Top Ten Reasons Why Lebron James Will Be the Best Basketball Player of All-Time


The Top Ten

1 He is a team player

This list so wrong he will never outmatch Michael Jordan - simpsondude

He passes and shoots when he needs to - 2storm

What this list is so wrong it says he likes basketball lol it even says he is still in his prime it seems an 8year old wrote the list

2 He can do anything

He can play defense, score, rebound, pass anything - 2storm

3 He has high durability

I do not think it's the best of all time but has great durability on the court

4 He won't retire for years

Actually I think he's planning to move back to Cleveland - simpsondude

He is not retiring - 2storm

At least for years - 2storm

5 He is in his prime still

He left Cleveland in his prime back in Cleveland still in his prime - 2storm

6 He now has more experience and has a championship

He won two championships and been to the finals 5 times - 2storm

7 He is better than Kobe Bryant

Kobe may score good but is not a team player like James - 2storm

Kobe never passes unless he needs too - 2storm

8 He has MVPs

5 I am pretty sure - 2storm

9 He likes basketball
10 He has more losses in the Finals than wins

The Contenders

11 He has good attitude
12 He is a good dunker
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