Top Ten Reasons Why Kobe Might Be Better Than Michael Jordan


The Top Ten

1 He scored more points

Even if he score more Jordan came out a better player and Kobe copied every move Jordan had

Kobe Bryant gets more points because not pass the ball much to their peers

2 He can shoot threes

He could shout threes too

Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a game won without putting shots on line 3, Kobe Bryant scored 82 points in a losing game and most shots were in line 3 Moral: If Kobe can not be better than Chamberlain can not be better than Jordan

3 He recovered

Kobe recovered because it does not play the same level as Jordan

4 He never switched his team
5 He has the number 24

Which is closer to 27 - Listard27

That's stupid, if the best number is 77 and has Andrea Bargiani

6 He scored 81 points

Shooting 81 points and losing, that's humiliating

Mj only scored 69 points - Listard27

7 Kobe is more clutch

Maybe you're right, but Jordan has the dunk and it is more preferable

8 He won 5 rings

But Jordan has 6 rings, Kobe still lacks to be the best

9 More all-star appearances

What happens is that Kobe has many suckers and so therefore the vote.

Kobe sucks Jordans the bomhis gonna make you explode

10 Could dunk better
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