Reasons Why the Linkin Park Fanbase, Isn't as Bad as Everyone Makes Them Out to Be

I'm sick of the LP fanbase, been treating like it's just as bad as other toxic fanbases when that isn't true at all.

The Top Ten Reasons Why the Linkin Park Fanbase, Isn't as Bad as Everyone Makes Them Out to Be

1 We're just passionate about music

Like any music fanbase, we're just passionate about music. However, that doesn't make us any less of person because we like LP's music.

2 We don't expect everyone to like them

That would be, pretty redundant and boring to be honest.

Yup so true.

3 We don't mind if you're not a fan of them

It's not the end of the world to me, if someone views them as mediocre.

Indeed, I respect an opinion if someone doesn't like Linkin Park. - Userguy44

I don't really mind LP haters very much, just the ones that take their hate for them too far. - TheDarkOne_221b

4 We're mature

Granted there's the Oldschool LP fanboys, that are immature as hell, but if you avoid them there is a mature side to the fanbase.

5 We're not close minded

Some of us might be, but again that doesn't mean all of us are.

6 Not all of us are edgy teens, that hate mainstream pop music

I can respect some mainstream pop, if it is done well and depending on who it's by.

7 We don't only like Linkin Park

I can respect, different bands but that doesn't mean that I only like Linkin Park.

8 We're supportive of all kinds of music

As long as it's well done music, then I'd argue that the fanbase can respect it.

9 We're open to different opinions

I might've not in the past, but if someone doesn't like Linkin Park then I respect that. Because, that's their musical preferences after all.

10 Just because, there's a few immature parts of the fanbase doesn't make the whole fanbase immature

Lots of fanbases, have toxic sides to them sad but true. Look at Metallica, there's literally a side of the fanbase that thinks they've sucked after And Justice For All, but that doesn't make the whole fanbase toxic. There is a good side to any fanbase, you just got to wait to find it.

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