Top 10 Reasons Why Linkin Park's Meteora Isn't Metal

So many people call Meteora a metal album, but honestly, this is and never really was a metal album. Here's why.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Linkin Park's Meteora Isn't Metal

1 Most of the riffs are rock oriented

Linkin Park riffs are mostly punk-based, versions of punk riffs. Punk riffs may be fast, aggressive and heavy, but they are very different than metal riffs. Overall, metal riffs are harder to play which explains why the so called nu metal bands actually used punk-ish riffs to get aggression and heaviness.
But I agree that some Linkin Park riffs are hard rock-ish. - Metal_Treasure

How does Given Up punk? To me, With You is the one that sounds 100% punk rock. Given Up is more hard rock

Mostly all songs in this album have rock based riffs, NOT metal.

I do enjoy this album to a fair extent, but the people who say it’s metal are really taking it too far. This is rock, not metal, - DCfnaf

2 Screaming doesn't make it metal

Definitely screaming doesn't make it metal. The Beatles also had a lot of screaming, ya know. Not to mention that many non-metal genres usually employ screaming, too: hard rock, grunge, punk (including screamo), and more. - Metal_Treasure

Don't Stay, Lying From You, Hit The Floor, Faint, Figure.09, and From The Inside may have screaming, but even that doesn't make it metal. It makes it more hard rock.

True.Death Grips(Which is an amazing Rap Punk and Experimental band) as shouting but as I said it's Rap Punk(Also known as Rapcore which is a mix of Rap and Punk) and Experimental.Not metal. - DarkBoi-X

3 The melodies in their songs are too poppy

Yes, melodies contain typical combinations of notes from mainstream music. "Numb" is a perfect example of that which explains its popularity - people like it because many things sound familiar to them (they may not realize that). Most people actually like music cliches they've already heard many times before. - Metal_Treasure

Numb, Breaking The Habit, and Easier To Run have very soft melodies and feel very poppy,

4 Having a toned down guitar doesn't make the album metal

It may have been toned down, but it still doesn't make it metal.

Yes, many genres outside metal use down tuned guitars - Metal_Treasure

5 Guitar bashing doesn't make it metal

The guitar bashing is common in many metal songs, but it doesn't really make it enough for metal.

6 The riffs aren't heavy enough

The riffs, while heavy, aren't metal quality heavy, which is why this album is alt. rock/hard rock. Heck, not even Nu-Metal.

7 Loudness doesn't make the album metal

Very true. Pop music has also been getting louder as well as country music (to remind you about "the loudness war") - Metal_Treasure

Agreed. Linkin Park isn't even a metal band. It's alternative rock. - Userguy44

Many metal albums have loudness, but even that doesn't make it metal.

8 The songs are too soft to be considered metal
9 Fast Drumming doesn't make the album metal
10 Dark lyrics doesn't make it metal

Definitely true. - Metal_Treasure

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