Top Ten Reasons Why the Legend of Zelda Is Better Than Super Mario Bros

Seriously, Mario usually gets all the praise, but look at this, stunning graphics, and a princess not as nearly annoying as peach, great plots, it's the legend of zelda!

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1 Ocarina of Time is the best Nintendo game ever

My favorite is super Mario galaxy 2, but this The Legend Of Zelda: ocarina of Time is also an amazing Video Game as well! PERFECT! IN MY OPINION! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I agree with the majority of this list, but just remember that if it weren't for the original Super Mario Bros, there would be no Legends of Zelda-or any other video game for that matter. - Yungstirjoey

Good everything, extremely memorable, brings back the child in ya! - DapperPickle

I guess Super Mario Galaxy doesn't exist. That's the best game in my opinion - ParkerFang

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2 Not as many annoying characters

Birdo, toad, peach, Waluigi, Wario, Hammer bros... - DapperPickle

What about Navi and Tingle?

3 The legend of Zelda has a different plot every game

Unlike Mario, Zelda has some amazing plots, but Mario just has to save the princess! - DapperPickle

Its fresh, but Mario's plot sucks.

Mario has very little variety in the plot. I like how you do different things to find the triforce in the zelda series

Mario's rps all have awesome and unique stories, despite peach always getting kidnapped, in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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4 The games are simple but not easy

What I mean is, most levels are medium level of difficulty, but some, plain easy! - DapperPickle

I disagree with this one

5 You get to ride a horse

I'm a huge Zelda fan but in Mario you get to ride a dinosaur

Whats a dinosaur compared to a horse who you can ride into battle

And Mario you get to ride a super cool dino named yoshi

Mario you ride yoshi. It's fun in sunshine.

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6 There are more possibilities

Big worlds, side quests, great stuff! - DapperPickle

One time in SS, in Faron woods, I used a tree to get outside the border of the world. It was fun!

7 Ganondorf is much more evil than bowser

Much more bad-ass looking too. - DapperPickle

All Bowser cares about is the princess. Why?

So? Bowser is funny, which fits with the cartoonish Mario vibe.

Swap bowser with Ganondorf, you have a true statement. Bowser’s fleshed out, Ganondorf is a two dimensional clown. And bowser is much more badass looking and better than Ganondorf. And bowser could easily own Ganondorf in a fight. And don’t gimmie that holy weapons gibberish.

8 Zelda is not as annoying as Peach

We can all agree on this one, though. - DapperPickle

Zelda gives you cool stuff like Light Arrows and the Ocarina of Time. Peach does nothing.

Both are helpful and yeah I prefer Zelda over Peach - ParkerFang

Tru dat - RandomUser

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9 The characters are very memorable

Link, Zelda, Ganon, That elf guy, that fairy that says listen... - DapperPickle

Midna, Sheik, Saria, King of red lions, Linebeck, Skull Kid, Tetra, Zant, and much more.

10 Link is a greater and better hero than Mario

Mario is A. Pain in the butt to his bro, but link has to put up with "listen! Listen! " and he doesn't snap! - DapperPickle

I think there both equal just saying my opinion oh are you a game theory fanboy

Mario has saved the universe twice. - HeavyDonkeyKong

#gametheoryforlife! Seriously though both aren't saints and pure good guys

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11 Better boss fights.

Yeah, in Mario games to kill Bowser by touching a button or an axe. But in ocarina of time, u get to play ping pong with a sword or an EMPTY BOTTLE! Ah, the hilarity

Bowserś fights aren't always on a bridge - HeavyDonkeyKong

Mario boss fights ex. squid from sunshine is riduculous they're free out. Zelda are locked in.

12 The "worst" Zelda games are among the greatest games of all time.

I am sure Zelda : The Wand of Gamelon could beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 - LaoShan

Wand of Gamelon is pure garbage. - Drawbox

Please be more specific. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Fake Zelda cdi is beyond the worst video games of all tim

13 Better graphics

You can't deny this. Zelda has great graphics!

Mario kart 8? - HeavyDonkeyKong

14 Link is cooler than Mario

Mario has gone head to head with super dimentio. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I mean, in a fight between a human plumber vs. an wolf-like, sword wielding, tons of items using badass, link would win. Also, Mario uses too many mushroom drugs. Also,#GameTheory

15 The overall timeline makes sense

Actually, it is very confusing. - Skullkid755

At least there is a timeline

16 Link is stronger than Mario

Mario has beaten some pretty badass monsters though. - HeavyDonkeyKong

17 Mario is too easy

Way. Too. Easy. I beat Super Mario 3D World in less than an hour. :P Zelda, however... name one from the timeline series that you can beat under an hour. (unless you are just that good or that much of a hacker)

18 Better powers

Mario just runs around eating plant and shrooms and getting power.
Link runs around FINDING weapons, magic, and other items all over the world. Not to mention all the masks

19 Darker storyline

Play breath of the wild. its definitely dark. and awesome. - HeavyDonkeyKong

20 Badass powers and items

Link has the Ocarina of Time, magic powers, turn to a wolf, has the Triforce of Courage, and the Master Sword. Mario has a fire flower and a feather.

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