Reasons Why Led Zeppelin is Better Than Black Sabbath

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1 Led Zeppelin had a wide variety of music, while Black Sabbath was all Metal

Black Sabbath also had a variety of music. Their first album was a blues rock record, while the next was hard rock/heavy metal. Their third (Master of Reality) was a doom album with some of the heaviest riffs ever. Their fourth mixed their style with jam band/hippie music, even Elton John stuff. Their fifth was progressive rock and their sixth was avant-garde with progressive rock and metal. Their next two were pure hard rock and their eighth (their first with Dio) was a mix of heavy and power metal. - Caleb9000

2 Led Zeppelin influenced Black Sabbath

You know, John Bonham would hate this list. Both are good in their own way - SoldierOfFortune

No Communication Breakdown, No Paranoid
No Dazed and Confused, No Iron Man

Enough Said

3 Led Zeppelin wrote Stairway to Heaven, and many other songs better than any of Black Sabbath's

Zeppelin had rip offs! - Userguy44

While Communication Breakdown, a song not even in my top 5 was better than Black Sabbath's best song, Paranoid.

4 Led Zeppelin sold more albums than Black Sabbath

Metallica sold more than Black Sabbath last time I checked.

Led Zeppelin was only behind The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Elton John.

5 Led Zeppelin members are more talented than Black Sabbath members

Geezer is better than John Paul Jones. - Userguy44

6 Led Zeppelin had a more consistent bandline

Once their drummer, John Bonham, died, they had to break up. Black Sabbath, had more than one singer. Anyone heard of Ronnie James Dio? , or Ian Gillan? What about David Donato? Ray Gillen?

7 Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are better at writing songs than Black Sabbath Members
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