Reasons Why Lil Meerkat & Submarine Man Are Overhated

No i’m not trolling, I mean it. These 2 singers are seriously being bashed by a crapton of people. So let me explain.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Lil Meerkat & Submarine Man Are Overhated

1 People Take Them Too Seriously

@ShrekTheGoat - Actually, Lil Meerkat is a real person. Submarine Man is just a cartoon character made by a random kid.

If we can’t take these dudes seriously, why do people only like them?

The fact that people actually think these guys will ruin the music industry is laughable. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Why should'nt we take them seriously. Both are verified on YouTube, have many people defending them in their respective comment sections and are blowing up pretty fast, especially in the case of Submarine Man. There is literally nobody who is as bad as these two except for maybe Yoko Ono. Also you can't just call them a joke without proof. If that was true, then icejjfish and blueface could be considered jokes and shouldn't be taken seriously either, which they are not jokes and sadly are serious artists. - ShrekTheGoat

Listening to I Love The Smelly Feet. The overuse of Auto Tune, and the horribly lyrics. Yeah sounds like a joke to me. - RadioHead03

2 They Make Songs for Jokes

How do we know they are jokes. They got verified on Youtube after all - ShrekTheGoat

All of Submarine Man and Lil’ Meerkat’s songs intentionally sucked.

If you people actually listen to their songs, they’re just a joke. - RadioHead03

Listening to “Mo Foota” and “Dog Walk”, I can safely conclude that it is just a joke. First of all, it is a parody song, like the ones Rucka Rucka Ali does. He is not meant to be taken seriously, and nobody does. Killing Barney “I Hate You, You Hate Me” songs are also jokes. “Mo Foota” is also a foot fetish song, which definitely seems like a joke to me. He even said that Sheck Wes stole his song, even though Sheck Wes was the original artist. “Dog Walk” is a dog poop eating song, similar to the elementary school toilet jokes you used to hear. I suggest not feeding this obvious troll, he is only here to rustle people. - I80

3 They Barely Have Any Subscribers on YouTube

They have like less than 5000 subscribers. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

You do realize that they are verified by YouTube which means YouTube recognizes them as real artists - ShrekTheGoat

Yea, except both of them are VERIFIED by YouTube

Lil Meerkat only has 73 subscribers, and Submarine Man only has over a 1,000 subscribers. They aren’t supposed to be taken so seriously if they have very little subscribers. - RadioHead03

4 Lil Meerkat’s Cover of Bohemian Rhapsody is Just a Joke Song

Joke or not, it's not funny or entertaining. Its unlistenable and a disgrace to the late and great Freddie Mercury's legacy - ShrekTheGoat

Seriously it’s just a joke. Don’t take it too seriously. - RadioHead03

It’s a great song. I don’t see why people hate it. - Userguy44

5 People Overreact to Their Songs

So many people overreacted on that Bohemian Rhapsody song. It was a joke. Same thing goes with I Love The Smelly Feet. - RadioHead03

Why shouldn't we overreact, their songs are not funny, just cringy and borderline unlisenable - ShrekTheGoat

6 They're Not that Popular

Lil' Meerkat barely even has a hundred subscribers. Submarine Man may have thousands of subscribers but he's still irrelevant - darthvadern

They, especially Submarine Man are getting very popular. They will probably end up like Icejjfish - ShrekTheGoat

They really aren’t, and they only got popular on TTT. - RadioHead03

7 Submarine Man Isn’t Supposed to Be Taken Seriously

Guess what? On Twitter, Lil Meerkat’s music is actually supposed to be taken seriously.

How do we know he's not serious. He had a whole rant on twitter telling everyone that he's not a joke. We have no idea if he's not serious - ShrekTheGoat

People still like this guy. WHY?

He said he isn’t a joke because he wants to trigger everyone. What a legend he is. - Userguy44

8 Other Singers are Worse Than Them

There literally no one worse than them except for maybe Yoko Ono. - ShrekTheGoat

Dahvie Vanity, Kylie Minogue, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj are much worse than Lil Meerkat and Submarine Man. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I can name a lot. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

The only one worst than them is Tyga

9 They Only Got Popular on TheTopTens

Looking at these singers subscribers on Youtube is honestly very sad on how they got popular on TheTopTens. - RadioHead03

That's not true. Submarine Man actually got popular way before he was on the Top Tens with his song "SESE" that he made with 6ix9ine. In addition he also got popular due to his inclusion on the "Worst Rap Songs of 2018" list by Hip-Hop HQ which was reacted to by huge channels like Tommy Craze and Brandon Rashad. Lil Meerkat got popular off of his inclusion on that same list as well. - ShrekTheGoat

10 Their Songs are Just Memes

Look at Weeabo Paradise. It’s literally a meme album. And people are overreacting to this. - RadioHead03

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11 They Will Be Forgotten in a Month or So

Based on whats going on, Lil Meerkat may be forgotten as he hasn't released anything for a while now, but Submarine Man is definitely not going anywhere. He's dropping a new album on May 8 titled "Barefoot Worlds" that is bound to do well as this is his first collection of original music since "NoStockingz". Sadly we gotta face the fact that Submarine Man may be getting bigger, and bigger and bigger. Getting featured in videos from YouTubers like Beliaroth, Brandon Rashad, Steel City Meech and the huge channel Tommy Craze. - ShrekTheGoat

I hope not. - I80

12 Submarine Man Has Collaborated with 6ix9ine, Lama Doodle and Footye North
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