Reasons Why Kpop Sucks

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1 Horrible fans

Kpop fans are so immature.

Go on a K-pop related video and say "All K-pop sucks" The reactions will be priceless - 445956

Because it's a kpop video and you should expect hardcore fans their, if I comment to a metal/rock video all rock music suck then the reaction is also priceless - GalaxyCookies

Metal fans are more immature plus every fanbase havr immature fans so try again

None of them except for Kpop have voting bots placed on this site so the items they want are number 1 on every list. Kinda proves this item correct. - SteelCity99

I respect that they like k-pop, but try not to shove it in everyone’s faces and mention it in every video that has nothing to do with k-pop. - AnimeDrawer

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2 It's anti-art

No creativity or originality is needed to become a Kpop singer. - SteelCity99

I love how salty some of the overreactions to this list were. - CaptainMowzker

To be honest, most k-pop is just simply this, with the exception of a few artists songs:
•A company writes a song for them and teaches them(artists) the choreography
•Make sure to sing with autotune, no real singing allowed
•They make a painfully colorful music video with fancy choreography
•Cash in money - AnimeDrawer

3 It's all commercialized

Management groups for the "artists" and every song is created in a company board room. - SteelCity99

But those same rock bands do not have other people writing songs for them. Also, I didn't know there was one singular management group for everyone. - SteelCity99

At least their making money what are you doing you are wasting your tine hating

At least I'm not hating you for the music you like. I'm hating you because you keep attacking me

4 Stupid lyrics

Some Kpop lyrics are enough to make you lose 99.9% of all cognitive thinking. - SteelCity99

Despite not liking kpop that much, many lyrics for rock and metal are extremely stupid as well - kempokid

At least they are memorable

But Insane Clown Posse writes awful yet memorable songs so how is that an argument. - SteelCity99

I think K-pop generally isn’t great since it’s kind of lazy. But I am going to be honest and not totally biased, there are plenty of K-pop songs actually have good messages even if they are not written by the artists singing them. Bulletproof is about the struggles of working hard, Happiness by Red Velvet is about true happiness rather than just fame and fortune(I used to listen to K-pop). And there are songs about self confidence, depressing songs, and positivity - AnimeDrawer

5 Extreme use of auto tune

Only reason I'd agree on this list. Music is good, but autotune ruins it. Why does it exist? - Userguy44

You can know it. The singing is extremely stagato. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I haven’t heard K-pop singers use their real voice in songs because they sound like robots. BoA can sing without autotune though and had some songs with her real voice. - AnimeDrawer

6 If you hate it, you are automatically racist according to Kpop fans

Disliking a music genre does not make someone racist. - CaptainMowzker

Hating on a genre isn't racist! - Userguy44

Yeah you are

I know about korea because I studied history so much. I get high grade on that subject

How is disliking music from another country racist? You are not hating on the people for their culture, you just don’t like the particular artist or band from that country because their music is bad. - AnimeDrawer

7 English lyrics that make no sense
8 No talent from the performers


What I can say is that they can definitely dance, at least for most of them. But they can’t sing though. - AnimeDrawer

9 Stupid group names

Girls generation what. - SteelCity99

And you don't say any word on a band names like green day, blink 182, metallica, cannibal corpse, fall out boy and some other rock/metal bands that have stange and not making any sense band names, oh yeah this website is unfair - GalaxyCookies

It is the name of the Bangkok commute - MChkflaguard_Yt

4 Minute is the worst group name in K-Pop. Why are songs and group names with “minute” a thing in K-Pop? It makes no sense and sounds strange, it doesn’t sound cool. - AnimeDrawer

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10 It takes away popularity from better music in South Korea.

It takes away popularity from artists that actually write their own songs and don't have management groups or excessive autotune to create a song. - SteelCity99

All of the underrated bands are disbanded by the record label

The great artists have to MIGRATE to show their talents! (Example: Dabin) - MChkflaguard_Yt

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11 Stupid music videos

But not all stupid ass K-pop music videos. Some are stupidass, some aren't stupid - waraypiso

I got to strongly agree with this one. Almost every K-pop video has to have a colorful background and a group of people dancing. Why can’t there be something different? It gets boring to watch, I feel like I am watching the same thing. Can’t they be more original with their videos? - AnimeDrawer

12 It’s not from North Korea

How is this a good reason? - AnimeDrawer

13 K-pop artists cannot sing

They are singing in a GROUP and still they rely on Autotune to sing normally! - MChkflaguard_Yt

True, except BoA can sing pretty good, but that’s an exception. Most k-pop singers, male or female, can’t sing without so much auto tune. - AnimeDrawer

14 Terrible rapping

To be honest, some of the rapping in K-pop is actually better than most modern trap music in America today. But some k-pop singers can’t rap at all. - AnimeDrawer

15 Some idols are only liked for being attractive

True, even if they got plastic surgery - AnimeDrawer

"Ooh that girl from twice isso cute and sexi I want to date her! 1111" - A normal K-pop fan - MChkflaguard_Yt

16 Dumb fan base names

And you don't talk crap about Bronies and Mixers? And why do fanbase names matter so much - GalaxyCookies

This list is about Kpop, not about Bronies or Mixers. Read the title next time. Also, it's just my stupid opinion about the fanbase names. - SteelCity99

Sones is one of the worst fan base name I have ever heard - AnimeDrawer

Blackjacks, sonnes. God humanity is a joke sometimes. - SteelCity99

17 f(x) and Red Velvet are the only good girl groups
18 SHINee is the only good boy band

The only good K-pop boy band in my opinion is B.A.P, since it’s the only band that doesn’t have overly feminine guys and actually makes cool and badass songs with real meanings and badass rapping. - AnimeDrawer

19 Groups, especially boy bands, are getting more and more generic

Boy bands have guys that always sing about girls and dress like girls and the girl bands try so hard to be cute. It’s getting generic. - AnimeDrawer

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1. It's anti-art
2. It's all commercialized
3. Horrible fans
1. If you hate it, you are automatically racist according to Kpop fans
2. English lyrics that make no sense
3. Stupid lyrics


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