Top Ten Reasons Why LeafyIsHere is Better Than iDubbbzTV

I like iDubbbzTV a little bit, but I like Leafy better.
Anyways, enjoy the list! :D

The Top Ten

1 iDubbbzTV is a ripoff of LeafyIsHere

Actually iDubbbztv came into fame from a Filthy frank video and is not a rip off of Leafy - SirSkeletorThe3rd

IDubbbz came before Leafy. This item is so false...

Leafy came first, and worked for his popularity, while iDubbbz just exploded into his popularity for no reason at all. All it took was for Scarce to say his name ONCE, and suddenly he's a superstar. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Uh no, idubbbz criticizes idiots like ricedum keemstar leafy and tana mongue, most of the people leafy criticizes have more talent that leafy - B1ueNew

2 The only reason iDubbbzTV got popular is because of Content Cops

Actually, his Kickstarter crap videos made him popular. The Content Cops only further boosted him.

However, the only reason Leafy got popular is because of the lowest common denominator of the internet.

This list is the most bull I've ever seen.

And the only reason Leafy rose to fame was due to him roasting little kids... how is that better?

Idubbbz got popular with filthy frank and h3h3 - B1ueNew

3 Leafy has better roasts

Have you listened to asian jake paul? - B1ueNew

No I disagree, iDubbbz can roast someone in just one video compared to Leafy who makes several videos on one that same person often repeating himself.

Leafy's roasts are lively and funny, and he tells his real opinion.
Not iDubbbz. Anytime I watch a video of his, it's like hearing a 79 year old man complaining about his bowel problems with some occasionally funny "Back in my day..." jokes thrown in. I mean, iDubbbz is funny, just not as much as Leafy is. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

How does iDubbbz not tell his real opinion?
iDubbbz doesn’t roast because he focuses on criticism rather than roasting, while still keeping humor in the video.

4 iDubbbz has a f***boy haircut

So does Leafy...

I'm sorry, I just HAD to put this here. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

That has nothing to do with either one being better.
This list is absolutely ridiculous.

5 Leafy is a Reptilian

And iDubbbz is a content cop that ruins career in just one video.

O yea well idubbbz is a gay retard

6 Leafy plays games in his videos

Doesn't make him a better person...

Who cares lol, that means idubbbz puts more effort than a guy who plays noob gameplay of overwatch - B1ueNew

How did I take everything personally? How do I need thicker skin?
Yes, I would like to just disagree and leave it at that. Can you please evaluate on those 2 things?

"And this comment of yours is proof you're a terrible person."
In what way does that make me a terrible person, huh? Leafy has more than proved my point, and you're proving my point as well by be an overly judgmental prick and basing this comment off of nothing. Go ahead and hide behind a keyboard. It's the internet. Anything goes.
Leafy does nothing but bully people while simultaneously hiding behind a microphone or gameplay. So, I'm not a terrible person for clawing him out for this. You, however, just threw an insult at me, and your comment is lacking any structure or proof of your point, so I win.

7 LeafyIsHere helps stop cringy kids

Yeah, by bullying them and possibly crushing their hopes and dreams.

There parents should monitor their online activity at say, 6 years old anyway, so roasting them will show them that they need to stop. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

And iDubbbz stops cringey YouTuber's careers and they aren't just little kids...

Well Leafy also bullies autistic kids and Leafy doesn't even criticize people he just bullies them.At least iDubbbz isn't a bully and actually criticizes.-DarkBoi-X

8 Leafy has a loyal fanbase

Ugh no so you're saying sending death threats to a disabled autistic person is loyal? - B1ueNew

IDubbbz also has a loyal fanbase not sure what meth you've been snorting...

His fans will do anything for him, and give him ideas for videos. H8ers may call them trolls, 10 year olds, crazy, etc, but Leafy fans don't care. iDubbbz is just another one of those YouTubers who rides along on the current trends, aka Content Cops. Think of all the trends in the last year: 24 Hour Overnight Challenge, the Highlighter Challenge, Don't Judge Me Challenge, Bottle Flip Challenge, and many others. YouTubers who had careers centered on ONE trend are gone, trying to revive the trend for more popularity, or are just barely making it in an YouTube entertainment field similar to what they had been experts at.

Tl; dr: iDubbbzTV is a paasing trend, while Leafy is and will be a lasting figure in the YouTube community. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 Leafy has no chin

For just pennies a day you can help Leafy gain a chin - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The one and only advantage of Leafy over idubbbztv is that he has no chin.


10 LeafyIsHere tells viewers not to "witch hunt" the people he is roasting

This doesn't show integrity. It shows that he is trying to avoid backlash and when his fans start bullying people, he won't have to face any repercussions. iDubbbz isn't out to get the people he makes Content Cops on. He's out to show what they're doing wrong. He doesn't need to put in a disclaimer because he's not bullying them. All leafy does is bully children, autistic people, fat people, ugly people, and pretty much any easy target. Pick on someone like yourself who deserves to be bullied. Not these innocent people. Leafy roasts like a 4 year old. And putting gameplay in the background is a sign of laziness and a severe lack of creativity. Content Cops are not trends. iDubz makes the videos he wants to make and clearly puts a lot of time and effort into them. Leafy just records gameplay and audio and calls it a video. Don't criticize iDubbbz for having a stupid name when Leafy's is even dumber. Leafy's name is stupid. Leafy is an adjective. An adjective is not a noun, so it cannot ...more

His fans still "witch hunt" people regardless. iDubbbz has a way more controlled fanbase than Leafyisqueer.

That shows some real integrity right there. I don't see iDubbbz saying something even REMOTELY like Leafy does. I'm not saying iDubbbz encourages his fans to hate on the person he's roasting, but he basically is. He doesn't inform his fans that his roasting is just a joke, so they take him seriously and attack people who did them no wrong. How long does it take to put a disclaimer at the beginning/end of a video? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

"Practically no one knew what a Content Cop was before the Tana Mongeau one"
Is that why the Leafy one has 20,000,000 views?
"He basically makes one on a YouTuber that isn't drowning in the most controversy at the time"
Is THAT why he hasn't made one on Jake Paul? Also, he made the one on Tana Mongeau because she directly attacked him.
"Nobody cares about content cops for smaller youtubers"
Is that why the HowToPrankItUp one has 6,000,000 views?

The Contenders

11 iDubbbzTV is a stupid channel name

And how is Leafyishere not a retarded channel name?

Why does his name matter?

YES! iDubbbz SUCKS! He needs to delete his channel forever.

Out of all the names for a channel, he picked THIS one?!?! What iS a "Dubbbz" by the way? It doesn't even sound nice with THREE b's in the title. what? At least Leafy's makes SOME sense.
Also, what a generic name. 'T.V.' at the end? It's like he was just BURSTING with creativity. iNathanTV, iFeliciaTV, iCatTV, iBoringUnfunnyYouTuberTV, the list could go on and on. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

12 Leafy doesn't get a haircut

To quote Adam Gontier "I DON'T CARE! "

13 idubbz attacked leafy

No Leafy was being retarded so iDubbbz called him out and roasted the hell out of him.

No he didn’t. Leafy was being an idiot and doing stupid things, so iDubbbz called him out for it.

14 iDubbz is only known for the “I’m Gay” meme
15 Idubbbz acts dumb in his videos
16 Edward Watermelon hands sucks
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