Reasons Why the List Reasons to Hate Christians is Awesome

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1 It Gives Excellent Criticism on Christians

Except all of the criticisms aren't true. - GamerBoy

It could have gave excellent criticism, but it failed 90%.

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2 It Made the Creator More Famous for This Website

Yeah, it made him famous, but he was famed in a way with hatred. - TwilightKitsune

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3 It Has Great Reasoning

You failed to give actual valid reasons.

Darn, Linnea, keep the bad stuff to yourself. I'm Christian, and you're getting on my nerves! -WillowChance

4 The Creator Made Good Comments on it

The creator made awful opinion based comments on it. - letdot52

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5 Some Atheists Like it

You're the only one who liked that list Danteem. - letdot52

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6 It Proves God Isn't Real

What. No it does- Oh wait, I think I'm feeding a troll. Nevermind. - GamerBoy

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7 It Proves Hell is Unproven

Hell and Heaven are never real. You can't go to those places when you die. - Linnea

8 It Proves That Christians Brainwashed People

Like I said before, how do you brainwash people?

They made people disliked Obama for lies republicans made. - Linnea

Yes but republicans lied that he a Muslim and some Christians think he a Muslim but he really a Christian a very smart Christian. He respect atheism so does Pope Francis. They are the best Christians ever. - Linnea

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