Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn't Hate School


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21 Failing exams challenge you

Oh, and I have heard of cases of teens committing suicide just because of bad grades.

No, no they don't. It actually discourages you.

Exams is one of the reasons I honestly like school. - SoaPuffball

I got better challenges,like racing someone with a bike when I'm running,[which I already completed]

22 Gives you something to do during the day

But I don't want to do something boring... - CinderpeltandCinderheart

BOO - schoolsucks

I could have done so much with my life if school didn't exist. I could have wrote a successful blog, read books and gain information at my own pace. I could have learned how to love learning. I could have played outside and made friends that aren't obnoxious. In my childhood, Video Games might not have been necessary. But since friends that I did have were inside doing homework, I would have had to retreat and waste my thumbs on Pokemon.

I think I had a better relationship with the Pokemon in the Gen 4 games, than my parents (who constantly yelled at me) or my teachers (Who always punished me by telling my parents about things that I didn't even know I did, Maybe a classmate decided to tattle on me just to get me in trouble. Maybe I actually did something wrong. I was a gullible child back then.) The Pokemon were silent, and they accepted me. They didn't constantly yell at me. They were just pieces of Data, but to me, they were like family.

23 School is where you become civilized

School teaches you morals and various basic stuff you will need. Math helps you to do trades and run business, language helps you to communicate, and science to understand the world. How can you become a civilized person without these? - MChkflaguard_Yt

I swear most school haters end up uncivilized, if you like school, ypu grow up as a nice, understanding person

...said no one ever.

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1. You learn
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1. You learn
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