Top 10 Reasons Why Lincoln Loud is a Good Character

Wither you like him or you don't Lincoln Loud has show to be a good character on The Loud House and these are at least in my opinion the reasons why he's such a good character and if you don't agree that's perfectly fine

The Top Ten

1 He goes out of his way to help his sisters

Just to name a few
He helped Lola to learn to read, told Lana to just be herself, helped Leni to learn to drive, helped Luan by being her assistant, took the blame for clogging the toilet to protect Lucy, filled in for Lori so she could go to her dance and he also helped not only Luna but the other sisters to get money from mom and dad. - egnomac

2 He's willing to sacrifice his needs for the needs of others

In the episode "In Tents Debate" he willingly became a servant to his sisters after he purposely delayed his decision of where to got to and states that even though he's not having fun on their trip just the fact that he's sisters are having fun makes him happy, in another episode he gave up going to Chandlers party so he could fill in for Lori so she can go to her dance and he also gave up his friendship with Bobby for Lori. - egnomac

3 He knows when he does something bad

Unlike a lot of other characters he does know when he's in the wrong and makes up for his mistakes. - egnomac

He actually owns up to his mistakes when he scews up unlike characters like Brian and the titans from Teen Titans Go who never admit when they screw up or apologize for their selfish behavior.

4 He's a good brother

He's a better brother than what his awful sisters are to him in most episodes. - Drawbox

5 He's a good friend

Yeah, but why? This list is trying to prove why he is a good character, I think we shall need examples of how good of a friend he is. - DapperPickle

6 He's very relatable

Relatablity makes characters better. - iliekpiez

7 He's the man with the plan

Okay. - DapperPickle

8 He took the blame for clogging the toilet just so lucy wouldn't get humiliated by the other sisters

Possibly one of the best Loud House moments, now Lincoln could have been a real jerk like his sisters and just let Lucy suffer their humiliation but he instead took all the blame for it and of course gets grounded and humiliated by the other sisters and when Lucy asks him why he did it he insures her that he will always have her back. - egnomac

9 He's funny
10 He has flaws

Lincoln's not perfect he does make mistakes and more importantly he learns from those mistakes that make him a better person. - egnomac

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