Reasons Why Leapfrog Letter Machine Rescue Team Is Stupid

Add stuff, and count these as sins, this is not Cinema Sins.

The Top Ten

1 3D animation

3D animation learning shows are always bad, except for veggitales. - GeniusWriting2310

2 Quigley is not a weasel in this show

He is in fact a robot, not cool - GeniusWriting2310

3 Girls have hair, and boys don't, and reptiles aren't even supposed to have hair!

Lily looks like a green April O'Neill in this show, and Matilda doesn't even look like a Matilda. In the first 2 shows, only mammals had hair. - GeniusWriting2310

4 Tad is not a college student in this show

Tad is not a college student in this show and yet he never was in previous shows, he wears a college shirt, and glasses! - GeniusWriting2310

5 Matilda twerks

That's right, you read it, she shows her butt and shakes it in the show during a song - GeniusWriting2310

6 Lily is a statue in the first scene

Lily completely stands still for 5 seconds until we see her completely. - GeniusWriting2310

7 Leap is a senior in this series

Its like Leap grew up with us this whole time and is different every reboot. Also he works for the daily Bugle - GeniusWriting2310

8 The chef is tiny

Yep the size of my 2 year old sisters pinky toe - GeniusWriting2310

9 They live in the letter factory!

Their house is in the factory - GeniusWriting2310

10 Too many songs that are stuck forever in your head

10000 songs are in. - GeniusWriting2310

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