Top Ten Ways Kirby Super Star Ultra Is Better Than Super Star

I know it's not the world's best list and I don't care, OK? I just make lists I think are OK ideas. And while I like Super Star, Ultra improved it.

The Top Ten

1 More Games

Super Star Ultra not only brought back the original games, it brought a few new ones too. Revenge of the King and Meta Knightmare Ultra are my favorites. - Garythesnail

2 Faster Gameplay

It lags much less and goes overall faster. - Garythesnail

3 Graphics

The graphics in Ultra were superior to the original, by far. - Garythesnail

4 True Arena

Not to mention its last boss (which I won't spoil here). - Garythesnail

5 The Cutscenes

I have to say, the animation in the cutscenes was impressive for the DS. - Garythesnail

6 Soundtrack

Masked Dedede, Galacta Knight, Marx, etc... - Garythesnail

7 New Subgames
8 Portable

Want Super Star on the go? Pick up a copy of Ultra so you can! - Garythesnail

9 New Bosses
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