Top Ten Reasons Why the Lego Movie Is Better Than the Nut Job

The Top Ten

1 The Lego Movie is funny

Duh! I love this movie to pieces along with my 8 year old sister!

Even though I hate The Lego Movie, I hate The Nut Job even more, so I think this is a good comparison list

Honestly anything is better than the nut job. - AnnaOfArendelle332

2 The Lego Movie is innovated
3 The Nut Job's Humor is as stupid as farting
4 Everything is Awesome is better than Gangnam Style

Both songs suck so much - VideoGamefan5

Emmet sings, Lucy plays the drums, Vitruvius plays the violin, Batman plays the guitar, Unikitty twerks, Benny plays the saxophone, Metalbeard plays the turntables, and President Buisness plays the piano

5 The Lego Movie Has better characters
6 The Lego Movie has a better plot
7 Time and effort put into The Lego Movie
8 The Nut Job has a talking dog
9 Better animation in The Lego Movie
10 You can make better toys out of The Lego Movie

The Contenders

11 It's actually memorable.
12 Lego movie characters are cooler
13 No Gangnam Style In The Lego Movie
14 No Talking Dog In The Lego Movie
15 The Nut Job is a rip off of Over The Hedge
16 Emmet is a better main character than Surly and Grayson
17 Unikitty and Benny are better than Grayson
18 President Business is a better villain than Raccoon
19 The Lego Movie has 2 villains, but The Nut Job only has 1 awful villain
20 Surley and Raccoon didn't die in the waterfall, which they should have
21 The only cool character in The Nut Job is Grayson
22 Emmet could easily kill The Nut Job characters with his Master Builder skills
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