Top Ten Reasons Why the Lion King Does Not Deserve the Praise It Gets

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21 It completely overshadows all other animated movies

Not everyone is going to love the movie so people have every right to hate it as much as it's fans love it.

TLK deserves to be hated on. It's overrated as heck.

I can agree, there are so many other better animated movies people need to look at, it's like with DBZ and shonen anime also, though that anime has other contenders with it like Sailor Moon, Pokemon, to name a few. - SailorSedna

People need to stop hating on the Lion King. Number one is the ONLY reason I can agree with.

22 It is controversial

Mostly with the hyenas, I'm guessing. - SailorSedna

23 The Circle of Life is the protagonists' way of justifying killing and other bad acts.

Believe it or not. This is one of the reasons why the movie is bad. In order to be a "hero" you have to follow this piece of crud known as "the Circle of Life", which just... What the--? It seems that Mufasa's words do nothing more than a way to justify being a murderer. The exchange isn't really "balanced", for one thing. How many antelope and other herbivores have died compared to a lion or other predator passing from old age? And why would animals accept a killer as their king? Are we to just believe that all the non-predators who watch their fellow kind be slain and mauled by Simba and his lions just say. "Well, that's the Circle of Life". Even if it's a mother antelope or some other herbivore watching their child die? Hey, if some world leader wanted to shoot your children. You, one hundred percent, would not just give them up without a fight. I find that to be very cruel, and no bodies become grass, so why bother. I just think that the "Circle of Life" is filled with lies that ...more

Honestly now if I had to do this film I'd maybe have the herbivore animals rise up against that idea of "The Circle of Life" explaining why, and form their own part of the jungle or savanna or whatever and make their own territories/kingdoms, each with a certain king/queen, like an elephant one, a zebra one, even a hyena one (ruler there would be a queen as females lead hyenas), and there could be clashes with them against each other or something. Maybe I'd have a giraffe one and they'd be feared amongst animals as believe it or not, giraffes (though predators can bring them down) can kick lions hard enough to kill them. Maybe I'd include that with that hyena one I also did...

Holy crap, I think I just did a better idea for a film than Disney even did!

I dunno if it would be for families/kids probably would spark at least a PG rating. - SailorSedna

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