Top 10 Reasons Why Kiss Sucks

This list includes reasons why I and many people personally hate the Glam Band Kiss, let's begin.

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1 They started making music only to make money They started making music only to make money

There uniforms look cool though

How do you know that?

Anybody who agrees with anything on this list is a moron! Yes, they changed their music because the times changed. Disco, punk and new wave became big, so they had to become chameleons. Gene and Paul can be hard to deal with at times because they care about the future of the band, especially Paul. Ace and Peter couldn’t handle fame and disrupted the growth of the band. As for the songs they created, there have been several gems throughout their careers. The talent was at a high to, when Carr and Kulick were members. I believe people are jealous because KISS has been around 40 plus years and their favorite band disappeared in a fourth of that! Don’t get me started on the makeup and pyro haters, their just upset that KISS beat every other band to the punch, when it came to using these items. Compared to current, 2018 bands, KISS sounds like the Beatles!

2 They are not in any way talented musicians

Don't say that. Have you seen Gene Simmons's bass solo. He's too busy splitting fake blood. That's why he doesn't get time to play enough notes. And has been called one of the greatest bassists. Peter Crisis! Oh, "Beth was beautiful". Phew. - zxm

World's. Worst. Garage. Band.

Just because they’re not the most talented band on the planet doesn't mean they have no talent.

Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean they’re untalented, you clearly haven’t listened to them if you think they have no talent

3 They are more well known for their stage shows than their music

So? That’s only what they’re known for, it doesn’t correlate with quality on any level.

4 Gene Simmons told depressed people to 'kill themselves'

What does this have to do with why the band sucks?

Because gene simmons is an ass hole.

5 Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley called Peter Chris, and Ace Frehley anti-Semites for no reason other than they don't like them

Again, not a reason for why the band sucks.

Gene and Paul don't like these 2 former bands members to the point that they call them names like anti-semitic, which is not true about them by the way. Gene and Paul just need to grow up and stop acting like middle schoolers. - RogerWatersfan1999

6 Their lyrics are about nothing but love and partying


7 Their music is anything but unique

So? Their songs are just fun to listen to

I can't stand kiss


8 They are not good songwriters

They suck in every possible way, but way back in 1976 when I was just 12 years old, even I knew they were terrible songwriters then.

Why can’t you have more reasons like this on your list instead of “They’re only known for live shows”?

9 Gene Simmons of KISS was permanently banned from Fox News Gene Simmons of KISS was permanently banned from Fox News

Gene Simmons acted like a total child when going to Fox News to promote his Book. He bared his chest and hit people on the head with his book. What a child Gene Simmons is. - RogerWatersfan1999

Again, not a reason!

10 They haven't broken up

They have been together for like what? 40+ years now, and their music has just got worse over time. So they should just call it quits. - RogerWatersfan1999

You could say the same thing about U2, their last few albums have gradually gotten worse. People still cram stadiums to see them.

Why is that a problem? If anything that's a good thing, it shows why’ve been able to stay together.

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1. They started making music only to make money
2. They are not in any way talented musicians
3. They are more well known for their stage shows than their music


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