Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Under the Age of 18 Should Be Allowed to Vote In Government Elections

This is my second list I thought up for a while, and it's kind of a sister to my other list: Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Should Get Paid to Go to School.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am NOT saying that kids on TheTopTens can't vote, and that they should be able to. I'm saying that kids SHOULD BE ABLE TO VOTE ON OFFICIAL ELECTIONS (state, city, country elections e.t.c.)

I hope that clears any predicted confusion, and enjoy the list!

The Top Ten

Kids are smart and responsible enough to vote

Benefits for the kid: Yes. I am eleven and I think the reason why people don't allow kids to vote is that they are extremely ageist. I consider ageist to be as bad as sexist, racist, etc.. I think it actually all depends on personality, to be honest with you. Sure, some of us aren't smart and responsible and we make bad decisions, but it doesn't mean all of us do that. I mean, it's fine I guess if you don't let a small kid do it, but please at least ages 10 and up. I hate when adults judge other people, especially kids, when the adults themselves are not making the world a better place either and some kids are actually making the world better. I get it that some adult things need to be for adults (like drinking alcohol, smoking, and having "it") but some things we should share because in reality kids and adults are basically the same nowadays. I mean, think about it for a second because what I'm saying is all true. We, kids, are just as important as adults, teenagers who drive at age ...more

Sorry, I don't say that kids are dumb ( some are smarter than some adults I know ) but I cannot agree with most of this list. First of all, kids are pretty ignorant about socio-economic political world-interactions, about stock-exanges issues and markets on a global scale, about import-export economics, the maintaining equilibrium of import-export products etc... Kids will usually voting ( if they could vote ) what they hear in media, social medias and also influenced ( or even brainwashed ) about what they hear in their family environment ( pro or contra ). Second, voting of kids will be most of the times emotional rather than rational ( some 10 year old kid can be smart enough to actually vote but truth is that this is a minority. A majority will be still irresponsible and irrational in political matters ) and Third, I would only agree for a younger age-vote if reforms should be made in schools in matter of political lessons and knowledge given ( with open debates and opinions at ...more

I'm 11. And right now I'm writing a persuasive essay on why kids should vote and I agree with alll of there reasons cause there alll true!

All of you are right and we kids do need to have a vote we are not going to be idiots and say oh she used to be the ice cream person so I am going to vote for them and it is completely unfair and you have to be a certain age for everything driving, moving out, be able to sit in the front seat legally. But vote is something that is simple and any human being could do it so I think kids should vote

If kids are responsible enough to drive at 16, then they are surely responsible enough to vote under the age of 18

People are allowed to drive cars at 16, yet you can't vote until 18? That's totally messed up.
When you think about it, cars can be dangerous things. They are loud, extremely heavy, and can make devastating damage. Something of that power in the hands of someone who hasn't even spent 2 decades on the Earth yet is a big responsibility, but they can handle it.
Well then, why aren't we able to handle standing in a line for about 2 minutes, writing something down that will take about 5 seconds, then going home? Do you see how that logic is seriously broken?

I think that 13 - 18 should be able too so if they want to vote they can or if they don't that's fine too but I really think it could be fair so if mr. trump will changed the law

Your totally wrong bluetopazvanilla! Your not just writing something down, your changing the course of history,deciding who will be leading your country!

This is irrelevant. Until you're 18 (in australia) and can have your P plates you have to be supervised by a fully licensed adult anyway.

Kids are just as important as adults

Yeah, let's give a seven year old who probably doesn't know who Trump is the same power as a war veteran.

My 5 year-old sister and 8 year-old cousin have had more in depth conversations about the 2016 political parties and all candidates and policies then 90% of the adults I know

Thank you for these reasons because, if I didn't read this I don't think I would feel the same way as I do now. I'm 10 also

No they aren't. If anything, Kids are more like Subhumans according to the adults that run all this.

Kids are more important than adults because adults have to protect us like parents I thick.

18 does not automatically mean smart and responsible

In some cases, a 7 year old could be smarter than a 20 year old. It all depends on how the person acts and speaks. Some people might say becoming an adult makes you more responsible/smart, but in some cases this is not entirely true.
This item is kinda like #1, but a lot different. (But it's STILL a point! )

True. If you're say, 17, and your birthday is 1 to 2 months after the election, you should be allowed to vote. I'm not saying a 3 yo should vote, I'm saying a person that's 17 with a tiny gap between 18 years should vote.

While below 18 doesn't automatically mean smart, either. The thing is, it's all about the average age of when an average human starts to develop a sense of reasoning.

Kids are faster learners than you'd think. I've talked to kids before and they've given some wise answers. I think kids are smarter now than they used to be.

Adults who claim they're "smarter" than kids voted for Donald Trump

Sometimes it seems like children remember things adults do not, but in fact, adults have better memory if by better memory we mean the ability to remember more information, more accurately, and for longer periods of time. Children are better than adults There is no rhyme or reason to continue to insist that adults are somehow more capable of making ethical judgements. Well children don't make assumptions, children have more complete trust, children can I've simple lives. Even kids have no shame. so that is why kids should vote bacause kids are just important as adults, age 18 does not mean smart, adults who calim they are smater than kids voted for trump, and the abilty to vote would give more kids potical education.

Yeah lol if adults think they're smarter than kids, then they go and vote for Trump, it's just so stupid. I mean, I wouldn't have voted for Trump if I could vote. Being 14 and not being able to vote yet, our school did a vote on who we wanted for President and Trump didn't win, I will tell you that right now

Are people saying adults are better than kids when they vote

Yes we are definatlaty smarter I mean come on trump?

The ability to vote would give kids more political education

Most adults don't know a thing about politics, and yet, they vote! Schools could have classes that teach you about politics in the earlier grades(6-8) and then garde 9 and above could actually vote. This knowledge would also help us as adults. - an 11-year-old girl who's just as smart as an 18-year old.

The whole reason people vote is because they have an interest in politics. When people are under 18 is the best time to build an interest, thus is follows logically that kids should be allowed to vote so as to engage them in the political scene and enhance their knowledge as they become adults.

Education is always helpful, but learning about our country is even better. The schools would teach the kids about each and every candidate so that they would make the best choice for themselves and the country.

But the party in power controls the education system, meaning that children would be indoctrinated into voting for them.

I told my dad this idea and he asked me would any kid be able to vote. I told him the parents would make sure the kids were responsible enough. This coul've prevented TRump

It is inequality and against human rights to restrict something just because someone is a part of a certain age group

It's not about age, it's about intellect and intelligence, and not even some 18 year olds who are legally aloud to vote have the mental capacity to understand some of what they're doing. It is not to say that some young children are incredibly smart and could vote responsibly, but you can't pick and choose who votes and who doesn't based off smarts and IQ, everyone makes not so smart choices in their lives.

I want to be a imigration lawyer when I grow up and am a lot more expirienced than most adults. have adults spocken to there political representitives sorry about the typing mystakes one of my arms is in a cast and I'm trying to type quickly

No matter if you like it or not children are apart of the world and who the president is doesn't just effect adults it effects children too. Such as rights, places to live, and even the child may not like the president.

This is the saddest thing I ever heard. So it's against human rights if I can't live in a retirement home because I'm too young? I seriously wish you don't become a politician

Everyday children are affected by laws they do not have a voice in, so let them decide their own future

We have to stand here and let trump run this place and here everyone talk about how trump is horrible and bad and I wish there was a way to change this but if we were voting then this wouldn't of happened.

Kids are responsible

Yes we whould have got a new animal shelter insted of a stupid high way

so true

Everyone's opinion matters

As John F. Kennedy once said ''One person can make a difference, and everyone should try''. So give me -- [checks how many reasons there are on this website] -- 50 GOOD reasons why kids should NOT be able to vote. Let's see if you can do it!

Give us a chance

We should vote

There might be less votes for people you hate, and more votes for people you love

Actually, since kids naturally are immature and goof around, there would most likely be more votes for people you hate.

Hillary and Donald are both horrible people neither of them should win

They would vote every thing there parents would vote for so not a lot would change.

Kids will have the ability to voice their opinion wisely

The Contenders

Career politicians and those seeking office often behave and speak childishly

Best reason I can think of...

That's true kids can help me

More childish then any kidergatener I ever met

Kids should vote 12--

Kids shouldn't have to miss out on voting when they are young.

Yes that is true

Some adults don't vote even though they have the chance to, so somebody will use the chance to vote if they won't

The fact that you think this, or anything else you've proffered here, demonstrates any capacity for simple logic, let alone complex critical thought, illustrates precisely why you should not be allowed to vote, perhaps until age 35.
Might start by brushing up on grammar.

Don't think this list represents all of us, she's just incredibly naive to the world.

The fact that this list exists just proves how some people are total airheads about politics.

U18s beg to vote but 40% of over 18s don't use their vote!

The item explains itself.

Kids may be 20% of our population but they are 100% of our future. So they need to have a voice in their own future. Everyone has the right to make their own choices.

Were the next genration I don't want to live in the mistakes my mom and dads generation made

This doesn't make sence


that's so true

You can drive, die in war and get married before you are 18! I don't understand how driving and fighting are for younger people when voting is strictly for adults!

Your right, laws about child abuse, child labor, and many other things are being decided completely by adults, it barely even affects them!

Children live in the country too so we should also get to vote on who runs it and makes the country's decisions.

I am 5 years old and I agee

Just remeber we the people not we the selfish adults

It will affect the children's future so why should they not decide

Politicians are in charge of schools so children should be able to decide how the schools are run!

I do agreee on that because kids already vote it is just there vote is not included

The government run schools which kids are in!

Kids have opinions too plus their awesome

Some laws heavily affect kids, yet they can't vote for them

And that will affect their children a lot about educations and others

Waiting to vote will not help the economy

The fact that you think this, or anything else you've proffered here, let alone complex critical thought, Might start by brushing up on grammar. poop

Spending many years following politics before 18 really doesn't make children happy!

And screwing up in the elections will not help, either.

Donald trump winning will not help either if he does win

Kids live in the country too so they should have the right to choose who runs it

Since we kids can't vote this makes me happy

Kids should vote to

That gives me hope

I agree

Kids can have opinions that can help

It isn't fair for children to not vote. Most of us kids are smarter than the adults that actually get to vote. A kid finished University at the age of 10. Some adults can't even read.

Perspective is different for all.

Letting kids vote means more votes for the people running

If you ever run for president, you'll be thankful for kids votes

Children have opinions too
Kids are the future generation

Kids are gonna grow up with it it will effect their future

I'm writing an essay right now about why kids should vote I hope I can find a way to send it to any one who could help #hanaa

I agree we are the future they are the past and we will see more technilogical things so we should get to vote

Many under the age of 18 have jobs and pay taxes. If you pay taxes you should have the right to vote.

Children too young to legally have a job are dependent on their parents for shelter and food. Therefore, they should be allowed to vote in order to elect candidates whom they believe will help the economy and ensure their parents can continue to feed them. Children pay taxes by proxy through their parents.

I'm under 18 and I have a job so I should be able to vote

Taxation without reprisentation

Some kids are smart enough to vote

I am one of those young individual whom should have the right to vote despite my young age.

Some kids understand the elections more

*SOME kids* *cough cough* trump

Yes oviously

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