Top Ten Reasons Why The Lion Guard Is Going to Suck

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41 Jasiri looks too feminine and smaller than Janja and his gang

Spotted hyenas are a matriarchal society, and female hyenas are larger and even have more testosterone than the males. Why the heck is Jasiri and her sister smaller than Janja and his thugs, as well as Shenzi, Banzai and Ed from the original Lion King film the series spun off from? One may argue that Jasiri and her clan are just children, while Janja's clan and Shenzi's clan are both all in the teen-adult age range, but still, come on. Even Jasiri has a SMALLER mouth compared to both Shenzi and Janja, which hyenas supposed to have big mouths and bone-crushing teeth. Is the show reinforcing the awful "good girls must be girly while bad girls must be more man-like than the good girls" trope over and over again?

Jasiri is a tomboy to me but with a feminine side. - Gabriola

Jasiri is a cub. - Fuli201

42 It is for babies

For some reason, this is the only The Lion King entry that is mostly for babies. Its only T.V. network to be on is Disney Junior. Even so, what excuse is there to be this unrealistic, TLG?! - The Ultimate Daredevil

43 Cringy character designs

Seriously, look at Janja. Doesn't he look like a result of Shenzi mating with Kaltag from Balto to you?... It gives me the creeps and does nothing but inspire rabid fans to ship crossovers even moreso than before.

44 It is not educational.

I know right? They claim it to be an educational show, and even hired a few educational people to work on the people, yet the show is still full of stupid, unneeded cliches and tropes.

It kind of is. Sometimes it gives facts about animals in the Savannah. - Gabriola

You would expect a show on PBS, Nick Jr., or Disney Jr. to be educational. The Lion Guard doesn't sound educational. - anonygirl

45 Kiara is smaller than Kion despite being older.

Well, male lions are normally larger than female ones, unlike spotted hyenas who are a reversal of this. Animals are always going to have gender differences, no matter how weird it seems to some people.

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