Top 10 Reasons Why Laveyan Satanism is Better Than Christianity

I'm no LaVeyan Satanist, but I find it to be 9,000 times more better than Christianity. Christianity is overrated and is doing more harm to our society than good.

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1 It doesn't believe in Satan

I actually regret making this list now. I really don't like LaVeyan Satanism because it doesn't actually believe in Satan (I only made this list to anger Christians).

LaVeyan Satanists are actually atheists who just view Satan as a positive archetype representing pride, carnality and enlightenment.

What about those satanists that actually do believe that Satan is an actual entity? - clusium

2 It teaches that you are your own god

Yeah, & there's a word for that. It is called 'Narcissism.' - clusium

I agree with what clusium said.-DarkBoi-X

3 It promotes individualism
4 It is against harming children

Guess what? Christianity is against harming children too (shock! awe! ) - clusium

5 It teaches not killing animals except for food or self-defense

Christianity teaches the same thing. - clusium

6 It teaches not making sexual advances unless given the mating signal

Christianity promotes saving it for marriage! - clusium

7 It teaches not giving opinions or advice unless asked

Then what are you doing giving your opinions on why levayan satanism is better than Christianity? - clusium

8 It teaches showing a person respect when in their home
9 It teaches not telling your troubles to others unless you're sure they want to hear them
10 It teaches not complaining about anything you don't need to subject yourself to

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11 It teaches acceptance
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