Reasons Why Lil Wayne Is Fake

Lil Wayne has everyone fooled with his shades and fake gang stories.

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1 He's Not a Gang Member

I didn't know he was a fictional character. - MrCoolC

Just because he's a gang member doesn't automatically make him good. He helped kill Hip Hop anyway.

He actually is a gang member. He is a member of blood. Notice his tattoo on his chest that says M.O. B that means member of blood moron

This top 10 totally sucks no wonder its only got 1 measly little comment

2 He Has No Beat

This is actually a really good point.

He just talks while Eminem raps

3 He's Got Love In His Mind

So who cares if he does he can think about stuff it's his mind not urs

4 Rappers Are All Fake

I hate rap music

I hate rappers because the all of the rappers suck, all of the rappers have terrible personalities, oh, and also they are terrible role models,full of them selfs and they are always rude to their fans,I HATE RAPPERS SO MUCH! RAPPERS ARE WEIRD AND FAKE,ALL RAPPERS ARE JERKS AND THEY ARE ARROGANT

Lil wayne is not fake, he grew up in one of the roughest parts of hollygrove, new Orleans. And since when do you know about fake, music is entertainment, not a essay about your life not everybody talks the truth in your music, I'm pretty sure if you were riding to a friends house to a party you wouldn't want to hear dance with the devil in the car, you want a hype song plus look up what hip-hop is before you actually call rappers fake

Hhm then what did 2upac rap about. yes rappers are fake to a degree but he is 1000% fake and only raps about money, hoes, and being a "gangster"

5 He Has Ghostwriters Writing His Songs
6 His Songs Have No Meaning

His songs have great meaning. He’s actually so good with his words to where this is commonly misinterpreted, as the lyrics are too powerful and wisely constructed to where it goes right over peoples’ heads.

7 He Idolizes Getting Screwed Up and Getting Into Trouble
8 His Flow Sucks

He doesn't even have flow. People who like him don't know Run DMC, THEY'VE got flow! - maddyparrot22

His flow is great you guys are hatin SHUT UP

But run DMV lyrics they use first graders when thy are reading a ryhme book for 1st graders

9 He Spent Most of His Time Getting High and Getting Arrested
10 All He Sings About In His Songs Is Money, Drugs, Women, and Getting High On Weed

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11 He's Immature
12 He Can't Play the Guitar

This wasture should be slammed in jail for guitar rape and given the death penalty of epic fail. When he performs live he tries to make people think he is playing the guitar even though there is no jack lead in the guitar. He bangs on his guitar like a 5-year-old and uses his own fun to play. Nick Jones can play better than this sack of horse manure even though Nick Jonas sucks too.

13 He's a Bad Role Model for Everybody
14 He's In His 30s and He's Still Calling Himself Lil
15 Thinks He's Tough
16 Thinks He's So Sexy
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