Top 10 Reasons Why King Diamond is Better Than Marilyn Manson

I know these two artists aren't technically related but here's a few things they both have in common.
1) They're both shock rock musicians that are accused of being satanic.
2) They both wear corpse paint.
3) They're both members of the Church of Satan (And just to let everyone know, the Church of Satan is an ATHEIST organization. They state that they don't even believe in the devil).
This list is just my opinion on why I think Diamond is better than Manson.

And I like I said on my NIN>Manson list, this list isn't meant to offend any Manson fans. It's fine if you like Manson. To each their own.

The Top Ten

1 King Diamond Has a Better Voice

What do you have against marilyn manson?

2 King Diamond Has Better Concerts

His shows are more Halloween-esque than satanic while Manson just cuts himself onstage and squeals every five seconds.

3 Marilyn Manson Is Overrated While King Diamond Is Underrated
4 Abigail Is a Better Concept Albums Than Antichrist Superstar

I highly doubt Antichrist Superstar and the other albums in Manson's Triptych trilogy follow stories.

Bad grammar

5 King Diamond Has a Better Stage Name

Marilyn Manson doesn't sound like anything special. It just sounds more like a name for a model than a satanic shock rocker.

Nothing wrong with the name Marilyn Manson. And you say he's satanic? Get your facts right. - Userguy44

6 King Diamond Has Been Around Longer Before Manson
7 King Diamond Is Better at Writing Satanic Lyrics

Lyrics that are so satanic that they make Gorgoroth jealous.

8 King Diamond Is Better at Writing Concept Albums

All his albums follow great stories unlike Manson's Triptych trilogy which is hard to follow.

9 King Diamond Is a More Influential Artist
10 King Diamond Influenced Metallica

I'm pretty sure of it. After all Metallica did cover a Mercyful Fate song.

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