Reasons Why The Lion King Remake Will Suck


The Top Ten

1 It's likely a shot-by-shot copy
2 It's an obvious cash grab
3 The uncanny valley animal animations are very creepy and disgusting to look at
4 Significantly worse animation than the original
5 Since It's live action, there's no humans communicating around
6 Expressions are lacking in the remake
7 Poor casting

Why on earth is Seth Rogen in the Lion King remake? - BurnAux

8 Art direction and color are lacking to the original
9 Lack of cuteness to the original
10 There's a lack of connection within the audience

The Contenders

11 The original already sucked

Spotted the butthurt Kimba The White Lion fanbrat! No wonder why Tezuka's stuff doesn't get released in the States anymore.

12 No Jeremy Irons
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