Reasons Why the List "Reasons that Cats are Better Than Dogs" is Inaccurate

I'm neither supporting dogs nor spreading hatred or controversy but I found the list very inaccurate.

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1 Cats don't have 9 lives

Lol 9 lives?

Shut your as up dog lovers my cat is purrrfect and if u judge her I will smack u in the gosh dang face IDIOTS

2 The warrior cats series does not make cats better

Yes. Agreed. People add anything they want without actual logic. Warrior cats does not make cats better than dogs.

Yes, I know Warrior Cats does not make cats better, but still, it's a fantastic series. - Catacorn

I did get a greater appreciation for cats though after reading the series.

Of course it does! And Surviviors doesn’t make dogs better.

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3 The fact that cats are better than dogs or vice versa is not proven

It doesn't matter if cats are better or worse than dogs I see all of them as cute adorable kind creatures that people misjudge and abuse I love cats so much

Yes. Most people prefer dogs, and there are those who like cats. Nobody will ever win the battle, so get over it.

The Cat vs Dog IQ debate has been raising the hackles of dog and cat lovers for decades, if not centuries. And dogs usually win paws-down. For one thing, dogs have larger brains than cats, and the larger the brain, the smarter the animal -- or so the theory goes. But brain size doesn't always predict intelligence. - LightningBlade

Right because einstein's brain was smaller than an average human brain - Aaliyah

4 The item "Cats are better pets" is not a reason why cats are better than dogs.

Cats are more selfish than dogs - zxm

Ok I hate life because people abuse cats so much and misjudge them dogs chase tham and mess up their life as if they were pieces of crap no wonder cats are more afraid of humans than dogs ANIMAL ABUSERS SHUT UP U MAKE CATS HAVE A HORRIBLE LIFE THEY don't DESERVE

Wow. That list is very unreasonable and illogical. Did it seriously have such a dumb item?

5 It's a proven study that it's cats are more likely to cause to a heart attack

That is untrue I looked it up and did the math and cats ACTUALLY can't do that

6 The item "Cats are less likely to run off" is false because it's proven that Cats are more likely to do so.

My cat escaped before, but he came back an hour later.

So what? don't let them outside then retard my gosh people are so stupid!

Cats don't actually increase the chance of heart attack, but they are definitely more likely to run off. I am a cat person (but I love dogs, too), but found many flaws with the list.

-Emberflight of StormClan

7 The item "Cats don't try to kill you when you walk in the doorway" because not all dogs do so either.

I would've been killed a hundred times already if this were true. - LightningBlade

8 The nonsensical item "Cats were once worshiped" does not become a reason why cats are better than dogs.

So, how exactly does that make cats better than dogs? No way. Even dogs have its place in mythology. - LightningBlade

9 The item "Cats save lives" can't prove its better than dogs because dogs save lives too.

People say dogs save more lives than cats, but dogs take more lives than they do save each year. Cats take 0 lives each year so if counting that cats technically save more people. - BlueberryCatfish

Can't u jerks give cats a little credit for the amazing things they do instead of hating them and abusing them? U don't always have to bring in dogs when we say cats did a great thing

10 Most cats hate water

Cats actually do not hate water. They like water when they want to be wet

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11 The item "Cats listen when you talk" isn't a valid reason because even dogs do the same.

What? Are dogs deaf then? Are dogs not trainable by word command? No. - LightningBlade

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