Top Ten Reasons Why Lana Loud is a Better Waifu Than Wario

The Top Ten

1 Lana Loud is the Greatest Character of All Time

A real good list @Dcfnaf - iliekpiez

This is a fact-based account, and I only speak truth. Lana > Jesus - Puga

I think I'm going to go scoff at this list. Oh wait, I already did that. Woeful comparison. - DCfnaf

You are all wrong. The best waifu is Lord Dominator. - TheReviewer20

2 Wario is clinically obese

Wario is obese, fat and smelly. Lana is slim, fit and healthy. - Puga

Wario is trash. Lana > Wario

3 Lana Loud has Fans Like Puga

"You say that like it's a GOOD thing" - Dark Pit - xandermartin98

Anything that I like is elite. Olimar, Lana, Sex, Rustling Weebs, September Eleventh... - Puga

Uh, sex is the opposite of elite and one of the most disgusting things EVER, and September 11th, REALLY?!?! Unless that's your birthday or something, which I do NOT need to know. - PhoenixAura81

4 Wario is useless at everything

Wario has a castle full of money. Lana just sits in the mud. - DCfnaf

Wario can't tell left from right, Lana is the greatest handywoman of all time. - Puga

5 Wario wears a cape in his Final Smash, which is both impractical and unstylish

As Edna Mode would say, "NO capes" - Puga

6 Lana Loud is beautiful, Wario is not

Lana Loud doesn't have a bike. - DCfnaf

7 Lana is superior to Lola while Wario lives in his sidekick's shadow

Waluigi is twice the character Wario is, while Lana is 812 billion times the character Lola is. And Lola isn't even bad. - Puga

8 WarioWare is a bad series

What's WarioWare? - PhoenixAura81

Better than Loud house to be honest - ParkerFang

9 Wario has an ugly mustache to cover up for his lack of personality
10 Lana's Mudpies Taste Better than Wario's Garlic
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