Top Ten Reasons Why The Lion Guard Is Going to Suck

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1 Hyenas as evil villains only ... Again.

Yes. Disney obviously hated every hyena that exists. They are so rude. Simba is racist and will KILL EVERY.. HYENA. EVER. No. Just. NO. - HyenaLover

Why is it wrong to introduce at least ONE hyena that's a goody two shoes?

Even some of Jasiri's clan are portrayed as villains? (At least the ones who look more like spotted hyenas than striped hyenas) During the song, Bring Back a Legend, in The Rise of Scar, two unnamed female hyenas show up and judging by their designs, they could be the same ones we saw in Jasiri's clan in Lions Of The Outlands. They might be double agents, but I am very upset about it. The show promised to have good hyenas, but suddenly changed it's mind and make some of the good hyenas into bad hyenas for a change, trying to enforce the god-awful "Always Chaotic Evil" tropes and cliches when it comes to certain animal species. This show keeps getting worse and worse, I even feel as far as wanting to KILL the show's protagonists (Kion, Fuli, Beshte, Ono and especially Bunga) for not letting animals outside the Pride Lands hunt and eat food for no reason. God, this show makes me so mad!

I love TLK,TLG sucks...really bad! TLG will literally beat up a hyena even though poor hyenas are starving in the outlands! Kion is so annoying and I hope Janja kills him!

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2 "Kion" is a dumb name

This list is not awful, but the show is.

He's disdainful!

Lion with a k. Might as well named your cub PRIDE or NORTH.

Transformers ripoffs! - TheDarkOne_221b

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3 It messes with the food chain.

Yeah! It is super annoying. The Lion Guard just does not let anyone eat. They don't respect the circle of life.

Not to mention that they never let the hyenas eat, they always stop them, just because they're supposed to be the villains of the show.

Alright, who chases away animals because they are starving and just came for food? I was pissed off when I saw that new episode. Poor tiger didn't get to eat. I wish he ate farnold. Or whatever that kids name is. Stop messing with the food chain.

It's unrealistic and annoying

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4 The animation style is not very good

The quality looks like it came out of those lame Land Before Time sequels that have been releasing over the years.

If you pay close attention, you'll be able to see the characters sliding while they walk. It looks like they animated a walk cycle and just slid it across the screen.

The animation has actually improved in season 2. The movements and facial expressions are more fluid and smoother. - Gabriola

True this is is bad!

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5 Kiara is now a brat

Wow. The creators of this show made Kiara from an independent and headstrong lioness to a spoiled brat oozing with sass. - Stazemar000

They've made Kiara a loyal and independent lioness to a whiny child-like brat with a sassy attitude! what

Kiara is better - kionissexy

Bowser Jr. needs to tech this little ratbird a lesson or two about being an heir. At least bowser jr didn't pick up any dumb loser advisors when he was in charge in mario rabbids kingdom battles. The only real assist he picked up was cute little spawny, who didn't do bad. I kind of wish spawny will return to bowser jr in a later game. At least bowser jr seemed to care about him.

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6 It is a rip off trying to cash in the success of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

So true. From the animation style to using veteran voice actors/actresses from both anime and western animation to play guest stars in different episodes, I think TLG is trying too hard to be like MLP: FIM.

What? Really? It was a rip-off to MLP! - Neonco31

No it's not. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

7 The Lion King franchise doesn't need a new installment and should have ended, died or banned by now.

It is the most overrated franchise in Disney history.

I cannot believe that The Lion Guard has a big fanbase.

And it is getting even worse now with this series being a new addition... TLG is so cringe-worthy it reeks.

Yes, let old things die on their own. Don't try to to keep good things alive for too long.

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8 Bunga is annoying

Bunga needs to just die already.

He was so mean, too. Not friendly at all.

I wish bunga wasn't one of the lion guards

Crap Bunga I hate you! (Sry I got a little carried away there! ) I hate Bunga like geeze why don't we have Kiera be actully Sweet, Brave, Kiera in the "lion guard" instead of this weird badger ever read "Warriors" Badgers are so annoying, escispelly in "Twilight" *sniff* like he thinks his fart jokes are funny I LIKE PUMBA BETTER! What about Timon and pumba if I could I would replace Bunga and the hippo dude with Kiera and Zuri honestly lets get real srry if I'm being rude but some people in the lion guar dare bullys like Bunga and Kion like he was mean to poor Kovu like wtc I loved Kovu in "The lion king 2" but really u just had to give him that stupid stare of yours ugh! Anyways glad the snake bit him he deserved it!
I feel like Bunga is inapropiate to kids what happened to "The circle of life? " can animals not eat or something whenther a cat eats a mouse people are just like DEFENFD THE MOUSE! Like dude, why don't we make this educational? I'm 11 and I'm just staring at this ...more

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9 Why does the lion cub have a cutie mark?... Oh wait.

Ugh, its not a cutie mark! Just because it's a symbol that appears when doing something special or something related to your special talent doesn't mean it was intentional to be a cutie mark! - Gabriola

Cutie marks are on every pony in the show. And in The Lion Guard not EVERYONE has a symbol. Only 5 characters have a symbol on their shoulder. It's not a cutie mark, its actually a lion symbol to show they are in the Lion Guard! - LemonadeOcean

Aw great. The MLP of Disney Channel! - Neonco31

10 It was only made to introduce new generations of fans, making The Lion King fandom even worse than it is now.

I enjoyed Nuka until now...

And you thought the MLP fandom was bad? Just stay out of the TLK fandom. I'm warning you.

The Newcomers

? Demonizing all jackals

€Our Kind is born a bit smarter.” “Our niceness is just a show.” SERIOUSLY!? Our KIND? ALL JACKALS. Gee

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11 It is rather dark for a preschooler show

The good side is that while the six year olds will eat up the blatantly obvious simpler elements, older viewers (teens and adults and maybe even some older kids) being forced to watch will be entertained too by seeing the deeper storyline and stuff. - Lunala

I honestly think that the Lion Guard should been a regular Disney Channel geared towards children ages 6-13 instead of a Disney Jr. show geared toddlers. It is pretty dark and noneducational for a preschool show, and the regular Disney Channel should have shows that are not overly feminine live action shows (a lot of preteen and teenage girls may enjoy it, but I think the Disney Channel would be better if there was a variety of different themes of shows). - anonygirl

There are so many topics in The Lion Guard that could be somewhat 'adult' for a show intended for the toddler demographic. These themes would be fit better in a PG/PG-13/R rated film, TV14/TVMA-rated show, E10/T/M-rated game or even a hentai anime than a Disney Jr. show. The Lion Guard contains death, violence, suggestive themes and toilet humor. Heck, a female zebra gives live birth in one episode in the show. (Although it wasn't graphic nor do we see the birth, but still pretty dark) I am very surprised that no parent or political correct person complained about the controversies and explicit overtones in the show.

It's ironic that you think toilet humor only belongs on shows for older kids or adults because usually small children are the only ones that find it funny. I can understand where you are coming from, and I agree with everything else you posted. I just wanted to throw that out there. - anonygirl

No its not - kionissexy

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12 Carnivores are antagonized

Most carnivores are antagonized though.

Ugh why?! Seriously can this be educational? It's a show for 4 year olds for Christ's sake!

Only lions and cheetahs are good guys. <.<

13 Simba forgets his friendship with Timon and Pumbaa

But again, Timon and Pumbaa both are horrible, downright annoying characters.

Better solve a NEW friendship problem! Call Twilight Sparkle now! - Neonco31

But he totally yelled at them in lion king 2 when they didn't find Kiara in time for the war and he just used them as her babysitters n didn't hang out with them if anything he hangs out with them more in lion Guard!

Timon and Pumbaa deserve better than this. They were very important, if it wasn't for them, Simba would be dead!

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14 It ruins the timeline of the Lion King 2

Some one alternate the time line

Ugh I HATE that one. The question is why don't they just make a story about Kopa or Kiera's cubs instead like an actull movie? :/


15 Kiara never had a brother. She was an only child in Simba's Pride.


Yeah. So, basically, Kion did NOT exist at all in the second movie. In the Lion King 2, Kiara is all grown-up, no little brother around during her time as a kid and an adult. That's really effed up - Stazemar000

It makes no sense to add Kion as he never existed in LKII and The Lion Gard was never Referenced IN LK1 so why add it now? What about Kopa will he ever return?

Well I suppose but it just doesn't fit in I mean Kiara ends as a teenager.
So she's like
Kiara: 16
Kovu: 18
Kopa: 17
Vitani: 19
Nuka: 25
Kion: 15
Zuri: 15
Tiifu: 15
Fuli: 15
Besthe: 16
Ono: 16
Bunga: 15
Boga: 17
Babu: 17
Afua: 17
TLK ages

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16 Not the best choice of animals for both the heroes and the villains.

Yeah, by the looks of it, Bunga acts rather mean. I know he's supposed to be the "bravest" but there's a difference between being brave and acting like some bully who doesn't give a care about anyone.

A doggone honey badger is one of the heroes, yet honey badgers are the meanest animals in reality. How come it gets to be a hero and a hyena can't?

Writer: Hey boss! Boss:what? Writer:I have the perfect idea for a animal! Boss:so..what is the animal? Writer:A hippo! Boss: Genius! A Overpowered animal that has even more powers! What could possibly go wrong! Basically the lion guard in a nutshell...

17 Kiara is a kid

Why would they even make her a kid? I hate that they didn't follow the Lion King 2.

Yep because I remember seeing the lk and I saw the daughter but she was born in the 1990s and she sounds like she's 4 even if she's older then kion


It is actually confirmed that TLG is a midquel that takes place in the middle of TLK2: SP.

18 The songs aren't very good

Zuka Zama? My butt... It only encourages children to get into dangerous places without caution.

Circle of Life was classic. Can you feel the love tonight was harmonic, be prepared was motivational and the soundtrack was awesome. Zuka Zama is just 'cool'.

19 It's a midquel instead of a sequel

When I saw the first five minutes of tlg on YouTube I thought it was going to be after the lion king 2, BUT NO! The show could be more better if it were after tlk 2 :T

20 Flanderized characters
21 Simba's mother Sarabi is not in it

It is possible that the reason for Sarabi's absence in this, as well as The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride and such, was because her original voice actress passed away. As with Zira, if Sarabi were to appear again, she will most likely have a new actress. It is possible that Sarabi may still be alive at the time of TLG/TLKII, just not seen anywhere, yet.

I always thought she died during the events of lk2

22 Terrible choice of heroes and villains

The "villains" of the show are portrayed as sympathetic characters who are trying to do nothing but to find food and feed themselves, whereas the "heroes" are portrayed as a bunch of bullies who protect the so-called 'circle of life' by keeping the "villains" away from finding their food and forcing them to starve for no reason by driving them away to the 'outlands' where there is little to no food with the so-called 'roar of the elders'. When the heck is finding your own food such a crime? I think the show might be encouraging the audience who watches it to grow into bullies who force others to starve. That is not a good moral to teach children, to be honest.

I honestly think that the producers made a not-so-good choice for both the heroes & villains.

The entire show ripped-off all the Lion King movies I've enjoyed watching ever since I was young! They've made everyone from the movies look like complete idiots!


1. Kiara never had a brother or sister in The Lion King 2. She was an only child throughout her life

2. Zira & Nuka died in the ending of the 2nd film, but reappeared in the Lion Guard series. (Which I found a bit unusual since they're supposed to be dead)

3. Kiara is a kid again. She grew up in the 2nd Lion King film. WHY?

4. Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, & Ono did NOT exist either

5. Vitani & Kovu are also kids again, because they also grew-up in the 2nd movie

6. Simba forgets about his friendship with Timon and Pumbaa

7. Kion can summon Mufasa anytime he wants to and have conversations with him! Simba had no control over him at all. Mufasa gave Simba enough time to say ...more

23 It is called the lion guard not the animal guard

I know, right? Also, it would have been better if it was an ORIGINAL franchise instead of a Lion King spinoff with Lion King characters in it.

Why call it the lion guard when there's four different animals and only one lion? Screw you disney

I know right, it just makes no sense

Why call it the lion guard when there's 4 other animals that aren't lions and only one lion? , you suck lion/animal guard

24 Jasiri looks too feminine and smaller than Janja and his gang

Spotted hyenas are a matriarchal society, and female hyenas are larger and even have more testosterone than the males. Why the heck is Jasiri and her sister smaller than Janja and his thugs, as well as Shenzi, Banzai and Ed from the original Lion King film the series spun off from? One may argue that Jasiri and her clan are just children, while Janja's clan and Shenzi's clan are both all in the teen-adult age range, but still, come on. Even Jasiri has a SMALLER mouth compared to both Shenzi and Janja, which hyenas supposed to have big mouths and bone-crushing teeth. Is the show reinforcing the awful "good girls must be girly while bad girls must be more man-like than the good girls" trope over and over again?

Jasiri is a cub. - Fuli201

25 The villainous hyenas are a trio again

Spotted hyenas live in clans, not trios. Stupid cliches nowadays.

26 Fuli is a ripoff of Rainbow Dash and Sonic

I fear the thought of shippers pairing up Fuli with either RD or Sonic once the show is running.

How so just because she's a cheetah who has the capability to run as fast as them doesn't mean that she's a rip off of them, Fuli is far better than a MLP character and a Sonic character who suck!

27 Kovu and Nuka are not in Lion Guard

They were, the episode aired today and it was very disappointing.

When are they Guest Starring

They are guest starring

Uh..yes they are have you even watched lion Guard or just randomly posted also it would benefit if they weren't on there, but surprisingly they weren't as annoying as Kion who just acted like he liked Jasiri on this, lions over all episode!

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28 Bad fanbase

So true. It's not too surprising to see it have a bad fanbase since it's a spinoff of The Lion King.

Probably just as bad as the MLP fanbase - Neonco31

Even worse is that they draw and write p0rn of it. No exceptions.

29 It's a spinoff of The Lion King
30 The show doesn't even get it's "animal facts" right a hundred percent.

Male hyenas don't lead clans nor do they behave like dogs, female ostriches are a different color from the males, zebras don't make horse noises, the list goes on and on.

31 It glorifies bullying much like the film it was based on did

I mean seriously, how would you feel if someone forced you to starve and not eat anything? The so-called Circle of Life that guides everyone all? My butt.

32 Kiara is smaller than Kion despite being older.

Well, male lions are normally larger than female ones, unlike spotted hyenas who are a reversal of this. Animals are always going to have gender differences, no matter how weird it seems to some people.

33 It is an educational show for preschoolers, yet it may be teaching that hyenas are all evil henchmen and that good ones don't exist.

With the possible exception of Jasiri, who is a guest character and appeared in only one episode, spotted hyenas are still demonized and portrayed as villains in the show just like the movie it was spun off from. It sucks on many levels.

34 There's no romance

Yep, the only "official" couples in the show known so far are the parents; Simba and Nala, Reirei and Goigoi, Basi and his wife (since Beshte is his son), Muhanga and Muhangus, and Muhimu and her mate (since she has a son). But that doesn't stop 'shippers from "shipping" whatever the heck they want. I won't be surprised if Kion and Zuri ended up as a couple when they grow older knowing how hideously stereotypical and trope-overdosed The Lion Guard is. Heck, even a comic in The Lion Guard Magazine hinted at a "rescue romance" between Kion and Zuri after he rescued her from Makuu and his band of crocodiles. So yeah, KionxZuri might also be official after all.

35 Horrible characters

Very true.

36 The writing is rather poor or cheesy

Plus, The Lion Guard is not a good show at all. I hate it when people think it is. -_-

37 Stereotypical characters

Disney needs a spanking on a bare butt!

Shame on you Disney

38 Too dark for a preschool channel

Exactly. I heard that the upcoming second season is going to be darker, which I am hoping it would be cancelled soon.

39 The characters are all too derivative of those of other animated series

It wouldn't hurt to be original once a while, you know.

40 Kion meets a hyena

At least it breaks the stereotype of "all hyenas are evil" that was evident in the original Lion King film.

In one episode, Kion travels to the Out-Lands. He meets a hyena named Jasiri. Then, they become friends. That is so queer, it's not even funny!

What's wrong with having a good hyena? How come you say that only bad lions should work together with hyenas and good lions can't? I really hate how The Lion King franchises portrays the hyena species. Yes, lions and hyenas are natural enemies, but it is wrong for Scar to have the whole hyena species as his henchmen. Did you know that Disney got sued because of this? This is one of the reasons why TLK is bad.

Fun fact: It was the people at Disney's Animal Kingdom who made the suggestion of adding a good hyena character to the writers of the show. The two spotted hyenas at the Animal Kingdom park may have served as the inspiration of Jasiri.

I agree with Nuka & Vitani on this one.

"What kind of Lion sides with a hyena?! " Nobody!

Instead of Kion attacking the hyena, he helped her! Seriously, I know hyenas are scavengers, but lions don't even like hyenas at all. Unless both of them are evil and work together (Example: Scar and 3 hyenas)

41 It's for little children

Although I have no problem with anything aimed at children, I just hate the whole Lion King/Guard franchise because it can be too dark or depressing for children or the supposed target age group, although there are other reasons.

42 Kion is too muscular

I know I should never judge a fictional character by the design, but I just can't help it with The Lion Guard and all of it's characters. How come that the Pridelander lions (i.e. Simba, Mufasa, Kion) look so muscular compared to the more villainous Outlander lions (i.e. Zira, Kovu, Nuka, Vitani)? It's like if the series glorifies look-shaming for no reason.

43 It is for babies

For some reason, this is the only The Lion King entry that is mostly for babies. Its only T.V. network to be on is Disney Junior. Even so, what excuse is there to be this unrealistic, TLG?! - The Ultimate Daredevil

44 Cringy character designs

Seriously, look at Janja. Doesn't he look like a result of Shenzi mating with Kaltag from Balto to you?... It gives me the creeps and does nothing but inspire rabid fans to ship crossovers even moreso than before.

45 It is not educational.

I know right? They claim it to be an educational show, and even hired a few educational people to work on the people, yet the show is still full of stupid, unneeded cliches and tropes.

It kind of is. Sometimes it gives facts about animals in the Savanna. - Gabriola

Same as every other shows disney jr has put out they try but they fail. They don't even have the animal facts right couldn't you do something to make show good disney jr?

Oops, grammar mistake... This is fixed now.

I know right? They claim it to be an educational show, and even hired a few educational people to work on the show, yet the show is still full of stupid, unneeded cliches and tropes.

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46 It is a Toddler Version of My Little Pony

Okay who's responsible Disney junior,Video Brinquedo or Sparkplug Entertainment.

47 The hyenas would have been dead by now

Yeah they probably haven't eating in a month or two.

48 Kion Speaks with Mufasa’s Spirit Once Every Other Day

In the first movie, when adult Simba talked with Mufasa's spirit, he just told him what he had to hear and then left. He gave Simba enough time to say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Told him what he needed to know, and then ditched him. Really? Mufasa ditched his OWN SON!

In this show, Kion calls for him and then-- speak of the devil. However, Kion is able to communicate with Mufasa each episode and he just stays put, but in the first movie, he just left Simba like he didn't want anything to do with him. That's a bit screwed-up in my opinion - Stazemar000

49 Kion is stupid
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