Top 10 Reasons Why Kim Jong Un & Barack Obama Would Make a Great Couple


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1 Kim Jong Un is lonely

Hitler commit suicide because he didn't want to see all the awful things happening in the future

I think I'm gonna hurl.

And that's how we want him to be

(Retarded voice) Yeah, let's make a wedding for this couple!
Barack Obama = Groom
Kim Jong Un = Bride
Mitt Romney = Best man
Miley Cyrus = Bridesmaid
Justin Bieber = Organ player
Bernie Sanders = Ring bearer
Rebecca Black = Flower girl
Hillary Clinton = Maid of honor
Donald Trump = Revernard (However you spell it)

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2 Their kids would be the most important thing in life

I tries way too hard to be funny, to the point where this list needs to be deleted. This seems like the kind of list BlueTopazIceVanilla would make.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were the same person.

3 This list will be an instant hit


4 Their kids name would be...Kim Jong Barack

I think this is the name for now,i don't have any proposed name for it - CerealGuy

Little girl: Kim Jong Un and Barack Obama had a child, his name is Kim Jong Barack
Parents: Get him to the nearest window and throw him out!

5 Both need to make unforgettable history
6 Better couple than Honecker and Brezhnev
7 Gay marriage is legal in the USA

Since when?!

8 Reddit would never miss the opportunity
9 To see how the government would respond
10 They are both bad leaders.

Obama was great - blackflower

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11 Peace would be on the US and North Korea
12 They both want to destroy the US

Obama wanted to help us - blackflower

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