3DG20

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7 You get out more often

Really, I thought School most of the time was you sitting on your bum all day

The average outside time in school for just elemetery school is 15-30 min. EVEN PRISON GETS MORE OUTSIDE TIME.

HA! No! You sit on your butt all day. Totally going out more often.

Yeah, for 5 minutes, then you go inside and sit on your *ss all day. - 3DG20

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8 Summer becomes a miracle instead of just a season

Summer becomes a celebration when changing from one grade to another. If you were to just sit at home, all day long, the seasons wouldn't really matter much, and all things would kind of just string together. - higgsboson2142

Hey, this is true...

This is the only accurate item on the list. - 3DG20

It's a bkessing

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9 Helps you get the jobs you actually want

I do kind of want to be an Animal Studier but I learn about animals from books instead of school. That means school doesn't help me with jobs.

Most of the stuff we learn in school is pointless

You want to get a decent job? Go to school. I don't know why people say it's pointless, without school you would get nowhere in life. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I want to be an actress, musician, YouTuber or author. School helps with none of that. - 3DG20

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10 You can become disciplined

Their kind of discipline teaches us to become rebels.

You don't become disciplined- you are forced to conform.

Saying the word "gun" gets you suspended... yay discipline?

This is just a terrible reason

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11 You discover hidden talents

Hey look at that! Who knew you were such a good writer? Or tennis player? Or trombonist? - higgsboson2142

Ah, yes. I discovered my hidden talent of doing all my homework at the last minute.

Hey this is true too

Oh look! I can find x. I’m so famous! *Sarcasm* - 3DG20

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12 Because many people can't enjoy the privilege of education

Or how many poor kids in america go to very underfunded schools - Henry1000

My mom's favourite thing to say when I complain about school.

It's true. Do research idiots. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Not a excuse

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13 Watch kids get tackled because they throw Gatorade bottles at another kid.

I have literally no idea what this says

That's specific - Midevilnight

14 Every teacher isn't cruel.

*COFF* YES THEY ARE *COFF* - Midevilnight

15 People in poorer countries don't necessarily get it

At least the parents can teach the kids

16 You don't experience culture shock as much
17 School will teach you how to deal with obnoxious people

The best way is to be as obnoxious as possible, and if you can't do that learn the art of invisibility.( see you can't say school never taught you anything cool. Invisibility, that's pretty rad! )
Unfortunately students who don't learn one of these arts tend to arrive at school with guns and attempt to kill everyone. Damon you side affects!

Sarcasm people, it does wonders

You mean by suspending them or having them sit in the office for an hour? Yeah, that's how to deal with bullies outside of school. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

18 Failing exams challenge you

In school your worth is measured by your grades. If you aren't a straight A student, you're paid little to no mind. If I get a bad grade on a quiz or assignment it destroys me, not challenges me. It's horrifically stressful -- your entire future seems to rest on that very transcript you're building, and it feels like if you don't get an A your life is over and you'll never get into college. I've known people, including myself, who are only happy when they are not at school.
School doesn't teach, it's not about learning -- it's in human nature to be curious and learn. School is about memorization and preparing for a test, only to let you forget the information you "learned" just a week later. It's not and never has been about learning.

Oh, and I have heard of cases of teens committing suicide just because of bad grades.

No, no they don't. It actually discourages you.

This is a bad thing

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19 They make your life depressing

That's bad, what's the point of this

There comes the irony - MChkflaguard_Yt

This a bad thing

But that's bad. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

20 School will make you stressed for life

Stressing is bad so what is your point?

Stressing is bad though. Are you saying you want us to suffer? - CinderpeltandCinderheart

Which stressing is bad

That’s another bad thing. - 3DG20

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21 Getting up so early

Why the heck is this thing on the list?

YAAAY! I get to get up at 4 IN THE MORNING to go to Prison in Hell!

This is a bad thing again

No, that’s a reason kids should hate school. - 3DG20

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22 Gives you something to do during the day

I could have done so much with my life if school didn't exist. I could have wrote a successful blog, read books and gain information at my own pace. I could have learned how to love learning. I could have played outside and made friends that aren't obnoxious. In my childhood, Video Games might not have been necessary. But since friends that I did have were inside doing homework, I would have had to retreat and waste my thumbs on Pokemon.

I think I had a better relationship with the Pokemon in the Gen 4 games, than my parents (who constantly yelled at me) or my teachers (Who always punished me by telling my parents about things that I didn't even know I did, Maybe a classmate decided to tattle on me just to get me in trouble. Maybe I actually did something wrong. I was a gullible child back then.) The Pokemon were silent, and they accepted me. They didn't constantly yell at me. They were just pieces of Data, but to me, they were like family.

But I don't want to do something boring... - CinderpeltandCinderheart

I have much better things to do

23 Lots of Homework

I'm not even in a regular school, but my parents give me so much homework that less than half of the time between my dinner and bedtime is free time for me (one night I got only 5 minutes on the computer because I had so much homework). - allamassal

Not this reason, I hate HOMEWORK!

That is also a reason students hate school, so great job on being a troll. - 3DG20

This is another bad thing

24 School is where you become civilized

School teaches you morals and various basic stuff you will need. Math helps you to do trades and run business, language helps you to communicate, and science to understand the world. How can you become a civilized person without these? - MChkflaguard_Yt

I swear most school haters end up uncivilized, if you like school, ypu grow up as a nice, understanding person

...said no one ever.


25 You get exercise

For you sporty ones there and those one who aren't
No matter lesson or no You play with friends

26 Childhood is short. School is part of childhood.


27 Homework is just using your brain.

It's still bad

28 Teachers have to work too.
29 Primary school we have playtime, Secondary school we have school break.
30 Year 6 finally you can sit on the school benches.
31 You get holidays that you don't get in work.
32 It was originally for religion, just for boys.

That's good? - Midevilnight

33 No one has to repeat a year in the UK
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1. You learn
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1. You learn
2. School is where you make friends
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1. You learn
2. School turns you into a harder worker
3. You can become disciplined


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