Top Ten Reasons Why the Legend of Zelda Is Better Than Call of Duty


The Top Ten

1 Better Story

This list reads my mind. - nintendofan126

This list is exactly true. - TheYoshiPyro64

2 Better Gameplay
3 Much More Innovative

This should be top 1, Heavy! Please give me specifc reasons why Better Story is top 1 other than it's not just a guy has to rescue a girl.

4 Bigger Worlds

In call of duty, your restricted to a small arena. But you can actullay explore in Zelda!

5 Every Game Is Different
6 Not Worn Out
7 Better Weapons
8 More Diverse Worlds
9 Better Worlds
10 Better Exploration

The Contenders

11 Better Quests
12 No Annoying Five Year Olds Online

I generally agree with this list but Zelda fans can be annoying too. - DaisyandRosalina

13 Better Level Design

Can we really call the overworld and dungeons "Levels" - hugh201

The only good Call of Duty levels are All Ghillied Up and Shock And Awe.Zelda has great levels - Lord28

14 More Appropriate
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