Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls" Should Get Removed

Like the list "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys", I think the list "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls" should also get removed, and these are the reasons why.

I'm sorry if you did not like this list. I tried my best to make this list. If you do not believe the item submissions listed below, then please click the link posted below.

The Top Ten

1 It's sexist

Even some of the boys find it sexist. - anonygirl

2 Nearly all the item submissions apply to both boys and girls.
3 It's bad enough that women were oppressed throughout history. We do not need a list insulting them, either.
4 Almost everyone wants it to be removed.
5 A lot of the item submissions have nothing to do with the list.

For example, the submission "They can do boy things, but if a boy does girl things he gets called gay" has nothing to do with what girls think. Society is what tells boys that, not girls. Besides, I've been made fun of for playing with toy airplanes despite being a girl. - anonygirl

6 Most of the items are incorrect.

Submissions like "They're catty" and many others are not true at all. Most of my female friends are dog people and do not like cats. - anonygirl

7 It's immature
8 Lists like those may cause women to insult men more then they should.
9 Most of the item submissions that are true are a good thing.

Women are more emotional than men, but that is a good thing. - anonygirl

10 It draws attention to itself.
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