Top 10 Reasons Why Kim Possible Is Better Than K.C. Undercover

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1 Kim Possible is animated

All of Disney's live action shows through 2009-present is crap anyways. - MorganChambz

Kim Possible is my joint favorite animated series. Joint with The Penguins Of Madagascar.

And that makes K.C Undercover bad how?

2 Kim Possible is smarter than K.C

Kim is the smartest and awesome character. She is very hot and charismatic.

K. C looked so stupid in episode 4, she disrespected her grandparents. - MorganChambz

3 Kim Possible at least has some comedy

Seriously? Ron is the best character in the series. He is so funny and pretty.

Ron vs.K. C's brother? Ron for the win at least he made me laugh. - MorganChambz

KC Undercover is basically a girl who beats up people for no reason. Kim possible is so much better

4 Everyone is stupid in K.C Undercover

They've got the dumb blonde, the dumb brother, and the so called "smart" main character who isn't smart whatsoever. - Minecraftcrazy530

5 Kim Possible has better villains

I like the monkey lord - 2storm

Shego was the bomb! - MorganChambz

Dr. Drakken rocks!
My favorite villain. He is so genius and funny.

I like all villains: Dr.Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, and the rest

6 K.C's family are wannabee spies

They will never be like Kim Possible. - MorganChambz

7 Judy is annoying

I hate girls with that kind of attitude. She's basically Zuri 2.0 and I hate it! Girls with that typical diva personality is some of types of characters I hate. - MorganChambz

She and KC are tied for the worst character.

Yeah, she's a bitch

8 K.C's friend is just a dumb blonde and is useless

Why did they introduce her into the plot? She has no use whatsoever! - MorganChambz

9 Zendaya is in it

I wonder how this show is gonna turn out... Kind of like Shake It Up? It's going to get cancelled after 3 seasons? - MorganChambz

How does that make it a bad show?

10 K.C. Undercover is pretty much based on Kim Possible

The whole plot is about dealing with school while working as a spy in both shows

So true, even the theme song copies kims movements

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11 Kim Possible has the better theme song

Call me, Beep me! Kim Possible rules!

I agree with this whole list - bobbythebrony

Zendaya's voice makes me want to throw my T.V. out the window. - MorganChambz

12 Kim Possible doesn't have a laugh track

Yes! Yes,

13 Kim Possible has better action scenes

Kim and Shego are rocks!

Kim and Shego rocks!

Kim Possible is still the best T.V. show when I first watched it,
I love KP. She's better KC. I know you would agree with me.

14 Kim Possible Doesn't Star Zendaya

Zendaya isn't the problem. She's fine. She's talented. But that doesn't make me hate the show any less.

15 Kim Possible is Original

Kim Possible is an unique animated show.

16 Kim Possible was made in the Golden Years of Disney Channel

Kim Possible MADE the golden years of Disney Channel.

17 Kim Possible has better couples

I mean, come on! Kim an Ron? So OTP. But KC and that Brett kid?...

18 Kim Possible could kick KC's backside
19 Kim Possible isn't a Stupid Teen Sitcom
20 Kim Possible writers put more effort


21 Kim Possible is more likable than KC

I hate Kim for being reveling but she is a step up from Kc plus Kc is Norah's descendant

22 Ron is cooler than Ernie

Yeah Ernie is dumb character along with that dumb blonde :/

23 Shego and Dr. Drakken are better villains than The Other Side

I added this one. Mainly Shego is a better villain than the Other Side, but Dr. Drakken is better than that so called evil group too. - Anonymousxcxc

24 Christy Carlson Romano (Ren from Even Stevens) voices Kim Christy Carlson Romano is an American actress and singer. She is known for her role as Ren Stevens in the Disney Channel sitcom Even Stevens, and as the voice of the titular character in the Disney Channel animated series Kim Possible.
25 K.C. Undercover did not use real guns
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