Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Under 13 Shouldn't Use the Internet

In my opinion, only teenagers and adults should be allowed to use the Internet because kids really shouldn't be using it at all. And I have 10 reasons as to why you parents out there should stop letting your kid use the Internet immediately.

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1 The Internet is Filled with Pornographic Content

Well It isn't easy to find that stuff. The one time I accidentally ran into porn on the internet was on my feminist sister's Instagram account, and it didn't even show the real parts. - 445956

I disagree with the first sentence. It is easy to find it. Porn can be anywhere. - 3DG20

I used the internet for a long time, but I will never look into sites like that because they're disgusting. - PhoenixAura81

That's Absolutely true, have you ever heard of shock sites? , they are gross

Porn plagued google images

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2 Kids Could Get Cyberbullied Online

If someone had a underage kid who uses internet, it's best to make their account and change the privacy settings

A reason for suicide. - PhoenixAura81

Cyberbullying isn't real - iliekpiez

Kids under the age of 13 should be allowed to use internet but they should just be careful.This is coming from a 12 year old by the way(Stay away creeps)-DarkBoi-X

3 They Would See Online Cuss Words

I think underage kids are used to swearing considering how often they might hear cuss words in their everyday life. - CaptainMowzker

Lots of cuss words online, but I didn't first see cusses on the internet. They were always written in tube slides at the playground. It didn't end well for me... - PackFan2005

Oh my god, so naughty? How could they live? No mummy cuddles for them - iliekpiez

I've been cussing way before I got on the internet lmao when I was 4, I said "Sh*! t, mommy! "

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4 The Internet is Filled With Too Much Disturbing Content

And the issue is that even with the child safety filter on, it will still do very little in terms of blocking out all of the possible disturbing content, it only takes a couple of clicks from something fairly kid friendly to highly unpleasant content. - kempokid

Fortunately, I wasn't too curious as a kid, so I didn't see anything really disturbing. - PackFan2005

Nah. I actually run into disturbing content like gore but I just flinch!

You guys wanna know something sad?
I stumbled across when I was 11. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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5 They Could Be Lured in By Pedophiles Through Social Media

They lure kids by posting shrek memes. Shrek=Pedophiles.

6 They Could Somehow Click on Websites That Can Cause Viruses

It isn't difficult in the slightest to do this, due to ads withing websites that could also possibly lead to viruses, on top of the fact that so many websites just contain them anyway. - kempokid

That happened to me once. Thank god that was cleared up. - PhoenixAura81

This is something that mothers who don't know how 2 use a computer end up doing moreso than underage kids. - Nonpointed

Free vbucks (not scam) - Not_A_Weeaboo

7 A Kid's Internet Account Could Get Hacked Into
8 Horrible Influences on Kids Can Be Found Anywhere Online

Unfortunately, this what happened to a little brother. First, my mother thought it was a good idea to give him youtube, next thing you know, he turned into the cringiest kid on the entire platform. He loved everything. Five Nights at Freddy's, Bendy, and even Hello Neighbor and..ugh...fortnite. I tried taking YouTube away from him and he screamed literally all night cause he wanted to watch cringe ass fortnite videos. If I could go back in time, I would make sure he would never watch YouTube for one second, and wait until he's at least old enough to not be cringe. - Comical

9 They Could Get Involved in Internet Drama
10 They're Prone to Acting Abrasively on Social Media

As someone who was on sites like YouTube way before I should've, I acted selfishly and cussed out anyone who didn't like my content. Through my own actions and seeing many spiteful comments coming from kids around my age range at the time, it's clear that this kind of behavior online can easily turn common among kids who, let's be completely honest, don't fully understand anything they say. It's important for them to know that they could get cyberbullied, obviously, but the other side of the spectrum is equally as bad and arguably more common. - nerffan8000

I think this should b number 1. It's easy 4 a kid 2 get involved in an argument and then when people r against them they tend 2 not defend their point of view well. - Nonpointed

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11 The Internet Takes Time Away From Family

Actually I spend time with family and this website at the same time haha Schrodinger Joke but I still live with my parents with no brothers and I would be glad and I mind thankfully if one of my brothers are staying on my house for weeks or days but with my baby niece or other younger siblings I would go very insane that I shall stay in my room all day just little contact outside my room Why? Because I'm much mentally ill and I'm hypersensitive to loud noises and much unexpected loud noises and don't you guys are players all along Shame- Kevinsidis

So what? I have time for both - 445956

My family can eat ass to be honest. They all suck except my dad and my 2 aunts.

Family = overrated. - CaptainMowzker

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12 They Can See Disturbing Images on Google and Be Left Traumatized

I remember doing this before, I searched up "scary police sketches" and images came up, one of them that were the scariest was the one with the uncanny jaw that gave me nightmares, now I be careful when googling that scary stuff

Me and my sister ran into R34 and we were left scarred for life. - HistorianaPhilippiniana

13 They Could Somehow Run Into Bad Influences on Social Media

And YouTube. Youtube, especially in 2017, has some people that aren't good role models that kids love such as the Paul brothers. - PhoenixAura81

14 Disturbing YouTube Videos

The world of YouTube can be a good or bad place. It only takes a few clicks to get to some disturbing videos - Randomator

15 They could turn into spoiled brats

Here's what would happen if I did that.
Dad : Bend Over

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1. The Internet is Filled with Pornographic Content
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