Top 10 Reasons Why Linkin Park Is Overrated

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They are claimed to be the best band ever, even though they did not have as much skill as many other bands.

I highly disagree. A few other band demonstrated the ability to play such a huge quantity of genres in a great way. they did nu metal, alternative metal/rock, industrial rock/metal, pop rock, electronic pop/rock,hard rock, soft rock, rap rock/ metal. Moreover, all of them have a great creativity and excellent skills.

Um this is one legendary band that worked so hard to be up there. Plus they don’t have that high of an ego, they were having fun doing the stuff they love

They have proved to pull of more genres than most bands. I disagree. it takes a lot of skill to be able to suddenly turn from metal to pop to rock to etc. they are a skilled band or else they wouldn't even be in the top of the 00's billboard. don't get me wrong I like acdc and all that but linkin park is a diffrent time. triving from 00's to even today. a lot of there song are insperational as well like hands held high or even roads untravled. this band brought me into the world of rock, and again they are on top of the charts for a reason.

Yeah definitely true bands like ACDC, Metallica, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Evanescence and even Queen have more skill then Linkin Park.

Their songs are nothing to write home about.
Guns N Roses, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, etc have achieved more.

Achieving more actually makes something more overrated (if we're not taking the quality into count)

Linkin Park is overrated because Guns N Roses has achieved more? How does that even make Sense?


Not true

Their singer is good, not the best singer ever.

Yeah there are better singers out there who use autotune but his voice is still phenomenal - EmilyFire009

They couldn't have a worse singer than him. And does it matter that he isn't the best singer ever? Chester was Linkin Park! - Userguy44

Pretty average

They are said to be better than The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Yes, I like Linkin Park, but u can't compare a metal rock band to a folk rock band, big difference between the two

They are better than Dread Zipperlin AKA Talentless Hacks who plagerize so much. Led Zeppelin is a disgrace to music

Linkin Park will not be better than these two great bands.

Yes, because they are ( in my opinion )

The members are talented, but they're no Michael Jackson.

Oh, so Iron Maiden's members are talented, but they're not Black Sabbath; Megadeth's mebers are talented but they're not Motorhead; Dream Theater's members are talented but they're not Pink Floyd; Avenged Sevenfold's members are talented but they're not Metallica

You see? Your argument is tupid

I agree, Linkin Park WERE good, first two albums were great. But ever since then it's been one disappointment after the other. A Thousand Suns and Living Things were laughable. They also played with Paul McCartney and Jay Z, obviously McCartney was the star.

What kind of a point is this, it's like comparing Elvis to nirvana which are two completely different things with completely different styles.

No no, they have no talent whatsoever, and comparing them to a pedophile is just plain idiotic. Linkin Park was never good in the first place.

Numb and In The End aren't their best songs.

Ok those are overrated but better than most songs - EmilyFire009

So everyone is overrated who has better songs than the most famous? (not saying they're not overrated, it's just that I don't get the reasoning) - Alkadikce

Somewhere I belong and One step closer are very good too. - Userguy44

They can get really annoying to hear about over time.

Untrue. I listen to their discography very often and I never get bored. - Deathshield18

If I hear One More Light every time it's annoying, but their good songs aren't. - Userguy44

People claim that they are the best alternative band, even though Green Day, Nirvana, and Radiohead are more iconic.

Yes, because they are. I'm not saying that those bands aren't good or iconic, but linkin park is simply the best - Deathshield18

Green Day is a far better band in comparison. The singer isn't great but he isn't like a overrated pariah that gets attention for only one song (Looking at you In The End) and has a lot more accomplished and is overall better. I really don't see how people consider Linkin Park the best band of the 2000's, if anything their the most overrated of the 2000's.

I could name 45 alternative bands way better then Linkin Park - Mumbizz01

All of those bands are right WITH LP. - EmilyFire009

They have too many overprotective fans.

It's a good means we care about our band.
I respect your opinion if you don't like them, even if I'm a diehard fan of theirs.

And that's the main reason people will have for emptily bashing this list. When has there been a supportive argument for why LP are unique? I personally haven't seen one, apart from "They're awesome" fifty times over.

The fans of this band are not unlike the Slayer fans. Extremely dedicated, and will not take a negative comment.

I'm not a die hard LP fan and respect peoples opinions if they don't like them.

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The typical movie soundtrack filler band.
They're a nu metal band.

What's the point? So you are saying korn and deftones suck? - Deathshield18

So that makes them great - EmilyFire009

Your point...?

No they’re not! - Userguy44

Rap and rock don't mix well.

That's untrue. There are a lot of great rap rock bands. Moreover, I think rock is the best genre which can be associated with rap

Eh... Beastie Boys are pretty good.

So RATM and Faith No More are bad too?

Says who

Songs are easy to play

a 18 seconds scream is not that easy to do. I agree that a part of their songs are simple, but simple doesn't mean bad.

Nobody thinks that except you. Go ahead and try to scream sing like Chester. Send me a video of you failing

Listen to A Line In The Sand, Guilty All The Same, and Given Up and tell me if that's easy

Same with Nirvana.

Chester Bennington died and the band is getting more attention now

So what. They still got loads of attention - EmilyFire009

This is true and sad at the same time Mostly true

Mike Shinoda is not the best rapper

He was good enough! - Userguy44

They top every single list, even if they don’t deserve it.
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