Top 10 Reasons Why a Life Sentence Without Parole is a Better Punishment Than the Death Penalty

Imagine that there is a killer on the loose, and someone close to you has just gone missing. Now they’ve caught the killer, and discovered the remains of their victims. You’ve now realized one of the victims was that missing person you were close to. Now you’re awaiting the killer's sentence.

Which would you choose? An immediate sentence to spend the rest of their years in prison without any chance of parole? Or a lengthy wait to watch this killer get executed? Well, my friends, both choices have their pros and cons, but I shall detail to you why the better choice is life in prison without parole.
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1 Life without parole guarantees a convict suffers for their actions

The death penalty is an easy way out of the misery a convict could be feeling. Life without parole leaves convicts, or "lifers" as we shall call them, mentally broken, since they don’t want to be in prison and yet they can’t be anywhere else. Some prisoners say they prefer the death penalty because it’s easy to get over with. Regardless, lifers will eventually succumb to this environment, an environment of boredom and doubt.

Except it is rarely enforced. With the exception of high-profile cases like Manson and Sirhan, and prisoners who commit repeated crimes behind bars, nearly all killers are eventually paroled.

But life without parole also means wasting budget and space on criminals. Why do that? That money can be spent in better ways.

Sounds depressing. I'm kinda mixed on the Death Penalty.

2 Life without parole is a quicker process

Life without parole is swift and severe. The death penalty takes much more time to get through, with some prisoners waiting for decades before they’re actually executed. If someone wanted confirmation that the person who killed someone they were close to is getting a swift punishment, then life without parole is the best choice.

3 Life without parole offers restitution to victims' families

The families of the victims probably just want to know that the person that took away someone they loved will never see daylight again. Typically the ones witnessing the convict get put down will include the families of the victims, and I’m sure they’d want nothing more than to never have to never have to deal with the convict ever again. Since life without parole is a quicker process, the loved ones can have more time to heal and deal.

4 The death penalty is much more costly

Setting up the execution, whether it be lethal injection or electric chair, costs money. Money which could be saved just by leaving convicts to die in prison. By sentencing more convicts to life without parole over the death penalty, we would save near billions that can be used to invest in cold cases, among other things.

However in a life sentence, the prison will have to spend much money on clothing, food, water, lifetime security, and other services for the prisoner for the entire lifetime of the prisoner.

Wow a good point

5 Life without parole is undeniably deterrent

Some say the opposite, but the truth is, life without parole has shown to be effective in deterring prisoners from more misbehavior. Studies have shown little to no reports of assault or threats, from both prisoners and officers. Since there’s no chance of ever leaving prison, lifers have nothing to lose and nothing to gain. They spend the rest of their days coping with this new home of theirs.

6 The death penalty is too light a punishment

Some might say it's morally repugnant, but really most lifers would prefer the death penalty. This softens the blow of the death penalty being considered a "punishment". Because life without parole is a swift and severe process, it's more certain to bring pain to lifers for what they did, and justice for those who were negatively affected by the lifer.

I'm not convinced of this. Many criminals plead guilty to AVOID the death penalty and to receive life in prison instead. Those on death row, even if guilty, make appeals to AVOID the death penalty.

Kinda cruel for a punishment, don’t you think? You’ll have to live your entire lifetime in prison cells, having no connection with the outsider world. I mean there really isn’t any point of living by then.

7 There is little to no risk of wrongful execution

There have been cases that came up of people who were executed and later had evidence proving their innocence. There have also been cases of convicts being found innocent before their execution date. The risk of a person being executed when they weren’t as guilty as believed is present, and although life without parole is what it is, there is no doubt that this risk is not found when the lifer isn’t awaiting capital punishment.

You don't need any other arguments than this. Every person in their right mind should see that the possibility of a wrongful conviction is always there, and if the punishment is lethal then you ended an innocent person's life.

With the new technology the risks of wrongful executions may plummet.

Most wrongful convicts would rather die than spend the rest of their lives in prison for a crime they didn't commit

8 There is no chance of clemency

Or for those of you not familiar with the term, lenience. In this case, convicts sentenced to death do have a chance of getting their sentence appealed, whether it be because of basic clemency, because they’re getting time off for good behavior, or another reason. If they truly are monsters and aren’t wrongfully accused, they do not deserve clemency. No "time off for good behavior" will ever save them from the damage they’ve done.

9 The death penalty has a high chance of expiring

Life without parole? As established before, there’s no expiration date. Just lock 'em in prison, and leave 'em there. Although the connection can be made with this and the timely process, there’s more to it. Several prisoners on death row spend more time just waiting, and this makes it more likely for them to die of natural causes rather than execution. Don’t waste your time sentencing someone to death when they can await the actual penalty for that long.

10 The public opinion is mostly for life without parole as an alternative

Of course because the death penalty in trying to become more humane and friendly has managed to make something much more worse than the old guillotine way, plus with so much reports of how many innocent people get the death penalty doesn't help either. Back during the height of serial killers, people made celebrations out of famous serial killers death

Statistics have shown more people choosing life without parole as the best choice of punishment when compared to the death penalty. Many against the death penalty have brought up concerns over such topics as I’ve mentioned, including costs and wrongful execution. The public voice does matter, and such a topic as punishment for convicts is important for the sake of public safety. If most are for life without parole, then who’s to say we shouldn’t choose it over the death penalty?

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