Top 10 Reasons Why Kylie Minogue Sucks

Kylie Minogue sucks. She's one of the worst singers in the world.

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1 Kylie Minogue can't sing

This list is 100% accurate. She's just as bad as My Chemical Romance. - Caillou_is_awesome

She sounds like a whiny chipmunk. - poporn

Yes she does - Breadwinnersislofe

I really don't understand what the need for hateful lists like this is. How many times do people on this website need to attack people for no reason to be satisfied? Also, calling her a "slut" and a "disgrace to society" when all she's done is make songs is so gross. Imagine being this hateful of a person, couldn't be me. - TheEvilNuggetCookie2

2 She's extremely annoying

Kylie and her disgraceful 2001 song "Can't Get You Out of My Head" are the most annoying things ever. - poporn

Indeed she is annoying. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I don’t like her songs at all - Breadwinnersislofe

3 She made the song "Can't Get You Out of My Head"

I also hate this song. It's one of my most hated songs of all time. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Caillou's theme song is much better than this crappy disco song. - Caillou_is_awesome

"Can't Get You Out of My Head" is the worst song in the world. - poporn

I can’t stand that song - Breadwinnersislofe

4 Kylie Minogue is a slut

She's a nasty skank. - poporn

5 She's a whiny spoiled brat

She's a crybaby drama queen. - poporn

6 Her voice is terrible

Her voice is awful. Don't listen to Kylie Minogue. Listen to Justin Bieber instead. - Caillou_is_awesome

Even Camila Cabello and Nicki Minaj can sing better than that hoe. - poporn

7 She's untalented

Talent is Ariana grande - Breadwinnersislofe

She's as untalented as My Chemical Romance. - Caillou_is_awesome

She has no talent whatsoever. - poporn

8 She's egotistical

She's such an ego person. She thinks she's better than anyone else. Well, she's one of the worst people in the world. - poporn

No I can name other better artists - Breadwinnersislofe

9 Her music videos are terrible

Even the most boring GoAnimate videos were more fun to watch than Kylie's terrible music videos. - poporn

I like goanimate - Breadwinnersislofe

10 She's a disgrace to society

She can't stop flirting with men. No wonder why she got kicked out of BBC and ITV. - poporn

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11 She tries to be Madonna

Madonna is a good singer. - Userguy44

12 She's a hypocrite
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1. Kylie Minogue can't sing
2. She's extremely annoying
3. She made the song "Can't Get You Out of My Head"


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