Ten Reasons Why Kung Fu Panda is Better Than My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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1 Kung Fu Panda is exciting

We're comparing a movie about anthropomorphic animals who fight evil with kung fu with an animated series revolving around ponies... And this is why I'll never make comparison lists for as long as I'm active on here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Oh yes I rather watch King Fu Panda then watching that stupid My Little Pony.

Personally, I think that KFP is thrilling, whereas Mlp is just silly ponies prancing around. - SnowyAqua

What an absolutely asinine comparison. You're comparing an action Kung Fu series with a series about ponies and friendship. This makes as much sense as the FNaF storyline. Comparison lists are absolute trash. - DCfnaf

2 The Antagonists in Kung Fu Panda are awesome

What about Discord? And what'd you expect from a show that talks about friendship and magic? - Ultron123

The antagonists in MLP are too childish and there are too many good characters. - SnowyAqua

Yeah. And the fights are awesome! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I have not watched Kung Fu Panda well enough, but it is awesome. I mean they have kung fu skills, that is awesome. I kinda like it better than MLP because it is more of my taste.

3 The Antagonists in MLP usually become good.

And that's why evil became good. Clarence and Uncle Grandpa were already good after kicking out Animation Altrocity since TTG's power against CN. Plankton from Spongebob might be changed a bit but he is still evil. Man Ray (also from Spongebob) changed to good after the two main characters annoyed him in a funny way. Darth Vader became evil but became good once before and after. President Lord Business from The Lego Movie became good after he did something evil. Chief Blue Meanie and the other Meanies in Yellow Submarine movie changed into good after a spell come from that weird Jeremy.

I mean, every villain is not always bad/evil but they wanted to change to good. But in MLP, I'm disgusted of the songs that changed their lives. Believe me, it's like Christians converted athiests into Christianity (but I accept Jesus as my Saviour by the way).

With the songs and some annoying things, that made me want to throw my T.V. away from my sight. I'm gonna watch Kung Fu Panda ...more

But that's what I like as villains. They redeem themselves. That's why I like Knockout from Transformers Prime! He turns against Starscream. - Ultron123

It depends how it's handled. Though I haven't watched MLP since season 2 so I can't speak on how they handle it. - Rue

Trixie, Discord, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer. I hate this show. - SnowyAqua

4 Kung Fu Panda is for both genders

Also, my cousin in Florida, who is a girl, mind you, LOVES Transformers. And Transformers is about giant flying robots that shoot each other, blow up each other, has gore in it, and things like that. - Ultron123

Am I the only one laughing because of how bias and ridiculous list this is? - Ultron123

Yeah because MLP is for girls only yet I'm a boy and I love MLP (sarcasm) - Neonco31

Why are you still looking at this list? Some people are stupid bronies! - SnowyAqua

5 Kung Fu Panda is natural

MLP is too animated that the colour looks bad and it looks artificial. KFP looks natural and not too animated. - SnowyAqua

Neonco31, I'm sorry to say this but I hate you. - SnowyAqua

Because 3D is apparently better. No, no it's not always better. Take Transformers Cybertron and Energon. They both are 3D but the animations are conky and confusing as hell. Armada was much better in terms of animation.

Edit: I rewatch Energon (because I haven't seen it for so long and I forgot it until recently) and Armada and I found out what I said was an understatement. Even Foodfight looked better than Energon's sh💩t. Armada was only slightly better than Energon. - Ultron123

6 The music in Kung Fu Panda is really nice

MLP's 'Friendship is Magic' song nearly made me vomit! - SnowyAqua

I think the theme song of MLP is better - Neonco31

So? at least they sound nice - SnowyAqua

Neonco31 get off just go this isn’t for bronies or Pegasisters

7 In MLP, none of the Mane Six had disappeared from start to the end

Oh god. If comparing a crappy DreamWorks cashgrab to MLP isn't stupid enough, you decided to stoop down to the ultra stupid level by using reasons like these. What's next, comparing How To Train Your Dragon to Littlest Pet Shop? - TwilightKitsune

So, you WANT people to die. For your own entertainment. What happened to this world? - Ultron123

They don't let the antagonists harm or even kill anyone! Lame! - SnowyAqua

I also don't think any antagonist from KFP killed anyone. - Ultron123

8 Kung Fu Panda teaches morals

It's not even meant for morals, it's an action show! - Neonco31

MLP teaches nothing. In KFP, you could learn some moral and even copy some kung fu moves :P - SnowyAqua

How the hell do we copy moves from Kung Fu Panda? If you want to, go to Kung Fu class. - Ultron123

Eventer51314, sorry to be rude, but this is what I think and I think that you should not read this list. - SnowyAqua

Mlp has very good moral lessons about life and relationships. Have you even watched the show?

9 MLP can be for both genders
10 MLP doesn't set role models for children

From what I remember, Twilight Sparkle was a good role model who gave good morals from stuff she has learned throughout the show. - Rue

I'm sorry mate I've seen Twilight to be very good in being a hero. Magic is always something I think of... - Neonco31

Umm...Twilight Sparkle? Anyone? - Ultron123

I think that the Furious Five+ Po are (kinda) role models for kids, and MLP? Twilight? You're kidding me! - SnowyAqua

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11 Po is a better protagonist than Twilight Sparkle

Both characters are really good in their own unique ways.

I hope Po may kick her in the face someday! - TheMuslimMemer

12 The lyrics of the songs

I prefer "Finding The Perfect Stallion". No Judging! - Neonco31

MLP's 'friendship is magic' doesn't seem so 'friendship' to me. - SnowyAqua

Uhh what? - Ultron123

13 MLP is Hasbro, Kung Fu Panda is DreamWorks
14 MLP has better songs
15 Crane is a loser
16 Kung Fu Panda isn't girly
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