Top 10 Reasons Why Liberals are Stupid

Liberals, the one thing America needs to be rid of. Liberals make America bad. They are close-minded idiots.
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They think abortion is okay because "it's her body"

If these stupid peopls love abortion so much how would all them like if their mother's aborted them? or better yet if we could go back to the pass and abort them all. some how I don't think so

First off, I wanna say as a moderate, that I generally do not like liberals. I don't hate all of them, but a lot of them are nutjobs who spread lies and half truths. However, this list kind of sucks. Half of these reasons aren't true, and the reasons that are only apply to some. Liberalism is an ideology, not a democratic supporter.

Fetuses are living humans. Who cares if a woman doesn't want a baby? That's not an excuse for murder.

There are a lot of ignorant liberals here who think abortion, double standards, and calling Trump a racist is ok!

They think illegal immigrants are good

The only reason for illegal entry is to evade the laws of this country. Why should the U.S. welcome law breakers who have no intention of becoming a legal citizen and contributing to American society?

Here's some insight for you:

1) It actually takes around 10-20 years to be legalized.. Which is why illegal immigration is a problem to begin with. People move here for a better life and they can afford to wait 10-20 years to do so, especially with how violent it is in other countries.
2)From what I said above, it's the system that's the problem, not immigrants. Changes needed to be made to when it comes to legalizing immigration.
3)There are literally studies that immigrants benefit the US economy with actual proof.

Show your proof please. Also, a person can become a citizen within five years, or even three if married to a citizen.

I think many people emigrate illegally because the conditions in their country are dangerous and that they are looking for a new life

They don't believe illegal immigration is good. Most believe in providing amnesty for people who were brought here as children and had no say on the matter. Sone support completely open boarders, which would make illegal immigration non-existant.

They think guns should be banned

They must have not been shot at by an enemy of their country or a bad guy. That can change soon.

By blaming guns, you take focus away from the actual problem.

If y'all want guns banned, we might as well tear down the entire foundation of America.

I am a Republican and I like to own my guns for hobbies and protection so when someone thinks that it is not right to own guns then I want them to think about if someone was trying to take their rights away.

They don't like america in general

I love (sarcasm) how hating aspects of America, things that need to be changed/improved on, constantly brings you "don't like it here, get out! " as if leaving the country solves anything.

Again with this whole "liberals hate America" crap? Not this crap again...

As a liberal, America has flaws, but I am proud to be in this country.

I agree. I am liberal and hate America in every sense of the word.

They think everyone should be paid equal

WAKE UP! It's been illegal to pay people less since 1963! And you know what? Few women in this country actually have "equal work," which is why an earning gap exists! Get more women into higher paying positions! That will close the "earnings gap." At this point, passing more equal pay laws is like passing new laws to say homicide is a crime.

That's socialism and communism, not liberalism. Funny how you call liberals close-minded idiots while you spew out random crap about them without doing research.

Well, what are we supposed to do if we don't think there should be equal distribution of wealth? Unless you want poverty to still run rampant in the US...

What do they mean by equal pay. If they mean equal pay for same type of job for same amount of work and same quality of work, then they got it

They believe in global warming

There's something called long-term effects... It may not look like it now, but things will look bad later in the future if we don't do anything to curb global warming. While some people claim that global warming is a natural occurrence, either way, human activity is what enhances it due to increased carbon dioxide concentration from fossil fuel combustion, which enhances the greenhouse effect and in turn causes changes in climate patterns around the world.

Really? I haven't seen any rise in oceans. The polar ice caps look fine.

Shockingly, some things can't be detected by the human eye and actually need research to be proven correct. You can't see gravity, but it still exists. You can see gravity affecting objects, but you can't physically see or touch it.

Global warming IS real. There’s scientific proof of it

They think racists and homophobic people are worse than murderers, rapists, and thieves

People who think racists and homophobic people are worst then murderers, rapsists and thieves are Just stuiped. Killing people and hurting people in some way is much more worse. Having certain opinions on people is just the way you think, which can be offensive although taking someone’s life is so horrible and much worst

Uh... where did you hear that? Can you at least give me some sort of poll for it? This sounds more like a false assumption rather than a fact.

Being a rapist or a murder or a thieve or being a homophobic is all bad

Racism and homophobia ARE NOT crimes! Murder, rape, and theft are!

They think cops are racist

According to Snopes, while it is true that more white people are shot by police than black people, black people are actually still more likely to be shot by police than white people. Plus, by statistics, there are more white people in America than black people, so that's a major factor as to why the ratio of white people being killed by police to black people being killed by police is bigger than the opposite.

First of all, there have been more white shooting by police than black. Second, a cop would only shoot a man if they were attacking, provoking, or threatening a cop. A police officer wouldn't shoot a guy for no reason.

Not all cops are racist. In fact, most of them aren’t. I have met many cops and they were super nice

not all cops are racist just like not all black people are criminals

They think Donald Trump is like Hitler

There's a lot more to that more than meets the eye besides Donald Trump not killing people unlike Hitler...

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed." - Joseph Goebbels

Gee, that quote sure reminds me of a giant douche...

First off, Hitler killed millions of people. What did Trump do? Say some mean things? Yeah, he's totally like Hitler.

Although Donald Trump is bad, Hitler was far worse and killed more people than Trump

True, Hilary started it.

They pitch a fit when they don't get their way

Liberals will call anyone who has a different opinion than them a racist. Then they'll try to attack them. It's like their brain has been programmed to reject reality... oh wait... MSM brainwashing...

Okay, I'll admit the violent Trump protests and violent Black Lives Matter protests are stupid. However, think about it. If it weren't for protests built on the principles of equality and rights liberalism, many minority groups like African Americans, Hispanic Americans, etc. wouldn't have the civil rights that they're guaranteed today. Okay, I'll admit the beating up Trump supporters is uncalled for, but as much as I respect my own country, you do realize that burning American flags is not unconstitutional? Ahem, Texas v. Johnson?

Did conservatives riot when Obama won? No! They peacefully protested. Liberals burned American flags, beat up Trump supporters, etc.

As a centrists, I can say that liberals do this more than conserbatives. But that's not to say that consrrvatives, particularly in Europe, don't do this.

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They believe there are more than 2 genders

Trans people have a mental illness. They're genetically one way, but "feel" another way. Similar to an anorexic that "feels" fat. By providing them with the correct mental health treatment instead of chopping off body parts and inextinguishable hormones, you end up with less trans people depressed and committing suicide.

Sex and gender are different. Sex is your assignment at birth based on your anatomy, while gender is how you feel and express yourself. You can be whoever you want to be.

They actually believe there are millions of genders! I'm actually being serious. Don't believe me? Watch a video from Milo Stewart.

I love how this wasn't an issue back then the country was more conservative, but nowadays liberals are ruining everything.

They are hypocrites

Freaking liberal environmentalists having kids, driving suvs, buying all sorts of products with excess packaging. And they yell at me for using a plastic straw?

Liberals tell us what to do, what to say and how to say it and they dare to call us deplorable

Look at Hypocrits , not only can I not read I voted twice... for the same stupid mess up ha har har... well I'm not always so bright.

death to all hypocrites

They believe the Mainstream Media

And many conservatives believe that Global warming doesn't exist and Alternate facts are an actual thing because Donald Trump said so.

Media today is all clickbait and sensationalized headlines

Du. It is designed by them and for them.

They're hypocrites

They call other people bigots and say that because they are bigots they will not listen to their opinions. This is complete hierocracy a bigot is a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions by refusing to hear or not tolerating an other persons opinion they are literally being bigots themselves.

So am I, but I admit it.

They believe Socialism is the answer

Never lived in a socialist system, (experience here former East Germany... Russia. Remember?... probably not but you can still read about it, until you get to finish your rewrite of what is tought as history)

They believe it is ok to be proud of who you are as long as you aren't a straight white male

I was born a straight, white, male. Why should I feel guilty about who I am? My family never owned slaves, and I worked my butt off for everything I have. Nothing was handed to me because I'm a white male.

Crazy world... we are not getting better, we can't. Too much embracing of sin. It was all told of along time ago

They worship people who are gay, disabled or "non-white"
They are anti-Christian

They refuse to acknowledge the fact that Jesus Christ is the best and only way to heaven and eternal life because they believe that they are so morally superior to anyone who disagrees with them.

If not they are truly looking at some problems when this is all over. God doesn't play around.

They are out of touch with reality

Liberals hate different opinions because of immaturity, narcissism and huge egos. They care more about feelings than facts. They don’t believe in the God who will hold them accountable for the way they live their lives. They believe that growing up means no more fun. That is a lie. You can enjoy yourself at any age and still be mature.

The people who are out of touch with reality are REPUBLICANS!

Both liberals and republicans can be out of touch with reality :/

They don't believe in an obvious God

Says the OP who made a list of reasons why God is an idiot and even used the Atlanta Falcons losing to the New England Patriots as a reason on that list. Hypocrisy, much?

Lmao why are you constantly accusing all Liberals to not be religious?

God is real. He was in my room.

Yes I do

They support LGBT pride

This is so true! Anything against God and the Bible they support.

And screw you!

LGBT is anti-christian.

They want to impeach the President instead of letting him do his job
They believe "white people don't know what it's like to be poor"

Irony because many are white, and with their liberal arts english BA, now out of work and poor. Hmmm? Mon and dad cut them off and "we're mad!"

They are shallow

They can’t believe that it is your character and your actions that define who you are, not your gender or skin color

They want to kill all white people

No I don’t my mom is white and have of my family... sooo like what

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