Reasons Why Kpop Sucks

Watch a bunch of Kpop fans descend on this list like a swarm of locusts.

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1 It's all commercialized

There's one thing this video needs...KPOP!
A quote from the single worst youtube video ever made.

This is very true! People think they look amazing, but then I start talking about how I love My Chemical Romance's aesthetics, and nobody cares.

I do not want to hear about this any more! This is just so RUDE! Like at least you must have one song you like that is from Korea. Or something you like from Korea!

Management groups for the "artists" and every song is created in a company board room.

But those same rock bands do not have other people writing songs for them. Also, I didn't know there was one singular management group for everyone.

2 Horrible fans

Kpop fans are so immature.

Go on a K-pop related video and say "All K-pop sucks" The reactions will be priceless - 445956

Because it's a kpop video and you should expect hardcore fans their, if I comment to a metal/rock video all rock music suck then the reaction is also priceless - GalaxyCookies

I'm a fan, but some are insane. They will throw things at the artists, plant cameras in their houses, touch them inappropriately, STEAL THEIR URINE (I wish I was making that up), & will neglect one member while giving loads of attention to the others. - RoseWeasley

Fanbase is absolutely retarded, They dismiss your arguments then they start saying that you are "racist" and they also are so cringe, and they suck at arguing.

3 It's anti-art

The process of making K-pop

1. The company employees dream up random songs that have no originality. The artists themselves have no part in making songs.
2. Insert terrible grammar in English.
3. Force the artists to dance, not to sing. (Don't forget to change the artists looks completely using plastic surgery and make up! )
4. Put the music behind N layers of autotune.
5. Put the crappiest cover with the artists alien looks inside.
6. Profit! (For the boss of the record label only.) - MChkflaguard_Yt

No creativity or originality is needed to become a Kpop singer.

I love how salty some of the overreactions to this list were.

This is an incredibly vague and opinionated reason. - Atham

4 If you hate it, you are automatically racist according to Kpop fans

Someone on the first place on this list said this:
"That's just so rude for me and for BTS.
You can say that because your not Korean.
My moms Korean, my dad British.
And I'm from England!
That's so offensive for me! "
Like, what the heck? We never said ANYTHING about you, or BTS. How is saying Kpop is commercialized racist or offensive? These are OPINIONS, people. You Kpop lovers act like 6 year olds if anyone says anything bad about BTS.

Disliking a music genre does not make someone racist.

Kpop is part of pop culture, not Korean culture. Hating it does not make you racist. Try again fans. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I don't like Rock. I am now racist against America because rock originated in America. I review this planet's IQ levels - fwed

5 Extreme use of auto tune

The new official Super Mario song, We Are Born to Play by Charli XCX is HEAVY on autotune, although that song is good in many other areas. It sounds like something made in 2013.


Only reason I'd with agree on this list. Music is good, but autotune ruins it. Why does it exist? - Userguy44

You can know it. The singing is extremely stagato. - MChkflaguard_Yt

6 Stupid group names

I miss when BTS meant Behind the Scenes - 445956

Girls generation what.

It is the name of the Bangkok commute - MChkflaguard_Yt

And you don't say any word on a band names like green day, blink 182, metallica, cannibal corpse, fall out boy and some other rock/metal bands that have stange and not making any sense band names, oh yeah this website is unfair - GalaxyCookies

Read the title of the list. Then realize that I'm talking about Kpop and not rock. This is not a comparison list between Kpop and rock/metal nor does this list seem "fair" because it's my opinion. If TheTopTens seems unfair to you, good luck on other parts of the internet.

7 K-pop artists cannot sing

They are singing in a GROUP and still they rely on Autotune to sing normally! - MChkflaguard_Yt

True, except BoA can sing pretty good, but that’s an exception. Most k-pop singers, male or female, can’t sing without so much auto tune.

8 Stupid lyrics

Some Kpop lyrics are enough to make you lose 99.9% of all cognitive thinking.

Despite not liking kpop that much, many lyrics for rock and metal are extremely stupid as well - kempokid

It's gonna be really offensive to the Korean people who have worked hard to make that song. They thought about it over the years and presented it to the public and now people are saying that in sucks?! My parents are Korean and I was born in Singapore and now living in the Philippines but... Stupid lyrics?! What the heck!
I don't understand you people.

There ARE Kpop songs out there with meaningful lyrics.

At least they are memorable

But Insane Clown Posse writes awful yet memorable songs so how is that an argument.

9 Groups, especially boy bands, are getting more and more generic

I find girls equally generic and the members looked like as if they are produced by a cloning machine. The boys tried too hard in looking badass and cool, while the girls have the same 33 layers of makeup for product placement. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Boy bands have guys that always sing about girls and dress like girls and the girl bands try so hard to be cute. It’s getting generic.

See a little more variety in Girl groups, but not by much. Boys try way too hard to look sexy and badass to the point where I cringe. Girl group are usually either cute, badass or sexy (or maybe a mixture of the three), no one try’s anything different.

10 Terrible rapping

This is rap? are you fr?

To be honest, some of the rapping in K-pop is actually better than most modern trap music in America today. But some k-pop singers can’t rap at all.

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11 No talent from the performers

I respect your opinion, but not all artists are untalented. Look at Park Chae Young. - RoseWeasley

They can't even sing. I have enough confidence to make this statement: I can sing better - MChkflaguard_Yt

I really hate kpop! They got no talents - Crystalsnow


12 All the band members sound the same
13 English lyrics that make no sense

Me every time I hear English lyrics in Kpop: Is it added 10 seconds before the recording started? - MChkflaguard_Yt

Yeah I know right! And some lyrics are like extremely dirty (my friend once forced me to listen)

14 It’s not from North Korea



I hate South Korea, North Korea is the oblygt real korea. Amen.

How is this a good reason?

15 Stupid music videos

Why does Kpop music video ALWAYS contain a group of girls dancing in front of a green screen? Every music video looks the same, which is absolutely anti-art. I demand VARIETY, thanks. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Personally, I am not a fan of Kpop. But hating on it is a waste of time and it doesn't do anything. If someone loves kpop let them! It is ok to like kpop just like it is ok to like any other genre. I will admit it gets annoying when every topic is about one thing. Not all fans are the same. Its not all black and white as it seems. I think the music videos can be happy and colourful.

But not all stupid ass K-pop music videos. Some are stupidass, some aren't stupid - waraypiso

I got to strongly agree with this one. Almost every K-pop video has to have a colorful background and a group of people dancing. Why can’t there be something different? It gets boring to watch, I feel like I am watching the same thing. Can’t they be more original with their videos?

16 Its overrated
17 Brainwashes teens

They have created a fantasy world that causes kids to badger their parents for needless plastic surgery.

Mostly for girls, got addicted and idolizing their "favorite" Korean singer/dancer whatsover.

That's true. Some fans I encountered even say the pimp Seungri is Jesus Christ. what? Jesus won't do such wrong doings. This is the result of extreme fanaticism.

True 110%

18 Destroys the life of celebrities if they fail to hit it big and are disbanded

Korean pop trainees. SCPF D-Class.
These spot the difference games are getting hard - MChkflaguard_Yt

They train to be kpop stars since they are like eight years old. they train their whole lives to do this. then, they're career only lasts like 5 years. it's sad since they mainly don't have any other skills.

19 Dumb fan base names

Serious?! Instead of a blackpink fan you are calling yourself Blink?! and instead of BTS fan you are calling yourself army

Blackjacks - oh wait this casino game has a plural form?
Once - I started doing things for three times at least. I started doing things for three times at least. I started doing things for three times at least.
VIP - *destroys vip passes*
EXO-L - What does this even mean?
Shinee world - A result of extreme egoism.

And many, many more...

And you don't talk crap about Bronies and Mixers? And why do fanbase names matter so much

This list is about Kpop, not about Bronies or Mixers. Read the title next time. Also, it's just my stupid opinion about the fanbase names.

Sones is one of the worst fan base name I have ever heard

20 K-pop doesn't represent Korean culture. It represents Western culture.
21 Some idols are only liked for being attractive

True, even if they got plastic surgery

The fans should praise the plastic surgeons instead of the idols if all they want is looks. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Very true - Crystalsnow

"I like men now" Pewdipie, on reacting to BTS

22 It takes away popularity from better music in South Korea.

It takes away popularity from artists that actually write their own songs and don't have management groups or excessive autotune to create a song.

The great artists have to MIGRATE to show their talents! (Example: Dabin) - MChkflaguard_Yt

All of the underrated bands are disbanded by the record label

As a kpop fan, I agree to this. there are tons of artists who are very talented but underrated, not saying bts or bp is not talented but yall need to know that kpop is not just bts or blackpink r sum smh

23 Many artists are racist
24 Creates stereotypes

It makes other Asians hate themselves

After kpop emerged

25 It is for peasants

Wait so electronic music is for rich people? I am just a middlr class - MChkflaguard_Yt

26 It’s the same thing as American pop, just in a different language

This is the only reason for why kpop sucks. Kpop industry copies trending music style in US and shows no creativity in what it produces. Every country's popular songs have distinct music style except S.Korea's. Korea not representing their culture in their pop music is the sign that the country shows no respect to its own culture or that the country just copies the culture of others which is not admiring. Westernisation hit Korea badly. The artists changing their facial features like doing double eyelid surgeries shows that they don't value Korean race at all. They want facial features of westerners influencing every other koreans in the country. Soon, the country will become a boring place for their own people too. Kpop will be the main reason for it.

27 f(x) and Red Velvet are the only good girl groups

The rest have generalized concepts they look like little kids or wannabes 2ne1 is okay though

28 Can't rap or sing

Even SoundCloud rappers sound better than them. - AlphaQ

29 Their record labels are toxic
30 SHINee is the only good boy band

Can we PLEASE not have this kind of reasons here like "blah group is the best boy band" seriously

Not really I'd rather listen to The Backstreet Boys than SHINee and the Backstreet Boys are one of the most cheesiest boybands in existence.

The only good Kpop band is...wait, there's none. - AlphaQ

The only good K-pop boy band in my opinion is B.A.P, since it’s the only band that doesn’t have overly feminine guys and actually makes cool and badass songs with real meanings and badass rapping.

31 It is exploitative of idols

Literally slavery. Young idols train for like 18 hours a day (what). K-pop - this anti-art manufacturing process doesn't deserve millions of fans. - MChkflaguard_Yt

32 They regularly get involved in crimes

Western pop artists also get involved in crimes

33 It overshadows other good music around the world
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