Top Reasons Why Lady Gaga Is Better Than Katy Perry


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1 She Can Sing Live

Its true she song live most performances

SO TRUE! - 906389

2 She Has 5 Grammys

NO! She now has six!


3 She Don't Need Makeup to Hide Her Ugly Face

Katy Perry looks like a weasel without makeup. - olliv

Accept that it's the other way around - Catception

Katy is much much cute and pretty than gaga...its obvious...

4 She Is Stupid Than Katy
5 She Is Bad Role Model

Who says she is

6 She Have Many Haters Than Katy
7 She Is Weird
8 She Not Release Gypsy As Single
9 Gaga has better songs then Katy.

Bad Romance vs. Firework. Pokerface vs. I kissed a girl. Heavy Metal Lover vs. your So Gay. No contest. Katy is good, Gaga is better

My favorite songs are paparazzi venus applause poker face judas the edge of glory just dance born this way G.U. Y and alehandro they are all lady gaga songs and I have seen a heap of katy songs so she is better gaga goo

Compare all of these:
Just Dance and I Kissed a Girl.
Poker Face and your So Gay
Eh Eh vs Hot n Cold
Telephone vs California Gurls.
Born This Way vs Firework.
Roar vs Firework.
Perfect Illusion vs Rise.
Bad Romance vs E.T.
The performance of Gaga's Star Spangled Banner or that performance of Katy's Rise during Hillary Clinton's convention? - ArigatoKawaii

10 She Hates Justin Bieber

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11 She Have Website for Her Fan
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