Top Ten Reasons Why the Lion King Does Not Deserve the Praise It Gets

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21 The story wasn't very good

Enough with the cliches, already.

22 It completely overshadows all other animated movies

Not everyone is going to love the movie so people have every right to hate it as much as it's fans love it.

TLK deserves to be hated on. It's overrated as heck.

People need to stop hating on the Lion King. Number one is the ONLY reason I can agree with.

23 It is controversial
24 The characters are not true to their real species

I know this is a Disney animated movie and the characters are all fictional, but it is still true that Disney animators tried to make the animals look realistic, even bringing real animals to the studio and going to various zoos and wildlife parks as a reference, and people think the characters act true to their real species because of this when they're just fictional characters. It is a problem when people think every lion in the world is like Simba or Mufasa, or that every hyena is like Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, for example, when that is not true at all. In fact, the villainous hyenas are such a bad representation of their species that a hyena biologist tried to sue Disney because of this, and another encouraged audiences to boycott the movie.

25 It glorifies bullying and discrimination

Mufasa told Simba to respect all creatures? All we got is when hyenas came to the Pride Lands, Mufasa rushed out and forced them into a ghetto where they starve for no reason. I wouldn't want anyone treating me like that. One may argue on how "the hyenas are the bad guys", but Simba and Mufasa forced the WHOLE species to live in the ghetto called the "Outlands" or "Elephant Graveyard" or whatnot, and not just the evil hyena characters. Even when the new spinoff The Lion Guard introduced the so-called good hyena Jasiri, she still lives in this ghetto that the evil hyenas live. It goes to show that Simba and the rest of the Pride-landers are prejudiced against hyenas no matter what, just for being hyenas. It's like if the Pride Lands is home to all the bullies of the African savannah. The same thing can be said about leopards, since the leopards in The Lion Guard live somewhere outside the Pride Lands, but unlike hyenas, leopards aren't as discriminated as much. I wonder why? It's ...more

26 The story is everything but unique

Dunno if it was when it came out, but today there isn't anything unique to the story.
A child's parents are killed, is traumatized by it and later gets his revenge. I've seen plenty of stuff that uses it (and that way better)

27 Bad choice of heroes and villains and the wrong depiction of good vs. evil

Simba and company are supposed to be the "good guys", yet they act like the average school bullies who are mean to others, or in this case, doesn't let others eat and force a whole species to starve for no reason, for the sake of "the movie needs villains, that's why said whole species are the villains, they are evil and deserve to starve". How would you feel if someone did that to you? It's like if TLK is trying to enforce a bad moral down everyone's throat, in my eyes.

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