Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys" Should Get Removed

I think lists like "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys" and "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls" should get removed, and these are the reasons why.

If you do not like this list, then please go away. I tried my best to create a valid list.

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1 It's sexist

Couldn't agree more, especially since it's no better than girls who are sexist to boys.

It is. And it's also offensive. - TheFourthWorld

I'm a girl and I believe that both genders are equal. It is sexist to say "all boys suck" - Lunala

Yes. And most of the things are false. Like saying boys are ugly and that they treat girls like possessions. That’s not true at all. - Hermione_Granger220

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2 Nearly all the item submissions apply to both boys and girls.

True. - Hermione_Granger220

3 It's hypocritical

There are at least two examples of how it is hypocritical. This is how they are:
1. One item submission was "They're ugly." Another item submission was "They judge girls by their looks and not their personalities." In other words, it is okay to hate boys just because they are ugly, but it is not okay for them to judge girls based on their looks.
2. One item submission was "They insult girls" yet the entire list insulted boys. - anonygirl

4 Nearly everyone wants it to be removed.
5 Many of the item submissions are not necessarily true.

I mean, it's true for SOME boys, not all though. And girls can do the same things as well.

None of it is true. - Hermione_Granger220

6 Many of the item submissions are not necessarily a bad thing.
7 There is no evidence to back up the item submissions.
8 The creator of that list probably regrets making it.
9 Lists like those may make men insult women more than they should.

While this is not always true, there is one man that commented that he has no respect for women that disrespect men. - anonygirl

10 It drags attention to itself.

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11 It's just as bad as female chauvinism

Seriously, any gal who's sexist to a guy is no better than a guy who's sexist to a gal.

12 It's very offensive
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