Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Top Ten Reasons Sanjay and Craig is a Good Show" is Inaccurate


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1 It Says There Are No Fart Jokes

I really hate this show it's so stupid and it has so much trash jokes I could throw up for a year

Wrong you are, BreadwinnersRocksr. Sanjay and Craig don't teach anything good. Instead, they teach gross stuff.

If you love that Nictkoon, then get the hell off of here.

Hey there should be a why sanjay and criag are better than teen titans go list

Hey season two kind of simmerd down on the gross out jokes I must admit

2 It is No Good at All

I don't particularly like Sanjay & Craig that much either, but I don't think you should use the term "inaccurate." Instead why not use the term "Top ten reasons I disagree with [insert list here]? " In a matter of opinion there is no right or wrong or credible or incredible. Just a suggestion...

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3 Hector is Not Cool V 1 Comment
4 Sanjay Doesn't Have a Nice Laugh
5 It Isn't Even Funny

Sanjay and Craig try loads of "jokes" to "try" to make their viewers laugh... but instead of this, they make whoever views the show throw up. I mean, one episode was entirely dedicated to grossing other people out just so they could win a car... I mean... really? Your reputation, or a CAR?!?!


6 Sanjay and Craig Are Brainless, Not Geniuses

Sanjay and craig are the most brainless, dead-beat, stupid-minded idiots to ever exist!

Please stop I like them so stop hating

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7 It Doesn't Get Better Every Season

If anything, it gets worse.

It gets worse...

It got cancelled yay

Whilst all of the seasons were not that good, it did seem to get blander and Even more
Uninteresting in the later ones, desperately wanted to be a regular show/Bob's burgers wannabe, but just crashed and burnt.

8 It Says the Characters Are Likable

Mordecai & Rigby (The two characters Sanjay & Craig aspire to be)...they are NOT!

9 Craig Isn't Lovable

Ugh who would wanna be in love with someone like him the thought actually made me barf in my mouth! Lol

10 There Are Gross-Outs

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11 Sanjay and Craig is the worst Nick show is History

Actually that spot goes to FRED the show or fanboy and chumchum - epictoonsfan1

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12 "Fartwerk" is the only good episode

I don't watch this show, please bow to me

How is it exactly? It's about a symphony of farts. The only episodes I like are Trouble Dare and maybe Heightmare (Please respect my opinion.) - Powerfulgirl10

Fartwerk is horrible! at least in my opinion

I like non of the episodes I like national geographic :3

13 Sanjay and Craig are retarded sickos
14 "Sanjay isn't Dead" is an invalid reason V 1 Comment
15 Sanjay is not a mama, he is a NJDS
16 Sanjay is ugly, Craig is disgusting, they both are obsessed with farts and are both drawn terribly
17 Sanjay and Craig are weird V 1 Comment
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