Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Reasons to Not Like Atheists" Is Inaccurate

I'm Catholic but some atheists are my best friends on this site. I know it seems that I'm giving it more attention, but this list aggravated me.
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1 It's offensive to atheists

I'm not actually offended by anti-atheist beliefs. It's really easy to debunk a religious person's claim about atheism.

Atheists have their beliefs and non-atheists have theirs.

Do I agree with them? No! But I have friends who r atheists, so watch your mouth!

That doesn't actually make it inaccurate.

2 It calls atheists "demons"

I don't exactly involve in these types of things (I'm spiritual but not religious), But that is stupid.
I believe in god and I'm not exactly a saint.
But even so, I can't really complain about them not believing in god.
I did actually see someone on youtube being cyber-bullied for being a "homo" even though Homo's are technically homo-sapiens.
I'm sorry for getting a bit off topic.
Still, Just because someone doesn't believe in God doesn't make them Demons.

If I was a demon, I would be a spawn of Satan, but he doesn't exist. Demons do not exist in this world.

How can atheists be demons if they don't believe in them?

I'm not a demon!

3 It's not Christian-Like

O my gosh! I am a Christian and horrified by the former list. They are demons? We are all humans brings and should love God and love one another as we love ourselves. And that list is surly not loving or respectful

My name is sanjay and craig yes reality T.V. no and I agree with this list
A Christian making a list like that is being a hypocrite

I often wonder what Jesus would think about lists like that.

Our main enemy is satan

4 The reasoning in general isn't good
5 It says atheists are social rejects

Well, I am, but that's not the point - AnonymousChick

6 The last few items were repetitive
7 It says atheists are nerds

The creator of that list needs to learn the difference between nerds and having different beliefs.

I am an atheist and a nerd, and I tolerate other religions and/or intelligence levels.

Well, TopTensFan, you got yourself into this one!

Atheists are not candy...

8 The list maker was just trying to get attention
9 It's stereotypical

All the items on the list SUCK

Ohh, With the whole "Atheists with go to hell" Bull?
Yeah, Definitely a stereotype. - Qryzx

The items can't even be considered "stereotypical," just plain offensive!

10 It's a pointless list
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11 Atheists aren't bad

They may be different people with different beliefs, but almost all of them are really nice and not offensive

A lot of atheists are good people

Atheists are humans too - TwilightKitsune

12 It says atheists all hate Christians

Well I do, but that's because of the Christians in my community. I just stay away from them though. - EdGeinFan

13 It's says most scientists are Christian when really over 95% of them are atheists

I don't understand how a list can monitor that. Like seriously, people should not make assumptions on why someone SHOULD hate them rather than COULD. - Qryzx

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