Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Under the Age of 18 Should Be Allowed to Vote In Government Elections

This is my second list I thought up for a while, and it's kind of a sister to my other list: Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Should Get Paid to Go to School.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am NOT saying that kids on TheTopTens can't vote, and that they should be able to. I'm saying that kids SHOULD BE ABLE TO VOTE ON OFFICIAL ELECTIONS (state, city, country elections e.t.c.)

I hope that clears any predicted confusion, and enjoy the list!

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1 Kids are smart and responsible enough to vote

I'm 10 and I think I'm more responsible than tons of 18 year olds. So what can't I vote? I'm definitely old enough to vote. I have to write an opinion essay on this. Overall us kids are totally smart and responsible. I mean its not like I'm gonna say Hillary Clinton is wearing blue, I like blue, I vote for Hillary Clinton. I'm not stupid

Benefits for the kid: Yes. I am eleven and I think the reason why people don't allow kids to vote is that they are extremely ageist. I consider ageist to be as bad as sexist, racist, etc.. I think it actually all depends on personality, to be honest with you. Sure, some of us aren't smart and responsible and we make bad decisions, but it doesn't mean all of us do that. I mean, it's fine I guess if you don't let a small kid do it, but please at least ages 10 and up. I hate when adults judge other people, especially kids, when the adults themselves are not making the world a better place either and some kids are actually making the world better. I get it that some adult things need to be for adults (like drinking alcohol, smoking, and having "it") but some things we should share because in reality kids and adults are basically the same nowadays. I mean, think about it for a second because what I'm saying is all true. We, kids, are just as important as adults, teenagers who ...more

And the problem? Kids easily get brainwashed over small things. Democracy is basically all about brainwashing the people whose minds you can easily change. Mostly the masses.

All of you are right and we kids do need to have a vote we are not going to be idiots and say oh she used to be the ice cream person so I am going to vote for them and it is completely unfair and you have to be a certain age for everything driving, moving out, be able to sit in the front seat legally. But vote is something that is simple and any human being could do it so I think kids should vote

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2 If kids are responsible enough to drive at 16, then they are surely responsible enough to vote under the age of 18

I don't agree. But that's a good argument

I also like curry

Hey I'm a kid and I'm voting on this

I like curry

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3 Kids are just as important as adults

Exactly right kids are more responsible than adults.

I think it is right it is kids future

Yeah boi!

Thank you mame

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4 18 does not automatically mean smart and responsible

10 does not automatically mean smart and responsible

In some cases, a 7 year old could be smarter than a 20 year old. It all depends on how the person acts and speaks. Some people might say becoming an adult makes you more responsible/smart, but in some cases this is not entirely true.
This item is kinda like #1, but a lot different. (But it's STILL a point! ) - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Kids are faster learners than you'd think. I've talked to kids before and they've given some wise answers. I think kids are smarter now than they used to be. - Cesium

While below 18 doesn't automatically mean smart, either. The thing is, it's all about the average age of when an average human starts to develop a sense of reasoning.

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5 Adults who claim they're "smarter" than kids voted for Donald Trump

Yeah lol if adults think they're smarter than kids, then they go and vote for Trump, it's just so stupid. I mean, I wouldn't have voted for Trump if I could vote. Being 14 and not being able to vote yet, our school did a vote on who we wanted for President and Trump didn't win, I will tell you that right now

yes true

ROFL - Unnamed Google User Remade

Trump is an idiot. LOL

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6 The ability to vote would give kids more political education

Most adults don't know a thing about politics, and yet, they vote! Schools could have classes that teach you about politics in the earlier grades(6-8) and then garde 9 and above could actually vote. This knowledge would also help us as adults. - an 11-year-old girl who's just as smart as an 18-year old.

The whole reason people vote is because they have an interest in politics. When people are under 18 is the best time to build an interest, thus is follows logically that kids should be allowed to vote so as to engage them in the political scene and enhance their knowledge as they become adults.

You have to make an account on this website to vote therefore this website should shut up

Education is always helpful, but learning about our country is even better. The schools would teach the kids about each and every candidate so that they would make the best choice for themselves and the country. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

But the party in power controls the education system, meaning that children would be indoctrinated into voting for them. - PetSounds

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7 It is inequality and against human rights to restrict something just because someone is a part of a certain age group

You the man/girl

Problem is, experience is the best teacher, not age.

This is the saddest thing I ever heard. So it's against human rights if I can't live in a retirement home because I'm too young? I seriously wish you don't become a politician - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I think yes because kids ARE SMART UNLIKE HILLARY

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8 Everyday children are affected by laws they do not have a voice in, so let them decide their own future

That's facts because everybody is getting killed with a gun and kids can't vote for somebody who is gonna change that law


Why you swear you got Tourette’s or what bro

We have to stand here and let trump run this place and here everyone talk about how trump is horrible and bad and I wish there was a way to change this but if we were voting then this wouldn't of happened.

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9 There might be less votes for people you hate, and more votes for people you love

This is the best reason.

Kids will have the ability to voice their opinion wisely

Hillary and Donald are both horrible people neither of them should win

I agree with everything you said and by the way I am also 10

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10 Everyone's opinion matters

We should vote

Let me vote

Give us a chance - thunderclanrocks

The Contenders

11 Career politicians and those seeking office often behave and speak childishly

More childish then any kidergatener I ever met - thunderclanrocks

Best reason I can think of... - Billyv

Kids should vote 12--

That's true kids can help me

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12 Kids shouldn't have to miss out on voting when they are young.

yes - thunderclanrocks

Yes that is true

I agree


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13 Some adults don't vote even though they have the chance to, so somebody will use the chance to vote if they won't

U18s beg to vote but 40% of over 18s don't use their vote!

The fact that you think this, or anything else you've proffered here, demonstrates any capacity for simple logic, let alone complex critical thought, illustrates precisely why you should not be allowed to vote, perhaps until age 35.
Might start by brushing up on grammar.

Don't think this list represents all of us, she's just incredibly naive to the world. - Therandom

The fact that this list exists just proves how some people are total airheads about politics. - Swellow

But most kids wont - Nateawesomeness

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14 Kids may be 20% of our population but they are 100% of our future. So they need to have a voice in their own future. Everyone has the right to make their own choices.

Were the next genration I don't want to live in the mistakes my mom and dads generation made - thunderclanrocks


This doesn't make sence

15 You can drive, die in war and get married before you are 18! I don't understand how driving and fighting are for younger people when voting is strictly for adults!

I am 5 years old and I agee

Children live in the country too so we should also get to vote on who runs it and makes the country's decisions.

Well that's surprising

Just remeber we the people not we the selfish adults - thunderclanrocks

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16 It will affect the children's future so why should they not decide

Politicians are in charge of schools so children should be able to decide how the schools are run!

The government run schools which kids are in!

Kids have opinions too plus their awesome

I do agreee on that because kids already vote it is just there vote is not included

17 Some laws heavily affect kids, yet they can't vote for them

And that will affect their children a lot about educations and others

18 Waiting to vote will not help the economy

Spending many years following politics before 18 really doesn't make children happy!

I litteraly have a count down waiting for when I can vote - thunderclanrocks

And screwing up in the elections will not help, either.

Hey kids make up the us population

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19 Kids live in the country too so they should have the right to choose who runs it

Preach Brother preach

Since we kids can't vote this makes me happy

Kids should vote to

That gives me hope

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20 Kids can have opinions that can help

It isn't fair for children to not vote. Most of us kids are smarter than the adults that actually get to vote. A kid finished University at the age of 10. Some adults can't even read.

21 Letting kids vote means more votes for the people running

Ya I agree

here here

If you ever run for president, you'll be thankful for kids votes

22 Children have opinions too
23 Kids are the future generation

I'm writing an essay right now about why kids should vote I hope I can find a way to send it to any one who could help #hanaa

Kids are gonna grow up with it it will effect their future

I agree we are the future they are the past and we will see more technilogical things so we should get to vote

24 Many under the age of 18 have jobs and pay taxes. If you pay taxes you should have the right to vote.

Taxation without reprisentation - thunderclanrocks

I'm under 18 and I have a job so I should be able to vote

Children too young to legally have a job are dependent on their parents for shelter and food. Therefore, they should be allowed to vote in order to elect candidates whom they believe will help the economy and ensure their parents can continue to feed them. Children pay taxes by proxy through their parents.

25 Kids are the next generation

They are

To the human that said "your gay", check the spelling. It's y-o-u- 'RE. Also, what an insult! Being called a sexuality! Yikes! You got me spooked!

your gay

26 Most children are more mature.

Agreed my mom didn't know what in in app urchase was - thunderclanrocks

27 Some kids are smart enough to vote

Yes oviously

I am one of those young individual whom should have the right to vote despite my young age.

Some kids understand the elections more

Yes I agree

28 Kids can think creatively

Shrek is real

Kids can think of ways to do things that adults think are unrealistic. However, the solution is a good one it would just take work which most adults are afraid of!

29 if you are the age of 18 or younger and you have a good job and you are smart, you would have the same exact right to vote if you were 16 or if you were 18

The right to drive at 16 is under aged also I wrote this and I am a kid so quit picking on me

Please write better. Ever heard of punctuation? Capitals etc.

You obviously have no good points, so you attacked his/her grammar instead. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

30 It's a free country and everyone no matter what age should be able to vote


31 Some people are under 18 and very responsible

Most people are smart and make a positive result to the country

32 Kids are smarter than you think they have abilities that adults don't have.
33 Kids don't have a lot of political experience but neither do most adults
34 Kids are responsible enough.


35 Kids' opinion is important to make the country a better place.
36 We are mature enough to vote
37 Kids are human as well

People think kids aren't humans that they don't have a choice so I think this is good

38 Kids rule

Indeed they do

Of course

39 Kids are smarter than adults

Kids know more then adults - thunderclanrocks

Schools are becoming more advanced and teaching their students skills only professionals could master therefore adults are gonna be baffled by what their kids could do!

Actually adults are smarter because they learnt more. - AlphaQ


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40 People under the age of 18 are smart and have potential, not a lot of adults do

Some adults who say they are smarter than kids decided to vote for Donald Trump. and he is NOT a good president!

41 Adults shouldn’t have an advantage on kids

I agree people shouldn’t care Baotou kid they just got to protect them self also I’m 7 year old

Us kids need an opinion in the bite because it’s our future. We can learn political education at school and we know then what to do. I think the age should be lowered to 16. This is because you are allowed to do many things at 16 like have “it” and drive. This is very mature so I don’t get why 16/17s aren’t allowed to vote.

42 Kids could get more education and could decide who they want as there leader to lead them through war and hard times

i agree

Well kids should be able to vote

43 Kids are not as biased

Kids are less likely to discriminate against immigrants, gays etc. Have generally neutral views on abortion and will not just vote for a moron, just because he/she is of a certain party. Kids can become informed on issues, an unbiasedly pick the better of two evils. And they would not be as likely to just pick someone because they are 'Democrat' or 'Republican'. Also they would be looking more to the future than the past; most of them weren't even born. So what candidates did in the past, would not be such a big concern to them. They are more likely to vote third party if they believe it is better for the country.

Kids arnt aginst people for how they look or where they came from we judge by personality - thunderclanrocks

Most kids are not racists sexists or any ists out there sooo LET US VOTE I AM TWELVE

That is true

44 Us kids make up 24% of the US population and some adults don't vote

This is insane. Some adults don't vote and many kids are "dying" to. We should be able to vote at 14.

Kids are better than you think.

45 Kids are the ones who are going to grow up with it


46 Even mentally ill people can vote in some U.S. states

Totaly true I'm glad you (wrote) that

47 Children are more adaptive and know what it's like in the life of children which would be helpful for stances about education and such.
48 It's the kids community too

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49 Voting can make kids more responsible

By voting kids can feel more a part of something, so then they will become more serious about other things.

50 Most kids are more open minded
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