This list is terrible.

I don’t usually do things like this. I’m not attacking this user, but I am providing criticism. Because this list is absolute trash.

#1: “iDubbbzTV is a rip-off of LeafyIsHere”

“Leafy came first, and worked for his popularity, while iDubbbz just exploded into his popularity for no reason at all. All it took was for Scarce to say his name ONCE, and suddenly he's a superstar.”

Actually, no. Leafy has had a YouTube account longer than iDubbbz has, but iDubbbz started making videos before he did. Also, what does this have to with iDubbbz being a ripoff?
Speaking of, he’s not a ripoff at all. Criticizing other people on YouTube doesn’t make iDubbbz a ripoff of Leafy.

#2: “Leafy has better roasts”

“Leafy's roasts are lively and funny, and he tells his real opinion.
Not iDubbbz. Anytime I watch a video of his, it's like hearing a 79 year old man complaining about his bowel problems with some occasionally funny "Back in my day..." jokes thrown in. I mean, iDubbbz is funny, just not as much as Leafy is.”

Oh, my god, there’s so much stupidity in these four sentences alone, where do I even begin...?
First of all, how are iDubbbz’s jokes not his real opinion? He’s being objective, yes, but he’s also telling his own opinion.
Second, how is Leafy funnier than iDubbbz? So making constant jokes about rape, autism, and insulting people for no reason is funny? iDubbbz is controversial, but he’s funny about it. Leafy just blurts out random idiocy.

#3: “The only reason iDubbbz got popular is because of the content cops”

“And those are literally a ripoff of what Leafy is doing, except worse. They're funny for the first 2 minutes, then they get old and drawn-out, like an Internet meme. But, unlike memes, iDubbbzTV doesn't get "dank" and somehow manage to be funnier, he just becomes annoying.”

So, iDubbbz criticizing people is ripping off Leafy? Also, iDubbbz actually criticized as well as roasts and makes the criticisms funny as well. Leafy just insults people under the guise of it being satire. Leafy’s videos are overly long and extraordinarily repetitive. He repeats himself constantly. In one of his thousands of videos about diss tracks that are quote-unquote “WORSE THAN IT’S EVERYDAY BRO BY 10000000000000000000%”, he insults one kid’s acne problems eight times. Eight times, in one video, he repeats the same unfunny insult. And that’s funnier than iDubbbz? How stupid are you?
Also that has nothing to do with iDubbbz getting popular. You’re so far off base it’s not even funny. Leafy got popular through clickbait. iDubbbz actually got popular through his other two series, Kickstarter Crap and Bad Unboxing before the content cops even existed, as well as a bunch of other random videos. Leafy has absolutely no variety in his content and got popular through clickbait and the stupid 10 year olds who watch his videos.

#4: “iDubbbz has a f*ckboi haircut”

“I’m sorry, I just HAD to put this on here.”

First of all, no you didn’t.
Second of all, the only reason you did was because you’re so bad at arguing that this and a bunch of other biased, garbage reasons are all you could come up with.

#5: “Leafy is a reptilian”

I have no idea what that means.

#6: “Leafy plays games in his videos”

“I like hearing a beautiful roast while watching Leafy play Overwatch.
I don't like seeing iDubbbz's face while he roasts. Seriously, nobody wants to see your ugly face, turn off the camera! I'd rather he do a video with an entirely black screen.”

Um, first of all, iDubbbz doing a video with his face on camera just makes iDubbbz far more genuine than Leafy.
Secondly, I’d say iDubbbz’s quote-unquote “ugly face” is better than Leafy hiding behind gameplay, a microphone, his sleeve, etc because he’s too much of a coward to show his face.

Also, does Leafy putting prerecorded gameplay in his video really make him better than iDubbbz? No, it doesn’t, you’re just dumb.

#7: “Leafy helps stop cringey kids”

Um, no, he doesn’t. He bullies them until they stop what they’re doing. So what if they’re cringey? That doesn’t mean they deserve to be bullied into submission by some 20 year old kid with no chin and zero self or brain cells to rub between his fingers.

#8: “Leafy has a loyal fanbase”

“His fans will do anything for him, and give him ideas for videos. H8ers may call them trolls, 10 year olds, crazy, etc, but Leafy fans don't care. iDubbbz is just another one of those YouTubers who rides along on the current trends, aka Content Cops. Think of all the trends in the last year: 24 Hour Overnight Challenge, the Highlighter Challenge, Don't Judge Me Challenge, Bottle Flip Challenge, and many others. YouTubers who had careers centered on ONE trend are gone, trying to revive the trend for more popularity, or are just barely making it in an YouTube entertainment field similar to what they had been experts at.

Tl; dr: iDubbbzTV is a paasing trend, while Leafy is and will be a lasting figure in the YouTube community.”

My god, this is the stupidest entry on this entire list by far.

First of all, so what if his fanbase is loyal? He has a terrible fanbase! iDubbbz also has a loyal and terrible fanbase, but it’s nowhere near as bad as Leafy’s.
Second, Content Cops are not trends because they are iDubbbz’s own original series. Anybody can make sh*tty commentary videos like Leafy’s.
Third, Leafy is not a lasting figure! What the hell are you talking about?! Are you completely delusional? Or are you just a massive f*cking idiot? Leafy is irrelevant now and has been for over a year. That’s because iDubbbz destroyed him and Leafy responded in the worst way he possibly could. Keemstar is still around and still has a career because he brushed off the content cop, took the criticism, and made his content better with it. Leafy did the opposite, which is why he’s gone now.

#9: “LeafyIsHere tells his viewers not to witch hunt the people he is roasting”

“That shows some real integrity right there. I don't see iDubbbz saying something even REMOTELY like Leafy does. I'm not saying iDubbbz encourages his fans to hate on the person he's roasting, but he basically is. He doesn't inform his fans that his roasting is just a joke, so they take him seriously and attack people who did them no wrong. How long does it take to put a disclaimer at the beginning/end of a video?”

Okay, I’ve changed my mind. THIS is the dumbest entry on the entire trash list.

First, whether he puts a disclaimer in or not doesn’t matter. He’s still bullying people, and his fans don’t listen to that!
Second, iDubbbz doesn’t need disclaimers because it’s criticism, not just a bunch of bullsh*t roasts. Leafy is so bad at making jokes that whenever he makes a quote-unquote “joke”, it sounds like he’s being serious because he has no idea how to make it sound like a joke. With iDubbbz, it’s always very clear when he’s joking and when he’s not.
Third, his fans don’t attack innocent people. He always has merit when he criticizes people. RiceGum deserved every bit of criticism that got thrown his way.

#10: “Leafy has no chin”

Which, of you think about it, sets off a butterfly effect which ends with how terrible his content is. He’s insecure about his chin, which leads him to be insecure about himself in general, which leads to him padding his content to accommodate his insecurity, which leads to how terrible his content is.

#11: “iDubbbzTV is a stupid channel name”

“Out of all the names for a channel, he picked THIS one?!?! What iS a "Dubbbz" by the way? It doesn't even sound nice with THREE b's in the title. what? At least Leafy's makes SOME sense.
Also, what a generic name. 'T.V.' at the end? It's like he was just BURSTING with creativity. iNathanTV, iFeliciaTV, iCatTV, iBoringUnfunnyYouTuberTV, the list could go on and on.”

Even if it has “TV” at the end, it’s still something original he came up with on his own. Leafy’s name is just an adjective and bad grammar. An adjective cannot be “here”. Leafy’s makes even less sense than iDubbbz’s. iDubbbz’s name is just his name. That’s all there is to it. Leafy’s name is just trash grammar.
Why did you even bother putting this? It’s an extraordinarily petty argument. You’re seriously using names as a point for why he’s better? You’re so bad at arguing it’s not even funny.


The last two entries are just random, nonsensical bullsh*t that the author of this garbage list didn’t even add that I don’t need to go over.

Overall, this list is a biased piece of trash, and I enjoyed tearing it apart.


I really don't understand why the username or Channel name is used as a thing to hate someone for. It puzzles me till date. - styLIShT

I’ve had it in for this list for a LONG time, since before I even made my last account. I was the visitor who criticized every point on the list, one of the few good things that came out of the early era of my history on this site. - visitor

I cannot believe that there is still people who still think like this. I thought 2016 was over. - visitor

I can’t either. I thought iDubbbz already sealed Leafy’s coffin in September of 2016. - visitor

Wow, Leafy Defenders still exist, even after 2016. - visitor

-should people really care about youtubers so much. - Nonpointed

I don’t care as long as you’re not obnoxious or psychotic like this person was. - visitor