Reasons Why Kpop Sucks

Watch a bunch of Kpop fans descend on this list like a swarm of locusts.

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1 It's anti-art

No creativity or originality is needed to become a Kpop singer. - SteelCity99

Is this list artistic? No
At least they show their art not like you you're showing to people that your (sorry but) I'm gonna say idiot - BlackVelvetdixE

They show off the catchiest melodies and beats, but also safe easy lyrics that the general public will enjoy. Also, how can a list be artistic? - SteelCity99

2 It's all commercialized

At least their making money what are you doing you are wasting your tine hating - BlackVelvetdixE

At least I'm not hating you for the music you like. I'm hating you because you keep attacking me - BlackVelvetdixE

Management groups for the "artists" and every song is created in a company board room. - SteelCity99

But those same rock bands do not have other people writing songs for them. Also, I didn't know there was one singular management group for everyone. - SteelCity99

3 Horrible fans

Kpop fans are so immature.

Kpop fans are hella gay

Metal fans are more immature plus every fanbase havr immature fans so try again - BlackVelvetdixE

None of them except for Kpop have voting bots placed on this site so the items they want are number 1 on every list. Kinda proves this item correct. - SteelCity99

4 Stupid lyrics

Some Kpop lyrics are enough to make you lose 99.9% of all cognitive thinking. - SteelCity99

Reading this list making me lost 100 million brain cells also your username makes me lost 10 blood cells - BlackVelvetdixE

At least they are memorable - BlackVelvetdixE

But Insane Clown Posse writes awful yet memorable songs so how is that an argument. - SteelCity99

5 No talent from the performers

What is your talent?
I know being an idiot anf hating - BlackVelvetdixE

I can play multiple musical instruments. Meanwhile you make generalized statements like I can't sing or I'm not a musician? Quite hypocritical of you. - SteelCity99

6 Extreme use of auto tune

Can you sing? No - BlackVelvetdixE

Art comes in different forms. Just because someone can't sing doesn't mean they can't appreciate music. - SteelCity99

7 Stupid music videos

But not all stupid ass K-pop music videos. Some are stupidass, some aren't stupid - waraypiso

8 Stupid group names

Girls generation what. - SteelCity99

Oh look steelcity99 what is that username do you steal city - BlackVelvetdixE

9 English lyrics that make no sense

Well, you're hate doesn't make any sense so try again - BlackVelvetdixE

Oh. But my list aren't really hateful, some are just jokes and opinions. - BlackVelvetdixE

10 It takes away popularity from better music in South Korea.

It takes away popularity from artists that actually write their own songs and don't have management groups or excessive autotune to create a song. - SteelCity99

All of the underrated bands are disbanded by the record label - BlackVelvetdixE

The Contenders

11 Dumb fan base names

Blackjacks, sonnes. God humanity is a joke sometimes. - SteelCity99

At least they have fans what do you get followers
And fanbase name is more fun than your username - BlackVelvetdixE

12 If you hate it, you are automatically racist according to Kpop fans

Yeah you are - BlackVelvetdixE

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